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Charily Pick The Cage For Your Cockatoo Parrot!

Cockatoo Cages

From around 23 species of parrots, cockatoos are one of the intelligent parrots that belong to that bird family with further divided 45 subspecies. Living in the wild has been a harm to them no less, most trees that accommodated these species were destructed due to landscapes and forest cut downs.

Cockatoos have recently been added to a list of endangered species. They happen to be one of the favorite birds to be kept as a pet. It’s important to remember that these are exotic animals and they cannot be kept with ease in an apartment or condo especially ones as noisy as a cockatoo.

With a pet, certain requirements need to be fulfilled before you bring them home and one you have set your mind to keep this exotic beautiful looking parrot its best to bring home the best possible cage before. It wouldn’t be wrong to describe a cockatoo as a perpetual 2-year old child. Cockatoos are described as emotional yet intelligent birds.

Cockatoo needs a well-constructed cage not only to prevent it from escaping but also to keep it from destroying itself. They are capable of temper tantrums and complete silliness. A pet cockatoo needs a sturdy supply of appropriate items to chew on. They are needy of love and affection. Once a person plans to keep a cockatoo parrot it shall not be left unattended initially and shall be showered with non-stop attention so it doesn’t scream and throw a tantrum.

Often times people end up making certain mistakes when they keep a pet cockatoo, first and foremost the most important factor from amongst many is a fine cage that may keep it safe and sound. But ahead are some other factors that many neglects.

Sagacious Factor Of Concern:

A few things one shall always consider before buying a birdcage for their cockatoo are:

  • Space: not only cockatoos require a large cage but also they need some outside time from their cage still being in a safe environment.
  • Budget: one shall have a budget set for the necessary purchases of their bird, which includes good size cage; quality feed and to supply to keep the bird entertained. Like many other species, they do not do merely good on a sole seed diet they need to be fed extra healthy diet.
  • Time: got enough time? Being the social birds, they get bored easily and require special care and attention or else they start picking their feathers.
  • Noise: young ones may be quite and cute but as they get older, cockatoo starts speaking of their presence in their loud squeaky screechy voice. So one needs to be prepared to experience extremely loud bird noise around the house.
  • Allergies: if anyone is allergic to feathers, keeping cockatoos might not be a good choice for them. As these birds, have fine white powdery mist on their feathers that causes the allergies.
  • Cage: cage might just sound harsh; it’s a home to them after all. Investing in a good cage is utmost important as the quality cage and space matters a lot for the bird that you are planning to pet.

Following are a few best birdcage options for a cockatoo; they require a large cage to be in liberally

1. Prevue Hendryx Corner Parrot Bird Cage in Black :

Cockatoo Cages

It is an elegant looking tall metal frame parrot cage that has a strong durable construction. It also comprises heels that have lockable castors to prevent free movement.

It is one practical and space-saving options when looking for a cockatoo parrot cage. It fits perfectly fine in a 90-degree corner and gives the space a complete look.

Features Of Prevue Hendryx Corner Parrot Cage For Large Birds Like Cockatoo:

  • Lockable castor feet to prevent free movement
  • Easy for for a corner space
  • Practical and space saving
  • Strong metal construction
  • Finishing with non-toxic paint
  • Play top for relaxation and movement
  • Bottom slide out seed catcher
  • 4 feeding bowls
  • Overall size 101.5cm x 64.5 cm x 159 cm i.e. (40” x 25” x 62”)
  • 3 bird proof front doors
  • Bar spacing 1.5 cm
  • Door size (12” x 24”)

2. Best Choice New Large Play Top Bird Cage:

Cockatoo Cages

This durable birdcage is good enough for a cockatoo parrot. Considering it needs space to move around it comes with a pyramid top play area to keep it entertained.

The safety of the bird is well managed by using non-toxic paint and a push-button door locking mechanism. This particular cage is designed to be a home for the medium to large birds.

Features Of Best Choice New Large Play Top Bird Cage:

  • Made out of durable wrought iron
  • Non toxic powder coating
  • Comprises of pyramid top play area
  • Long wooden perch for resting
  • 2 removable sliding trays at the top as well as bottom for easy cleanup
  • 3 stainless steel cups
  • Large front door with push button locks
  • 4 swivel casters
  • Dimensions 31” x 29.5” x 68”

3. Large Wrought Iron Bird Cage with Stand for Parrots:

Cockatoo Cages

It is an absolute bargain considering this cage at a very good cost. It can be used for two cockatoos together. It is easy to set up and maintain as the slide out bottom tray allows quick clean up.

The frame is made out of durable iron for a stable structure and the coating for the finishing is of non-toxic powder. Completely satisfying the safety it is a very good buy overall.

Features Of Large Wrought Iron Bird Cage For Large Bird Breeding Cage ideal For Cockatoo:

  • Can accommodate more than one bird
  • A strong and safe metal structure
  • Coated with the non-toxic compound
  • Durable iron structure
  • Removable plastic bottom tray for easy cleanup
  • Offers adequately enough free space
  • Bottom metal shelf for storage
  • 4 ball shaped swivel casters
  • 6 interior wooden perches for resting
  • 2 large front swing out doors
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • 8 interior plastic feeding bowls

4. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage :

Cockatoo Cages

A decent sized cage for a cockatoo but nothing bigger than that. It’s an easy to clean cage, which doesn’t take long to be put together. It is made of a heavy-duty iron and coated with non-toxic agents that make it strong and firm to stand still.

Features Of Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage:

  • Non-toxic powder coating
  • Iron construction
  • Durable premium iron frame
  • 4 stainless steel bowls
  • Top playing area with the ladder
  • 2 wooden perches
  • Dimensions 18L x 18W x 35.4H inches
  • Bar spacing 0.6”

5. Cost way Black Bird Cage Large Play Top Parrot Finch Cage Macaw Cockatoo:

Cockatoo Cages

It happens to be an ideal house for your cockatoo parrot as this is made out of wrought iron for its stability and is big enough to allow your pet to move around freely.

It is quite easy to maintain, as the metal trays installed at the bottom are easily removable. It is a great option with a competitive price and good promising quality.

Features Of Cost Way Black Bird Cage Large Play Top Parrot Finch Cage Macaw Cockatoo:

  • Durable metal construction
  • Rectangle frame structure
  • Easy to clean removable metal trays
  • Nontoxic powder coated finishing
  • 2 wooden perches
  • 4 feeding bowls
  • Enough free space
  • 2 bottom wheels are lockable for stability
  • Bottom shelf for storage
  • Large front door with a flip-lock

Final Verdict:

Whenever one has made up their mind to keep a pet, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled before you bring the pet home. As with the cockatoo, they are a great companion bird and if they are properly taken care of they prove to be very affectionate, funny and easy to get along with. Once you have planned of having a cage for your cockatoo the minimum to consider is a decently large sized cage for it to live in.

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parrots are smart birds and cockatoos are no exception so its best to make sure the smartness is taken care of and they are provided free and entertaining environment even in the cage.

Apart from that your pleasure of having the white beautiful cockatoo may escape if the locking mechanisms are not safe enough. Having a pet cockatoo is a serious issue and if only it’s well-settled nothing can be like it.

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