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Caiques Parrots

Caique Lifespan

Caiques are medium size parrots that are nippy but comical friend and energetic. It is one of the breeds that are highly wonderful due to the beauty and playful nature. These parrots hop around the house and paly on their backs. They are comical, stubborn and mischevious. They want limitless enjoyment without any boundaries.

They love learning tricks and less talkative. These are highly friendly in nature and affectionate. These are moderate but noisy some times. It behaves like an appropriately socialized and a hand fed baby. Be prepare for some bites from the Caiques if you have decided to keep them at home as a pet. They offer bundles of fun due to their enthusiastic nature.

Characteristics of Caiques:

  • Size:                   9 inches
  • Weight:            170 to 200 grams
  • Wing Span:    Narrow
  • Lifespan:        25 years
  • Physique:      Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal and Playful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Lorries, Cockatoo

History Caiques:

Ciaques have two major species that are further divided into five sub species. Pionites is the genus of this species of parrots. They are stocky and small. They are found in South America and Amazon Basin. The black headed parrots are found in the north of the Amazon River.

Caique Lifespan

The white-bellied are found in the south of the Amazon River. They generally like to stay in the frosted areas. In the wild they like to eat seeds and fruits. They like to most of their times in playing and foraging.

They like to be on the tops of the trees because they are canopy dwellers. In their feathers they like to develop whirring sound in flight. Due to high vocal they feel noisy but they are moderate. They like woody habitats preferably forests. They are playful and like to use ropes and grills to move and climb.

They like fly in the open sky by producing sounds with their feathers. In the wild, these are recognized very easily due to their prominent appearance. It makes them special among other breeds of the parrots.

Appearance of The Caiques:

History Caiques

These are small birds with white belly. The other species of the Caiques is Black headed parrots. Both are colorful birds. They are extremely incredible due to many smart features. Their beak is horn colored. The color of their head is complete orange or yellow. It gives them an appearance of wearing a hood.

It feels that they have painted their heads. The white bellied parrots are little smaller to the other breed in size. They have small, stout and compact body. They look stocky, short, barrel like chest and square tail. Their tail is short.

They have narrow wing span. It stops them to fly for the long time. Their weight is little heavy that does not allow them to fly long distance.They are found in variety of colors mutation. They have several color mutations.

This color mutation has been established with the help of the selective breeding. It makes them very attractive and charming. These are not dimorphic therefore it is difficult to recognize male and female in a view. These are the birds of strong personality and fearless nature. The beautiful combinations of colors are divers in aviculture.

Baby Caiques Parrots:

Caique Lifespan

They start breeding by laying eggs in early January. In the northern areas these birds can reproduce whole year. They can develop multiple clutches any time of the year. Before laying eggs the female parrot appear with swollen in the vent area.

In a clutch they lay three to four eggs and in some cases it can be 5 to 6 eggs. The female lays egg every third day for completing the clutch. Female incubates the eggs for twenty five to twenty six days. Now females will spend all the time in the nest box.

Some pairs destroy their eggs. Female eats her broken eggs to keep the nest clean. It often happens in the first clutch only. Next time they do not destroy. Inexperienced pairs destroy or break their eggs if they realize these can be broken.

They love to play with these eggs in the nest box. It is vital to replace these original eggs with wooden and ceramics eggs. If you have these parrots as pet then take care of them during reproduction time.

About Caiques Parrots Health:

Caique Lifespan

They are very sensitive birds. They need special care and clean surroundings. While plucking the feathers it needs to be careful very much. It is very important to provide them fresh water with clean vessel.

They may have these health issues sneezing, cloudy eyes, loss of appetite and others. For picking feathers you must have to take medical assistance. They may have these health issues as well.

  1. Intestinal ailment
  2. Respiratory diseases
  3. Parrot fever
  4. Psittacosis
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Feather plucking
  8. Weight loss
  9. Anorexia
  10. Cough and wheezing
  11. Beak Swelling
  12. Lethargy
  13. Red or swollen eyes
  14. Favoring one foot
  15. Nasal or eye Discharge.

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Caiques Parrots LifeSpan:

Caique Lifespan

These are perfect partner for your life. These are excellent feathered friend. These parrots are unique because they have good potential and energy for the entire life. Their life span in captivity is shorter as compared to their physical life.

Their life span is 25 years normally but it is in your hand to give them good care. It allows them to stay healthy and to enjoy a healthy life for the long time. The proper veterinary care and nutrition save them from getting ill. It is important to increase their life and energy. These birds offer lifetime commitment.

