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Amazon Parrot

Everything Worth Knowing About the Amazon Parrot!!Amazon parrots are known as the life of the party as these are very energetic, social and lively birds. These birds love to be center of attention and very outgoing. They love the attention they are able to gather in large flocks.

The intelligence level of an Amazon parrot is equal to the intelligence level of a human toddler which is actually quite remarkable. Hands down, this breed of parrots is considered to one of the most popular and famous ones. These birds are very bright and vivid green in color. These birds are very noisy and talkative as well which is well-suited to their social and outgoing personality.

Characteristics of Amazon Parrots:

  • Size:                       16 inches (40 centimeters)
  • Weight:                 250 grams
  • Wing Span:        Unknown
  • Lifespan:             25 to 50 years
  • Physique: Stocky bright green body with short tails
  • Best Suited for: Natural habitats, rough and tumble environments
  • Temperament:   Outgoing, active, talkative, highly energetic, love to be center of attention
  • Comparable Breeds: None

History of Amazon Parrots:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

If we look into the history of origin for the Amazon birds, it is found that these birds hail from parts of South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. There are over more than twenty-seven known species of the Amazon Parrots. However, the majority of these bird species are wild and cannot be tamed to be kept as a pet.

Out of the twenty-seven known parrot species, only around 10 species of Amazon birds can be tamed enough to be kept at home as a pet. These are the wild and free birds that prefer to live in open habitats.

This is why the most common habitats for these huge birds are rain forests, scrub forests and depths of the palm groves. These birds are most commonly a very bright green in color with random splashes of color on the body every here and there.

Amazon Parrots Appearance:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

As tropical birds, it is expected for an Amazon bird to be very colorful and artsy. Its appearance does justice to our expectations. The Amazon parrots have very short blunt features. The long body has a very short and square tail. The body is very bright and vivid green in color. The entire body is covered with long and pointy feathers i.e. from top of head till the end of the tail.

The Amazon bird has random splashes of colors all overs its body. These random colors are a very artistic and unique combination of red, yellow, purple and blue color. These combination colors look very beautiful against the bright green and make the Amazon bird absolutely striking in its appearance. The eye color of a fully grown adult Amazon parrot is very bright and glossy chestnut brown. However, the color of the bird as a baby may be different.

Baby Amazon Parrots:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

Although Amazon parrots grow up to be very big and strong, these birds are very small as a baby. Their entire body from an early age is covered with short feathers that acts as a blanket and keeps the baby Amazon warm and cuddly. An adult Amazon parrot has eyes that are almost chestnut or a deep brown in color. However, a baby amazon parrot has eyes that are pale gray or even yellow in color or around the iris.

From a very young age the Amazon parrots are extremely hyperactive. They are playful and mischievous. They also are very social from a young age. The best thing about Amazon parrots since a young age is that they never like to be alone or on their own. They prefer living in very large flocks or with group of fellow birds.

About Amazon Parrots Health:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

The health of Amazon Parrots is a topic of debate very commonly. The reason is that these birds are very popular and known for being one of the most precious parrot species in the entire world. Hence, health experts have studied the health and well-being of these birds in depth to safeguard this species of parrots.

Studies indicate that these birds have a natural tendency of becoming fat and obese very quickly. The reason is simple – these birds have a great love for food. If not monitored, Amazon parrots can overeat or consume a lot more calories than required for optimal functioning.

Another common health problem that the Amazon parrots suffer from is the Polyomavirus. This virus is most commonly transmitted because of direct water contact. Amazon parrots that suffer from Polyomavirus experience drastic weight loss, indigestion and Anorexia. In extreme cases, it will prove to be fatal and ultimately result in death.

A common symptom of Polyomavirus in Amazon parrots is irritability and very fluffy, hassled body feathers.Chlamydiosis is another very common health problem for the Amazon birds. This can be caused due to the excessive deficiency of Vitamin A in the body. It may result in continous nasal and eye discharge.

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Amazon Parrots Lifespan:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

Amazon parrots are known for having a good and long life. In fact, it has one of the longest lifespan in comparison to any other bird species in the entire world. The expected lifespan of Amazon parrots ranges from 25 years to 50 years. On a healthy diet, the total lifespan can be extended.

Feeding For Amazon Parrots:

Amazon parrots have a very rich and big appetite. In fact they enjoy a very healthy diet on daily basis. The amazon parrots can overeat a lot and excessively if their diet is not controlled or monitored. The amazing thing about feeding Amazon parrots is that they have a very strong and powerful sense of recognizing the textures of the food that they consume on daily basis.

This means these birds are not only capable of recognizing the taste of the food that they eat but are also aware of the texture of each food. The best foods that are a top option to be fed to Amazon parrots are extremely high in nutritional value in order to provide them with a completely balanced diet.

