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Macaw VS African Grey Parrots VS Cocktail Parrots

Grey Macaw

Learning about different species of parrots will facilitate you in knowing which one you would like to have with as your pet birds. Let us talk about three different species of parrots i.e. African Grey, Macaw, and Cocktail in this piece of writing.

Types Of African Grey Parrots:

Grey Macaw

Though all the types of these parrots look same however there are two types of this species. Congo African grey macaw parrots are the most famous ones. They have a light grey color plumage with a black beak.

The second type is the Timneh African grey. They are a little smaller as compared to the Congo.

Intelligent Species:

They are known to be the most intelligent species of birds. They have been found to learn a larger number of human words and communicate with their owners as well.

Longevity Of African Grey Parrots:

Grey Macaw

These birds are long living i.e. 80 years or above. They can amuse their owners with long term relationship.

Hard To Be Occupied:

Keeping these species is really hard as it is the case with keeping the young children occupied. These parrots need a lot of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

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Macaw Parrots:

Grey Macaw

These are the group of 17 species with attractive colorful parrots. Most of these are large birds, with long tapering tails. They are long-lived. Let us talk more about them briefly:

Interaction With Humans:

They are usually popular pets however they are endangered species. Deforestation has destroyed their natural habitat and also the native humans hunt them for their beautiful feathers to be used as decoration.

Macaw Care:

African macaw is an intelligent bird and investigates its surroundings on an uninterrupted basis. They need to have an interactive environment with enough attention from the owners.

Behavior Of Macaw:

They are social parrots. As soon as they become adults they pair them up and join the flock. Usually, they join a flock that has a minimum of 30 individuals or as many as 100. The members of the flock communicate with each other via screeches, squawks, honks, and whistles.

Cocktail Parrots:

Grey Macaw

These parrots are extremely social and love to spend time with their human flocks. They recognize their caretakers and pretty much responsive to them. Let us talk more about them briefly:

They Are Smart:

 These parrots are extremely smart. Youtube is full of videos where they are seen singing, dancing, and hamming it up. People like birds doing silly things and parrot cocktail are too good at doing acts for rewards.

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Variety Of Feathers And Colors:

When it is about parrot cocktail they have been seen to have different patterns of feathers and colors. This variety is due to the genetic mutations in them. Also, they have varied skin and eye colors.

For instance, some of these parrots have red eyes while there are other ones having darker eyes. There are variations related to their feet skin where they have grey macaw or pink ones.

They Live Long Life:

Most of the people think that only larger parrots have a long life. But this is not true. If parrot cocktail is well taken care of they can live up to 20 years or more. The oldest reported cocktail is 30 years old. The longevity of these birds is one of the most attractive things about these parrots.

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