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You are at! A hub for all parrot lovers. I started this site in love with parrots and want to teach people how to train your parrots and keep them healthy, happy for rest of their life.

This website contains different sections including bunch of information covering health to training and feeding to behavior. In short, I try to cover all kind of topics on Parrots also in-depth studies of parrot breeds.

I also added parrot store for you to buy cages, toys and food for your cute parrots and so much more. You will find community sections where all parrot owners can discuss with each others. There are thousands of parrot lovers there. You can learn from their personal experience.

On lighter side, I also added pictures of cutest parrots from around to world. There are hundreds of photos including unique parrot breeds and so much more to look at.

So all in all, I would love you to join the parrot forum. say “Hello” there and post your question, comment, chit chat and share pictures of your lovely parrot. I’m happy to see more and more parrot lovers there.

Thanks and hope to see you spending your free time on this website and get more knowledge on your beloved parrots.

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Umer Hayat

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