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Cockatiel Parrots

Cockatiel Lifespan

The Cockatiel Parrots are known as playful companion and loyal friends. They are proved the best pets and many people prefer to keep them at homes. These parrots can get any type of training very well. They learn how to whistle very easily. It makes them lovelier. They are able to learn new commands in few tricks be making less efforts.

They need a quality time of yours to feel themselves familiar and secure. It will help you to produce good bonding and refresh your feelings. It is the 2nd most popular breed in the world. Due to their intelligent, easy to care for, personable and sweet nature they are highly admired at the vast level.

Characteristics of Cockatiel Parrots:

  • Size: 14-18 inches or 6 to 46 cm
  • Weight: 75 to 125 grams
  • Wing Span:
  • Lifespan: 12 to 30 years
  • Physique: small bird
  • Best suited for: suitable for apartments, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds
  • Temperament: loyal and Playful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds:

History of Cockatiel Parrots:

Cockatiel Lifespan

They are found in Australia in abundance. It is called a desert bird. They are called weiro, quarrion, hollandicus and Nymphicus. It is the member of cockatoo family. They have originated from Australia and then have been spread to Pacific areas and Asia.

These were the first economic refugees when Australia had suffered severe dry season.They could not reproduce that time due to the geographical walls and isolation.  They are highly beautiful and small in size. These are found in the areas where nature is in excess. In the wild they live in hollow logs.

They are intelligent and can be trained for any types of commands and to do anything of which they are physically strong. They can be trained easily and quickly. These are the highly suitable for making pets and they are easier to keep at home and train as compare to other pets.

The more time you spend with your animal, the better bonding will be occurred between both of you. The Cockatiel parrot will trust you with good bonding, and training will be getting easier in few tricks.

Appearance of the Cockatiel Parrots:

Cockatiel Lifespan

The origin of these parrots is Australia. They are stale gray resonant of a common pigeon. It contains a yellow suffusion that covers the whole head completely. It is prominent in the chest and head of the male parrot. It is yellow in color.  The horizontal bars are obvious on the tails of the young parrots of this breed.

They are available in variety of colors and this diversity makes them popular among the other parrots.The orange cheek patches, yellow heads with the combination of gray color they can be easily recognized in the wild. They are found with several color mutations including cinnamon, pied, albine, lutino and others.

They have fifteen basic color mutations in aviculture. The other mutations can be organized with the matching of the existed colors. This diversity of colors improves their beauty and makes them attractive in the wild and at the home.

Baby Cockatiel Parrots:

Cockatiel Lifespan

The process of laying egg from ovary starts when the cocktail parrot gets sexually mature. They start fertilization if male present. For developing the shell to egg the whole procedure of egg laying is about 2 to 3 days. In 2 days a female cockatiel parrot lays egg until she starts laying the clutch of two to eight eggs.

They must not be allowed to start breeding until they are eighteen months. If they are capable for reproduction do not allow them to start breeding. They become capable for breeding in the age of 5 to 6 months.

The young males are infertile and the females have to suffer some health issues and complications such as egg binding. They give signals of color bars on their tails to their partners for reproduction.

About Cockatiel Parrots Health:

Cockatiel Lifespan

The health of the pet is based on the healthy diet. If you need your pet active and energetic then be careful about their routine. These parrots are highly dynamic because they are fit all the time.

It is very important to keep them tidy and clean, because hygienic environment helps them to prevent form diseases. The common disorders of these parrots are E-coil, gout and runny nose.

They are sensitive as per health aspect. It is very important to keep their surrounding neat and hygienic. Change their water in the period of 3 hours. Wash their cages with anti-bacterial solutions. Some of their common diseases are mentioned below

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Feather plucking
  4. Weight loss
  5. Anorexia
  6. Cough and wheezing
  7. Beak Swelling
  8. Lethargy
  9. Red or swollen eyes
  10. Favoring one foot
  11. Nasal or eye Discharge.

Be careful when you pluck their feathers. It is a painful process. It can cause infection in them.

Cockatiel Parrots Life Span:

Cockatiel Lifespan

The life span of Cockatiel parrots is 30 years. They spend their life in good health. Their health issues can cause of their death. If they are cared properly and are kept in the hygienic environment then they spend good healthy life. It is important for their long healthy life.

