Cockatoo Parrot

Pet cockatoo differentiate their personality from others parrot with a handful of dramatic feathers as well as extremely loud and sociable nature! In this article, we talk about each and everything that might interest the readers who wish to know about the cockatoo bird.

Characteristics of Cockatoo  

  • Size: 12 to 26 inches
  • Weight: 90 to 400 grams
  • Wing Span: Unknown
  • Lifespan: 50 to 70 years
  • Physique: Strong built, large in size, light white or pastel colored, streaks of bright color on feather and around eye rims, crest on top of head
  • Best Suited for: open, close to nature environmental settings
  • Temperament: Friendly, outgoing, dependent on others, playful, active
  • Comparable Breeds: None

History of Cockatoo:     

History of Cockatoo

It was discovered by the European sailors in the early part of year 1850. However, around the year 1900 the European aristocrats started to consider the cockatoos as pets and from then onwards, it became popular as a household pet.Today, this little parrot is readily available for people to buy as pets and take into their homes. Cockatoo is also known as “Velcro” because of its highly emotional and outgoing personality.

Cockatoo Appearance:

Cockatoo AppearanceAs far as the appearance of the Cockatoo bird is concerned, this is a topic of general interest for most people.The best thing about the cockatoo appearance which makes them unique is the different shades of their feathers. Black, grey, pink and white are just to name a few!

It has beautiful tapered crest with golden and dusty feather sand usually have multi feathers on the cheeks and tail. However, introverted nature makes them completely different from other parrot species and this is a particular reason why its looks stand out!

Baby Cockatoo:

Baby CockatooAs a baby, the cockatoo parrot is very difficult to handle because they are on their specific and formulated feed. Hence, it is found problematic to raise a baby cockatoo until unless you are completely aware of their behavioral and of course, feeding process.

Since a young age they are very emotional and social. This is why cockatoos used to get living in flocks and feel fear from being alone. This can also be attributed to their introvert nature because they develop a dependency on their partners, parents or companions from a very young age.

About Cockatoo Health:

Cockatoo Health

Health is a very crucial matter for cockatoo. These birds are popularly known to have a very weak immune system and very prone to several health issues. This is why it is of utmost importance to provide these birds with proper care and nutrition so that they do not fall sick easily.

These birds can develop parasitic diseases and get infected very easily. After extensive research on the health of Cockatoos, it has been concluded that the basic underlying reason behind all the health issues these birds have to faceislackof nutrition, vitamins deficiency and other internal health concerns.

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Cockatoo Lifespan:

Like most parrots, fortunately the Cockatoos are also blessed with a good and long life span. On an average, the Cockatoos can live up anywhere from 50 to 70 years of age. This is in fact a very wholesome life span. However, it strongly depends on the type of care and nutrition they receive in form of diet throughout their life.

Feeding for Cockatoo:

Feeding for Cockatoo

For the cockatoos, the refined quality of bird feed is very important. They enjoy a wholesome and hearty diet that comprises of combination fruits, vegetables and also in take plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, fresh and clean water is a MUST for these birds on daily basis.

Nutrition is everything for a cockatoo because these are active and energetic birds that highly depend on the food they eat for energy to carry out all functions throughout the day and lifetime.

Hence, in addition to the basic veggies and fruits you will also find them enjoying protein every now and then too. Their protein diet is based on foods such as cheese, boiled eggs, meat bones and supplements of broccoli, lettuce and chickweeds, Berries and many more similar food items. 

Cockatoo with Children:

Cockatoo with Children

These birds have a very emotional, social and extremely loud nature. This is why you will find the cockatoos engaged in very friendly relationships with the children. Their playful nature also makes them bond well with small kids.

These birds are highly appreciative of all the children activities they get to play and enjoy. Cockatoos are known as being fun-loving parrot; this is why they are very popular and not harmful for the children.

Cockatoo Living with Other Birds:

Cockatoo Living with Other Birds

The one thing that is a highlight feature about the Cockatoo birds is that they are very sociable and outgoing birds. Hence, you will rarely find them living on their own, alone. These birds fear isolation and being alone. They are naturally accustomed to living with others and isolation scares them.

This is why they live in large groups with fellow birds and enjoy this style of living.These birds really enjoy the company of its other mates and form very strong and lasting bonds with them. Loud and bold, the Cockatoos are loyal friends.

They stay true to their close bonded friends throughout life. The best thing about the Cockatoos nature for shared habitation with other birds is that they learn from each other faster in comparison to living alone on their own.

Cockatoo Training:

Cockatoo Training

The Cockatoos are considered as one of the most preferred birds in the parrot world to be kept pets. As a kept they are endearing and favored because they learn quickly on their own.

These birds are very intelligent since birth. Hence, you will never need to put in any extra effort to train the Cockatoo parrots except the large sized ones.These are the birds that might get a little stubborn and difficult to teach.

It has a talkative nature. Hence, you do not need to make any extra or additional effort to polish their talking skills. Secondly, Cockatoos are very affectionate so they learn from their surrounding’s very quickly. Thus, it will require very less training in adjusting in new circle.

Cockatoo Talking Skills:

As far as the taking skills of Cockatoos are concerned, these birds are definitely the talkers! They can mimic human sounds and also can speak a few words and phrases and understand the languages they are being spoken to in. However, these are the basics of talking and communication that these birds can learn. These little fellows do not excel in language development and learning like other parrot species.

The ability of these parrots to mimic human sounds is downright amazing. They have the quality to mimic the natural sounds easily as barking dogs and human laughter. They can make contact with the body languages. They have a very unique babbling skill which makes them very famous among people.

Cockatoo Biting and Aggression:

Cockatoo’s are known as being the less aggressive parrot specie but there are times when this bird can lose its cool. This is when they show their aggressive sides to other on peak level. Hence, they become very noisy when they are in an aggressive mood.

They can restore their peace behavior with extra love and well-adjusted environment. These birds prefer to live in the open, close to nature. Thus, in state of aggression it is the openness that brings them solace and calm.

When we talk about the biting behavior of cockatoo,these birds have two developed and sharp spikes on their lower mandible. This helps them to hold their beak shape. This is very helpful to facilitate the biting behavior of these birds and of course, at times the biting can get worse and cause serious harm to other birds or humans.

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Best Cages For Cockatoos

Best Cages for Cockatoo

Cockatoos are large birds that need a lot of space to live in comfortably. This is why most of the cages of these birds are always large and spacious. Hence, you need to remember that size of the cage is always a very important factor to bring into consideration when choosing a cage for this bird. There are no other preferences of these birds. Hence, a reasonable sized cage is the only thing that is mandatory to be there.

Cage # 1 – Giantex Bird Cage:

Giantex Bird CageGiantex is a well-known bird cages and other equipment manufacturer and is renowned for creating the best quality bird products. This bird cage has been designed for larger birds like the Cockatoo, Finches and Macaws.

This cage comes with four separate swing casters that are equipped with in-built auto-lock doors for easily mobility. The inner tools such as the feeding cups and swings are also made of stainless steel material to ensure a long life and durability.

Cage # 2 – World Pride Wrought Iron Bird Cage:

World Pride Wrought Iron Bird CageThis cage is an ideal in-door home option for the Cockatoos as it comes with spacious dimensions of 18 by 18 in length and width and 61 inches in height. The cage also has 3/5 bar spacing to make the cage airy and spacious.

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