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Blue Macaw

It is one of the most special members of the Macaw family. These are the most famous among the other pet birds. Their bright plumage and size are the focal points. It is the reason of the human attention. The attractive touch of blue color is an appealing gift of nature. These are highly elegant and noble looking parrots.

They are popular for their loud voice that makes them vocal any time. These parrots contain the color that stands out on a dull branch of the tree. They are superb pets because they are entertaining, playful and talkative. These are found all in three forms small, medium and large with tapered, long tail. Some parrots have square tails and elongated bodies.

Characteristics of Blue Macaw Parrots:

  • Size: 20-42 inches
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Wing Span: 4ft
  • Lifespan: 60 years
  • Physique: Strong and Stout
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds, these are noisy and loud, love to intimate sounds loudly
  • Temperament: Playful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train, these are wonderful birds for your home and family.
  • Comparable Breeds: Parakeet

History Blue Macaw Parrots:

History Blue Macaw Parrots

They are found in the region of South Africa to Mexico. These belong to a very precious and major breed of the Macaws. Since 1100 AD, macaws were liked as pets by the Pueblo Indians in the United States. They like to live in the rain forests of South and Central America.

They are extremely brilliant that is why they can learn to talk. It is a bird that is civilized. You can teach it manners of living at home.Good bonding and pleasant behavior with make it to do tasks with keen interest. But it is the fact that nothing can happen instantly.

Appearance Blue Macaw Parrots:

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They contain facial patch, light colored hairless medial facial, dark and large beaks. In some species, small facial patches are smaller. These are limited to yellow color around the eyes. All parrots have unique pattern of facial feathers as human fingerprints. They have long tails and brightly colored.

They contain the length of the 34 to 36 inches from the tip of the head to the tail tip. It makes them the tallest parrot among other species. Its weight is about nine hundred to thirteen hundred. The wing span is about forty-one to forty-five inches.

Baby Blue Macaw Parrots:

babu blue macaw

They make bond with their partner for breeding. For several weeks, they eat, fly and preen together. They give loud calls to their partners. They become over active and energetic during breeding season. Feeding and preening one another are signs of affection to their flock mates.

They have good population in the areas where water is in abundance at farms. They live in big and dead trees above the grounds. They like small family groups and lay 2 or 3 eggs in a nest. Unlike other birds male and female both defend the eggs. Only female do not incubate the eggs.

About Blue Macaw Parrots Health:

Some disorders of allergies and fungal infections can cause severe health issues in parrots. The virus can attack the interfering with digestion, nerve centers of the intestinal tract. The most important fact is that these diseases are hard to diagnose early. This is the reason it is difficult to treat.

Parrots have different health issues. With good care and healthy diet these parrots can enjoy good health. It increases their immunity. It helps them fighting against infections. Regular checkups help them in keeping them healthy and active for the long time.

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Lifespan Blue Macaw Parrots:

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They have natural lifespan of 60 years. It is quite enough to make them life mate. With healthy diet and good care they can live more. In the wild they become victim of the other wild animals.

Unhealthy diet in the wild makes them sick.They need friendly and loving atmosphere for their better conduct. Good care and attention help them to live healthy and long.

Feeding of Blue Macaw Parrots:

Young blue Macaw Parrots need high-fat diet. Their favorite diet is pieces and bits of cooked turkey, chicken, small sized pastas, fruits, nuts, vegetables and pellets. In the wild they prefer to eat vegetables, nuts and fruits on the tree.

Blue Macaw Parrots with Children:

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They are lovely birds and they live in the family where easily. They are playful and entertaining birds. They like to live with your birds because they like attention. They are highly wonderful birds because they are noisy.

Macaw Parrots with Animals:

With other animals they are friendly. They are unfriendly with cats and dogs. These are called noisy but social birds. They use to give loud calls to other birds for attention. They are sweet in nature. They are social and can live very easily with other animals.

How Talented Blue Macaws are:

They are highly wonderful birds. They are very easy to train. They are intelligent. They intimate voice. They love to utter the tune that you like the most. They will astonish you by whistling. They can do wonderful mimicry.

Blue Macaws Training:

These are talented birds. They learn things very easily and in short time. They need attention and practice for it. Be consistent while training them. They need time to learn. Always use same words to train your parrot.

They have no human vocabulary so always use same words for the command. It won’t confuse the parrot. Be consistent, and make sure that other members should use the same commands to order the parrot.

Blue Macaw’s Talking Skills:

They have good talking skills. They like to interact with others. For talking they give loud calls and whistles. If they are not paid attention they become bored. It is their habit that they do not like ignorance. They learn how to whistle and they copy your favorite tune very beautifully. They can learn talking.

Blue Macaw’s Biting and Aggression:

These are not aggressive birds by nature but they become aggressive due to lack of attention. Due to heavy beaks and giant size they can injure others in aggression.

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Best Cages For Blue Macaws:

Best cages for Blue Macaws

1.  Cage with Play Top:

It allows the premier fun which provides the extreme entertainment to the users. These items are designed by focusing on the customer’s satisfaction. The objective is the pleasure of the brand. It offers an exclusive entertainment full of amusement. These are safe items. It is available at highly affordable rates.

2.  Bird Cage Large:

It is durable and made of strong material. It is very easy to assemble. It is the tremendous item that helps you to be energetic for caring the cage. It always offers an agreeable and professional service which has class and style. The users can avail the extraordinary efficiency due to the innovative technology.

3.  Large Bird Cage with Play Top:

For keeping your teenagers busy, these are highly unique and innovative. Durability, Safety and moderate rates are smart traits of it. A wide assortment is available in diverse shades online for offering a healthy activity.

4.  Large Cage for Parrots:

It offers a huge collection of smart features.It contains rich and innovative designs.The great recognition of these knives is to provide you royal appearance and special feel by offering this style product that is full of extensive modernism.

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