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Blue Throated Macaws

Blue Troated Macaws are very rarely found birds in the aviculture. These are existed in monogamous pairs. In the small groups of seven to nine they are found. Their prime mode of locomotion is flying. They can easily walk on the ground, maneuver along branches and climb over the trees.

These are called very active birds all the time especially in the day. They live in one general area. This kind of parrots mostly communicates by sound. They utter very loud call and fly instantly when they feel danger. These are very beautiful birds that are found in the wild in very rare cases.

Characteristics of Blue Throated Macaw Parrots:

  • Size: 85 cm to 34 inches
  • Weight: 750g or 1.7lb
  • Wing Span: 3ft
  • Lifespan: 80 years
  • Physique: Strong and Stout
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds, very rare, large birds, Parrots are very sweet and smarts, they are extremely friendly and lovely. These are very affectionate and loving birds for captivity.
  • Temperament: Playful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Parakeet

History of Blue Throated Macaw Parrots:

These blue throated macaws dwell in the Gran Chaco. In the Bolivia’s Beni Department they are found. They make their nests in the islands of the palm trees. Its habitat is not forest. It is considered a bird of large species. They like to make their nest above the grounds on the high trees.

Due to the variation in colors and feathers, the Macaws are considered the most beautiful parrots among other species.These parrots are very easy to train due to their brilliant nature. The Macaw parrots need to train effectively and definitely they will give output.

Appearance of Blue Throated Macaw Parrots:

Appearance of Blue Throated Macaw Parrots

These are very beautiful birds that are extremely attractive due to blue color appearance. These are sexually dimorphic birds and males are little bigger than females. Their upper parts are turquoise blue. It is lightly brighter on the rump and duller on the crown. The underparts of their body are bright yellow.

Their vent is pale blue. They have obvious facial patches that can be seen clearly. It becomes lined with black and beautiful small feathers. Some parrots from this breed contain more butterscotch and orangey underside color on the specific area of breast. These are attractive due to this blue throat.

Baby Macaw Parrots:

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They reproduce once in a year. In case of nestling is lost or their eggs are destroyed they produce another clutch. In a clutch they have 1-3 eggs. Female incubates the eggs for twenty six days. They become sexually mature for breeding in the age of 5 years. They need good diet in this duration.

These are the birds of hard immunity. The feathers of young do not grow until the age of ten weeks. After the growth of their feathers they become independent and leave their parents. The sex is difficult because they need some DNA testing.

About Blue Throated Macaw Parrots Health:

About Blue Throated Macaw Parrots Health

They may suffer various health issues. They mostly need good care and regular checkups in the captivity. It makes them healthy and live healthy life. Heavy Metal Poisoning or Toxicity

  1. Gout and Kidney Disease
  2. Cockatoos and other allergies
  3. Pancreatitis
  4. Beak Malformation
  5. Constructed toe Syndrome in chicks
  6. Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections
  7. Chlamydiosis or Psittacosis
  8. Cloacal and Oral papillomas
  9. Tail Feathers and Chewing flight
  10. Feather Picking

It is very important to care the birds because only prevention can save them from the health issues. These disorders can be harmful if not cured properly. Some disorders of allergies and fungal infections can cause severe health issues in parrots.

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Blue Throated Macaw Parrots Life Span:

They have long lifespan. It is a wonderful bird that provides good companionship. It is the bird that is admired for its strong immunity. With good care these birds are very easy to handle and keep healthy for the life time.

They need good diet for good health and energy. Make sure your Blue throated Macaw Parrots are healthy and it is the guarantee of their long life. Their natural lifespan is eighty years. In the wild they become an easy target of the wild animals.

Feeding for Blue Throated Macaw Parrots:

Feeding for Blue Throated Macaw Parrots

Vegetables and fruits are their ideal diet either in their natural habitat or in the pet cage. They do not eat seeds in the wild and in the captivity. They like eating fruit from large palms. They love to drink the liquid of the immature fruit. They collect clay licks to get mineral food. They like to eat salt bearing clay that exists on the banks of the river. These parrots need healthy and protein diet during mating.

Blue Throated Macaw Parrots With Children:

Blue Throated Macaw Parrots With Children

These are highly wonderful parrots for your family. By offering attention and love you will avail an amazing and loyal friend for your family or children. These are good entertainers and show tricks due to playful nature. It is extremely sweet natured bird.

Blue Throated Macaw Parrots with Animals:

These are friendly with other birds. They are loud and noisy. For getting attention of others these parrots give loud calls. These are noisy and playful. They whistle to attract other birds. With dogs and cats these parrots are less friendly. Due to their aggressive nature these birds need to be monitored if left with other animals.

How Talented Blue Throated Macaws are:

Blue throated parrots are extremely talented. These are intelligent birds. They know how to whistle. They intimate variety of sounds. These birds are highly social and playful. They like to live in a flock of birds.

Give them the company of other birds. It will be more feasible for you.They learn manners very easily and have very sweet sound to welcome your child coming from outside. By uttering beautiful voice and sound they show their love to their masters and the kids as well.

Blue Throated Parrots Macaw Training:

Blue Throated Parrots Macaw Training

Training a bird is a daunting task. These are very easy to train. They learn very easily. These parrots need your attention and it improves their energy. They easily learn tricks and techniques. Your love and attraction help in improving their learning skills.

Give them rewards and appreciate them with your attention. Be consistent while training these parrots.Some good tools of training sessions can enhance the learning of a parrot. In this way, you can win the belief and trust of your pet easily and quickly.

Macaw’s Talking Skills:

These are talkative, playful and loving birds. They intimate sounds and know how to whistle. These birds are highly wonderful for their talking skills. They improve their human skills. They can easily be trained to talk due to good skills but they cannot copy or mimicking you. These parrots are very noisy and loud.

Blue Throated Parrots Macaw’s Biting and Aggression:

They have heavy beaks and these beaks are used to break the nuts. But these birds use their beaks for injuring someone. They bite other birds or children in aggression. These parrots become aggressive during mating seasons. If they are ignored they become aggressive. It tends them to bite.

Best Cages for Blue Throated Parrots

Best Cages for Blue Throated Parrots

1.  Large Parrot Bird Cage:

It is a wonderful item that is perfect for macaws. These cages are wide and spacious for offering complete wingspan. The aim behind designing it is to offer extreme comfort and convenience to the users with the products that are manufactured with sturdy material. These efficient products are very effective in providing a simple, secure and convenient environment.

2.  Double Ladder Open Play Top Cage:

For raising the allure of your pets entertainment, this cage is admirable. The use of this cage is feasible to get the high quality. These are available in competitive prices. Due to the high productivity these are essential items for your birds. It is unique and very easy to care. The majority of the users find it easy to clean and wash. It is made of strong and sturdy material.

3.  Extra Large Parrot Cage:

For keeping macaws calm and peaceful these cages are extremely beneficial. A good aspect of these cages is to keep a user free by raising the functionality and mobility of birds. It is an extreme relief for a user no doubt. Several companies offer these cages. It is a reliable item. The branded cages due to easy care are efficient due to unique configuration.

4.  Aviary Bird Cage:

This cage is the ultimate solution to keep users satisfied by providing them protection because it gives the best output. For delivering a real and original service these cages are perfect in the tasks.

It is lightweight and portable. With innovative designs these are incredible to place in the garden. Your macaws will love this cage for keeping it in the garden. It is highly comfortable for them.

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