Feeding for Caiques Parrots:

Parrot’s diet is very important to keep them healthy. They like fruits and vegetables. In the home, the ready palette is the excellent option for them. Include nutritious foods such as sprouted seeds in their diet during summer and spring. It is vital to feed them vegetal feed.

The cereal and grain are good for their diet. Give them hard boiled or scrambled eggs. These are good for their health. Do not give them high level of protein because it is unhealthy for them.

Caiques Parrots with Children:

Caiques Parrots with Children

These are good for keeping in the homes. These are energetic and playful. They do not talk much but they are very active and can learn tricks very easily. It is called a clown of the parrot’s world. They are bundles of energy by chewing, climbing and playing all the time.

They love to play with toys, ladders, ropes, cage bars and hanging. They always busy in rolling on their back. They are cuddly and love to play with children. The only drawback is their biting. They are good companion of your children.

Caiques Parrots with Animals:

A well trained Caique parrot is affectionate and cuddly. They love to interact with other animals. They are sweet and playful. They have moderate temperament that cannot be called aggressive. They are mischievous that is why they bite others. 

They like to play with other birds, people and toys. They are not quiet but they can be noisy for some times. If you do not bother noise then it will be a good pet for you. They are the suitable for the environment where noise is not botheration.

How Talented Caiques Parrots are?

These parrots are highly talented. They are very easy to train. They can learn easily tricks. Birds training are the most important in this purpose; it is as significant as healthy diet for your parrot. Your pets will love you for your good care, whenever they face dangers then they try to fly, they have the flight tendency even you are having it as a pet. So, it needs to keep an eye on them strictly. It is quite natural behavior however it is dangerous and unfriendly.

Caiques Parrots Training:

Caique Lifespan

Every trainer and every animal is different to each other. Everyone is responsible for his own safety. It is very important to teach the tricks in a way that can motivate the parrots. It needs patience and consistency for successful training session with the animals.            

  • Always keep the training session short and consistent. It will help the pets to response better.
  • It is best to begin with basics, getting the animal comfortable and familiar to your signals.
  • Always use the reward therapy. It is the vital key to success; it uses to enhance the learning skills as well.
  • Training is the highly effective when it is full of fun. Always use the tool which is attractive for the parrots. They should not be bored and frustrated during the training. These parrots get destructive when they get bored.
  • Always revise the methods with your parrots to make them expert in their lessons and tricks.

Caiques Parrots Talking Skills:

These parrots are less talkative. They are more playful than talking. They can compete with cockatoo in noise. They are popular for their speaking ability. They can learn clucking and whistling.

They can do mimicking and talking very easily, if they are trained properly. They are very easy to tame. They can be trained with love and humbleness. Some good tools of training sessions can enhance the learning of a pet.

Caiques Parrots Biting and Aggression:

These are the birds that are moderate. These are not aggressive but they bite. They are popular for bird-on bird aggression. It is very important to care these birds by monitoring them. They can injure other bird or children at home. Always keep an eye on these parrots. Try to keep your parrots busy with toys and many other constructive items.

Best Cages for Caiques Parrots:

1. Bird Parrot Cage for Caiques Parrots:

By saving your birds from the attack of the caiques parrots these cages are dynamic in many ways. These cages provide a wide area for playing. By using these cages, you will able to secure your parrots inside. You will save others against their attack. These cages are wide to provide good space for moving inside. They can cause physical harm to anyone. It needs to use it carefully because it can be harmful for all. These are lightweight and compact.

Caique Lifespan

2. Small Bird Parrot Playtop Cage:

It is entirely a perfect item that is rich in smart features. It tells you comprehensive techniques to handle your birds in constructive way. The play top provides them to move and play in the home for good survival.

It is good for offering anti-toxic material of pain. It provides enough space inside to keep them playing inside the cage. These are easily portable and can easily be placed in any area of home.

3. Corner Parrot Cage:

It contains a front door lock in the form of a half circle for offering wonderful security mechanism. It is integrated with two feeder doors. It is intended with a tray for easy cleaning and slide out grill in two pieces. The 5 rolling casers with one wood perch is highly comfortable.

It consists of the innovative technology it is a must have item for security of the parrots. The perfect tactic tool is durable and lightweight. These are wide and spacious for your parrots. They can easily continue their playful activities inside the birds.

Caique Lifespan

4. Bird Parrot Cage:

It contains the material that is safe for drink and food. It offers mug and cups for water.It contains plastic handle to hold the cup in fingers. The cool pattern makes it a wonderful choice for your parrots. It never fails in offering true delight and surprise.

It contains special heat sensitive coating.It is lightweight and easy to care. It brings the most recent style examples to customers around the globe. It is highly wonderful book that enhances the interest of the customers. It is durable and can be used for the long time.

Caique Lifespan