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Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

The Blue and Gold Macaw is known as blue and yellow macaw. These are one of the most popular macaws in other species. Their size and their plumage have always fascinated human attention.  The attractive blend of gold, green and blue is an amazing gift of nature to them. These parrots are extremely social, intelligent and friendly birds.

They need more attention and care as compared to other breeds of parrots. These are loving and good companion parrots. These parrots are good pets but they need much more knowledge and effort from owners than other traditional pets like cats or dogs. They are popular for making a closed and strong bond to their owners. They have very powerful beak. They use it for hanging from trees, climbing up on the trees and breaking shells.

Characteristics of Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

  • Size: 9 to 39.5 inches or 86 cm
  • Weight: 5 oz to 3.75 lb
  • Wing Span: 4ft
  • Lifespan: 80 years
  • Physique: Strong and Stout
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds
  • Temperament: Playful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Large size Parakeet, Blue Throated Macaws

History of Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots:

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The blue and gold macaws are native to Amazon Basin, western Ecuador, western Colombia, eastern Panama and South America. Naturally, they live in the rain forest and forests in large groups and flocks. They are found in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, south to Peru and Venezuela. They dwell in Central America.

Their natural habitat is woodland and forests. These birds live in the height of trees by making their nests there. These birds are social and always prefer to live in the flock and groups in the wild. In captivity, they need other companions to live.

Appearance of Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots:

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These are called large parrots that have length of 33 inches approximately from head to tail. They are recognized with wings, back, and head in blue green color and rest of the body plumage in yellow. They have whitish skin mask.

These are the biggest parrots. In the wild, these are found with attractive appearance in green forehead, golden underparts, chin is dark blue, tail and wings are blue. They have strong and black beak that is perfect for breaking nuts. Their white naked face turns pink in excitement. They contain black small feathers in the form of line on the face.

 Baby Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots:

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

When these birds are three to four years old, they start breeding. They make pair for life and live in a small family group. They make their nests above the grounds. In the captivities of the dead trees they like to make nests.

In the nest, they lay 2 to 3 eggs. Male and female defends the eggs aggressively. The young parrots are featherless and blind. They do not build their complete plumage till ten weeks. After the growth of their feathers they become independent and leave their parents.

About Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots Health:

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These parrots are very strong and healthy. They may suffer some health issues due to weak immunity and other reasons in the wild. In captivity they should be provided good diet and care. It can protect them from many health problems by improving their immune power. It can be treated with healthy diet as well. Regular checkups are essential for their healthy life. Some of their most common diseases are given below.

  1. Heavy Metal Poisoning or Toxicity
  2. Gout and Kidney Disease
  3. Cockatoos and other allergies
  4. Pancreatitis
  5. Beak Malformation
  6. Constructed toe Syndrome in chicks
  7. Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections
  8. Chlamydiosis or Psittacosis
  9. Cloacal and Oral papillomas
  10. Tail Feathers and Chewing flight
  11. Feather Picking

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Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots Life Span:

Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots Life Span

These are called monogamous parrots. It makes them mates for life. An adult blue and yellow macaw normally survives between thirty to thirty-five years living in wildlife. If they are kept as the pet or found in the zoo they can live more than 40 to 80 years. Their lifespan is 80 years. If they live in the wildlife then they can be the victim of wild animals. In the captivity, they survive more and for the long time.

Feeding For Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots:

Feeding for Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

They need good diet and they like fresh fruit, vegetables and seed. It is very important to provide them food supplements in fresh water and on the fruits. It provides them immunity against the infections and other diseases.

Their diet must be based on high fats. They spend all these nutrients in day flight. It is good for the bird that spends the day in flying rearing chicks, nesting, finding food and rain forest.

They like variety of food. During mating season they need food based on protein, during eggs laying they need calcium in their diet and in the hatching time they carbohydrates. It provides them energy and keeps them active all the time. Vegetables and fruits are their ideal diet either in their natural habitat or in the pet cage.

Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots with Children:

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These parrots are friendly and social in nature. These are very good friend and can be kept in the house. These are called mates for the life. Due to long lifespan these birds are naturally affectionate. It can be a great friend of your child.

Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots With Animals:

These are wonderful companions and they like to interact with others. It makes them highly social and active. They enjoy the company of other birds. They are less friendly with cats and dogs. They like attention and attraction.

They love to enjoy long flights. It makes them healthy. These are good entertainer. Due to this reason the majority of the people like these parrots to keep with their other birds. The other animals like their tricks and acrobats.

How Talented Blue and Gold Macaws are?

These are considered extremely talented and affectionate birds. Due to this nature that are very easy to tame. They learn talking and speaking. They like interaction that makes them more energetic. They love to learn tricks and human vocabulary. They will give you loud calls if they need attention.

Blue and Gold Macaw Training:

Blue and Gold Macaw Training

These are highly wonderful birds to train. They like attention of their owners. It improves their learning skills. They are very easy to tame in the captivity. For the first owner, these are not problematic birds.

It is very important to teach them some tricks and techniques for better living. Your attention and care will make them civilized. Be consistent during training. They can be trained with love and humbleness. Some good tools of training sessions can enhance the learning of a parrot.

Blue and Gold Macaw’s Talking Skills:

Blue and Gold Macaw’s Talking Skills

They have good talking skills. They can learn more human vocabulary and small sentences. It makes them very attractive. They are very loud birds and get the attention by whistling. They give very loud calls to their companions for attracting them. They can easily be trained to talk due to good skills but they cannot copy or mimicking you. These parrots are very noisy and loud.

Blue and Gold Macaw’s Biting and Aggression:

Blue and Gold Macaw’s Biting and Aggression

They are aggressive in mating and hatching time. They can be more aggressive if they become bore due to lack of attention. It makes them very risky bird. Due to this unfriendly behavior they become dangerous.

They need to be monitored because they can bite or injure someone with their heavy beak. They can be trained as a cultured and civilized as a pet. They are extremely messy. They are not apartment pet and do not form good dome. They inflict serious bites.

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Best Cages for Blue and Gold Macaws

Best Cages for Blue and Gold Macaws

1. Best Choice Product:

Consisting of the innovative technology it is a must have cage for your pet. The repairable cage is durable and lightweight. It offers services in different styles. It delivers high-quality services. It is integrated with modern specifications for offering amazing accuracy. Delivering the solid control the Irons are dynamic.

2.  Bird Parrot Cage:

It is integrated with the versatility in the designs the hybrid is innovative. It is very easy to assemble and adjust. You can easily carry it while moving from one place to another. It provides high functionality by raising the storage capacity. All these items are highly dynamic and incredible.

3.  Large Parrot Bird Cage:

It is durable and a solid item for your pets. These are designed with new technology. These are lightweight and portable. By availing the facility of online shopping these cages can be purchased at low prices.

4.  Large Cage Open Top:

It is an upgraded cage that contains all the features that are important as per the requirements of the present era. The majority of the users like to enjoy these cages that fulfill the requirement of modernism.

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