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3 Diseases From Parrots To Human – Is It True?

Are Parrots Dangerous

It sounds weird, but your parrot can be sick and you don’t even know about it. There is a common question asked by people who want to purchase parrots that can parrot diseases transmit into human beings.  Diseases that transfer from parrots to human beings are known as zoonotic diseases. And for your own health, it’s better that you have an understanding of how to prevent these diseases from transferring.

If you maintain hygiene you can easily prevent these diseases from transferring into humans. If you are conscious about washing your hands after you clean your bird or handle his toys or feeding bowl, then there are fewer chances for you to catch any disease from them. It’s pretty obvious that not all parrots carry such infections, but like it’s said “Better safe than sorry”.

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Who Is At Risk?

  • People who are very young or elderly can catch a disease from an infected parrot.
  • HIV-infected people are prone to catching diseases from infected people.
  • Organ transplant recipients.
  • People who are getting chemotherapy.

People who are at risk of catching diseases from parrots to humans should always speak with their doctors and veterinarian about how to protect themselves. Also read this article on signs that can tell you whether your parrot is sick or not.

Following are some common diseases which can be transferred from infected parrot into humans.


Are Parrots Dangerous

Chlamydiosis is also referred to as Psittacosis and is one of those diseases that can be easily transmitted from parrots to humans. When a person is infected with this disease, flu like symptoms occurs like chills, fever and headache. If the condition is not treated this disease can affect the liver and kidney causing a lot of danger.


Chlamydia is a disease that transfers in humans through the infectious particles present in the air from the parrot feces. This infection can be treated with antibiotics like doxycycline which is normally used in parrots as well as human. If you feel yourself or a family member having flu like symptoms and your parrot is also not well, then it’s best you pay a visit to the doctor.

Avian Tuberculosis:

Are Parrots Dangerous

Avian Tuberculosis is not often seen in parrots, but it is one of those diseases that can transmit in humans from parrots. It can cause respiratory infections, swelling of lymph nodes in humans and can also weaken the immune systems.

This disease is transmitted into a human through the air if they have an infected parrot in the house. Affected parrots show unclear symptoms like a loss in weight even though they have a good appetite.

Other symptoms include dull feather color, diarrhea, and unusual urine output. An experienced veterinarian can tell better whether your bird is infected with Avian Tuberculosis or not. If the doctor finds your bird infected with Mycobacteria then it will be best that you put the bird to sleep as it can be potentially dangerous to humans.

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