In the wild these birds are easy prey of Eagle, snacks and other animals.These reasons can cut their life short. Due to poor nutrition they die in the age of 2 to 5 years. It is an extremely sensitive breed of parrots that needs special care regarding health to survive.

Feeding for Cockatiel Parrots:

These birds are fond of seeds. They like vegetables, millets, soft bread, muffins, canned corns, greens, chopped fruits and pellets. These are hygiene conscious birds and it is very important to wash their food with water and keep it in the covered container.

  1. You will enjoy the company of a happy bird if you take care of their fresh water.
  2. They need plenty of fresh water daily. It keeps the bird healthy and energetic.
  3. They do not like formulated and similar diet daily.
  4. They love varieties of food.
  5. The love fresh and properly chopped fruit and vegetables.
  6. Include all essential nutrients in their diet for keeping them healthy and energetic.
  7. Good diet helps in keeping the bird healthy for long time.

Cockatiel Parrots with Children:

These are extremely cute and beautiful birds. Due to their friendly, sweet and loyal nature they are perfect for the family. They are very calm and afraid of noise and loud voice. They are calm and humble and this temperament makes them children’s ideal.

You can leave your children in their company. They are loyal friends and playful for children. Kids will love their company because they are not aggressive in any situation. It is highly perfect choice for your kids in the home.

Cockatiel Parrots with Other Animals:

It is asocial bird that provides good company. Due to humble nature these birds are perfect pet that can be accommodated with other animals. Even if you want to make your parrot fly in the house do let your parrot have full run in the house, so you must start from the small.

Take a cage with a small running space, when the parrot get familiar to the surrounding completely then provide it more space gradually. If your parrot is over whelmed, it means it is excited.

How Talented Cockatiel Parrots:

These are very intelligent birds and they can perform everything after learning. These are very easy to care and tame. The male Cockatiel Parrots can easily learn whistling. It is the fact about these parrots that they are easy to train in younger age but the case is different in the matter of these parrots.

Older parrots are similar to train than younger ones, especially babies. Their learning skills increase by the time span. If you have a baby rabbit so you have need to stick with it. If you have an older parrot so you can train it in little easier way.

Cockatiel Parrots Training:

These parrots are very easy to train. They learn easily to talk. Pet training is not an overnight task it needs mostly of your patience and time. Moreover, training will never be succeeded without the consistency. The Cockatiel Parrots are good learner in an older age. They always give good output to you and better learning in quick and easy ways.

Cockatiel Parrots Talking Skills:

They have good talking skills. They do not like loud noise. They always behave gently and good companion. They learn whistling and can do mimicry. It makes them more darling bird for the master. If you have a new parrot at your home so you need to maintain good relationships with it.

It needs to take it gently and play with it for short period. It will develop a good and solid bond in your relationship. Never try to irritate your pet for your interest it will be constraint in the training.

Cockatiel Parrots Biting and Aggression:

Cockatiel Lifespan

 These are very humble and calm parrots. They do not get aggressive and never bite. These are calm and peaceful birds. They are afraid of loud voice and noisy environment. These parrots are incredible due to social and friendly nature. They do not fight with others but like attention.

Features of Cages for Cockatiel Parrots:

These are playful and active birds. They need spacious cages due to activities. There are rectangular and square shaped cages are available for them. The vital feature is the security mechanism. Choose the cages that have horizontal bars to offer opportunity to play and climb.

For easy cleaning pick the cage that contains removable bottom tray. The size of the cage must be 20’’Wx20’’Hx24’’D and the bar spacing ½’’ to 5/8’’. A small list of best-selling cages for Cockatiel Parrots is given below.

1.Pet bird cage Play:

Cockatiel Lifespan

2.New Double Extra Large Cage:

Cockatiel Lifespan

3.Large Steel 20x20x61 Inch Bird Cage:

Cockatiel Lifespan

4.Black Bird Cockatiel Parrot Cage:

Cockatiel Lifespan

These cages are specially designed for these small parrots of Cockatiel breed. These are lightweight and portable. Due to easy care these are ideal for this breed. All these cages contain removable trays to clean easily.

These are effortlessly adjustable and very easy to use in the home. It takes less place where place is premium. It is an ideal choice for those who need compact and portable cages for their parrots.