The best food options to be fed to Amazon birds are healthy fresh fruits such as grapes, berries, apples, pears and bananas. These birds are also a huge fan of leafy fresh vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

Amazon Parrot With Children:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

As far as the appearance of Amazon birds is concerned, these are very large birds. Thus, it is very difficult to overlook the fact that these birds are not ideal to be kept as pets at home or indoors. Secondly these birds are most suitable for outdoor settings or tropical regions. Hence, it is definitely difficult to tame most of the species of these birds. Amazon parrots live in large groups and prefer to live in that way.

They also have a close affiliation with temperate or tropical areas. This is why they might get grump or aggressive indoors. Hence, it is not best advised for an Amazon parrot to be left alone with a child. The relationship that a child and an Amazon parrot shares might turn to be a little friendly after great effort. However, it will still never be advised to leave these birds alone with a child with adult supervision.

Amazon parrots are also very energetic and hyperactive by nature. These birds enjoy being the center of attention and thus it might be a little difficult for them to get accustomed to the attention a child gets from everyone else.

This might result in the child developing feelings of jealousy and hatred towards the child. This is why the interaction between this parrot and a child needs to be monitored and kept short.

Amazon Parrots Living With Other Birds:

Amazon parrots are very social and outgoing birds. You will hardly find an Amazon parrot to be alone or isolated. In majority of the cases these birds are found in large flocks of birds. Isolation can make these birds very irritable and flustered. They are most found in the depths of rainforests and refer to stay undercover. This is another reason why most of the Amazon parrots species are not tamable.

These birds are very social and enjoy being the center of attention. This is another big reason why these birds prefer to stay in groups with other birds so that they can enjoy the attention they get. On a general scale, these birds are very friendly and considered to have strong leadership qualities amongst fellow birds.

Amazon Parrot Training:

It is supremely important to provide extensive and very long term training to the Amazon Parrot. These birds are very wild and naturally accustomed to outdoor settings such as rainforests, shrubs, and other tropical regions.

Hence to keep an Amazon parrot as a pet or to tame it down a little, it is very important to condition that behavior of the birds.  Thee many things that you need to train your bird for.

It is crucial to train the bird not to bite when feeling aggressive. Aggression is a passive trait of these birds and hence, it is very common that these birds bite when feeling aggressive. Hence, the first thing that needs to be done to tame Amazon parrots is train them not to bite their owners or people randomly.

Another thing that your Amazon birds need to be a pro at is to return back to its own cage at the end of every day no matter where it is. It needs to recognize and affiliate with its cage as its own home. Another training that is provided to these birds is to talk clearly and in audible speech. These birds are very good at mimicking other people. Thus their skills are polished.

Amazon Parrot Talking Skills:

Amongst all the various species of parrots in the world, the amazon parrots are considered to be the best talkers amongst all parrots in the world. They talk a lot and enjoy every bit of talking. These parrots are particularly very fond of listening to music as well. These parrots are also considered to be very good singers as they can sing very well.

The Amazon parrots are very good imitators as well. They observe people and copy their actions a lot as well. Amazon parrots mimic others so well it is actually very surprising. Amazon birds however, can be very chirpy and noisy. One major reason for these birds being so noisy is that they do not like to be out of focus for a long time.

A major reason why the Amazon parrots talk a lot is simply because they crave attention a lot. To make others realize that they need something, these birds scream a lot and have a very high pitch voice. To express delight, these birds have a very shrilly voice in which they scream.

Amazon Parrot Biting and Aggression:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

Amazon Parrots are known for being aggressive. This reputation of being aggressive can be attributed to their demanding and attention-seeking nature. These birds enjoy having attention on themselves. Lack of attention or being out of the center focus can make them angry and frustrated.

Mostly the Amazon parrots are considered of being wild which is why these birds have virtually no control over their temper. Lack of training and conditioning can result in severe attacks by the Amazon parrots on people they are not personally affiliated with.

As far as biting behavior of Amazon parrots is concerned, these birds are very impulsive. They bite a lot, especially the wild ones. This is majorly why direct human contact of these birds is not encouraged.

Best Cages For Amazon Parrots:

Cages for Amazon Parrots is a very serious matter. These birds are not very homely and hence it is very important to provide a cage for these parrots that suits their temperament well.

1. Natural Inspiration Cage:

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

This natural cage set up is one of the best options for the Amazon parrot pet because it is the closest thing you can provide your bird with indoors. The 2 by 4 racket holders are good enough for the big sized birds.

2. Parakeet Ranch House Cage, Brown :

This is the classy cage that will definitely make any attention-loving Amazon bird very happy. The cage is delicate yet very strong. The cage has very net non-toxic coated finesses as well.

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

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