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5 Tips To Teach Your Parrot To Talk

The most amazing advantage of having a pet bird is owning a parrot that can talk and do chit chat. It is a fact that all parrots own the ability to learn human speech, so there is no reason why you can’t teach your parrot some common words.

The learning ability and how well it will speak depends upon the breed of your bird. Some parrots are extremely talkative so they quickly learn the words while some breeds may take time. If you want to train your parrot to talk then here are five interesting tips that you should follow.

Tip 1: Own The Correct Parrot:

How to Train a Parrot to Talk
Tip 1:Own The Correct Parrot

If you have decided about wanting a talking parrot and you are serious about it, then you may also want to consider the fact that you should own species that is known for its talking skills. All parrots like to mimic human sounds, but some are really good at it so you might want to consider them.

For example, the best parrot for speaking is Congo – African Grey Parrot. Budgies, Cockatiels, and Amazon parrots are also good at learning, but if you own a Macaw then beware they are quite resistant at learning. So before you go out for purchasing a parrot do your research and find out the best one for you.

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Tip 2: Initiate With The Food Words Or Say Hello:

Birds respond to words that relate with their favorite treats. So it’s a good idea to start training of your pet bird with the name of its favorite food like nuts or mango. Say the name of the fruit or treat every time you offer it to the bird. When you keep repeating the name of the food in front of your bird eventually it will learn it and try to say it.

Also teaching “Hello” “Hi” t0 your parrot is also a good idea. As people common use these kind of words often so more your parrot listen it, quickly he learn it.

Tip 3: Speak Eagerly:

If you have been a parrot owner then you must be aware that parrots tend to enjoy picking up bad words or anything rude which has been said with a force. You can use this as an advantage. Say the words that you want your parrot to learn loud and clear. And you will realize that your bird will more likely to pick up phrases and exciting words.

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Tip 4: Reward When It Tries To Say Something:

When you hear your parrot say something that sounds like the word you want it to learn then you should reward it with a treat. Repeat the word along with your parrot so that he can speak it more clearly next time. Every time your parrot speaks a word, reward it with a treat and you will notice that it will speak clearly and better.

Tip 5: Talk With Your Cute Parrot:

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How to Train a Parrot to Talk
Tip 5:Talk With Your Cute Parrot

Talk with your parrot while you are doing the house chores or cleaning. Your parrot will learn the words faster when it hears you speaking them frequently. Speak actively so you get the best results. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about; you can talk about your day at work or anything that you ate doing currently. The main point is to expose your pet to a lot of words.

Similar to humans, parrots are also capable of learning in early life. If you start to train your parrot how to talk while it is young the better chances you have at teaching it multiple words. Most parrots will learn before the age of two while some parrots like African Grey will learn after 2.

It will take time for your parrot to learn how to speak so it’s best that you remain patient with it and let learn at its own pace. In moral you have to do consistent effort to teach the parrot how to talk.
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