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Eastern Rosella Parrots

Rosella Parrot

Eastern Rosella is the popular specie of Parakeet. These are very attractive pet birds and are noticed shortly due to their striking appearance. They are extremely social and hand-tamed birds. These are cuddly birds and are very good pets. All types of parakeets are not good for apartments but this species is suitable for apartments. These are little noisy and require a lot of attention.

You will find Rosella talking rare. The majority of the parakeets talks too much. But these parrots do not talk or talking very less. The majority of the people likes them due to their beautiful appearance and other qualities. They are the smallest members of the parrot family. These are affectionate birds. They love their master for love and attention.

Characteristics of Eastern Rosella:

  • Size: Male 32cm, Female 30 cm
  • Weight: Male 120g and Female 100 g
  • Wing Span: 48 cm
  • Lifespan: 5-10 years
  • Physique: small and sleek body with beautiful long tail
  • Best Suited for: suitable for apartments and can be accommodated with children, perfect pet due to pleasant and friendly temperament
  • Temperament: chirping birds, quiet chattering, cheerful dispositions, talkative birds these are called whistlers and chatters.
  • Comparable Breeds: Lovebirds

History of Eastern Rosella:

Rosella Parrot


These are found in Australia and nearby islands. They dwell in parks, gardens, woodlands and open forest. They love to take flowering buds, fruits, herbs and grass seeds. Their natural habitat is New Zealand. These parrots are highly dynamic due to their affectionate nature.

In the wild they like to live in the trees and make the holes in the trunk of the tree. In Dunedin, the population of these parrots has remained low. Despite of this fact these are being trapped and sold for captivity.  They cannot survive in the climate that is different from their natural habitat.

Appearance of Eastern Rosella:

Rosella Parrot

These are dimorphic birds and can be recognized easily with their appearance. The chest and head of the females are less red as compared to males. She contains white strips under their wings. These are tremendously colorful and attractive. They are recognized on the basis of the width of the head and bill basis.

The head shape of males is larger, flatter and broader. Their appearance is brighter as compared to Females. Males have white cheeks and females have whitish grey. Their color mutation is diverse. These are admired due to their beautiful colors and attractive appearance.

Baby Eastern Rosella:

Rosella Parrot

They start breeding in spring season but in some areas they reproduce in summer. The total number of their eggs in their clutch is 2-9 eggs. They make their breed hollow in the wild in the depth of 1 meter and 30 meter high.

The obvious sign of their future breeding is that they feed each other. Male feeds Female during incubation. She incubates the eggs alone for 27 days. In the captivity they need heavy protein food and carbohydrates during reproduction.

About Eastern Rosella Health:

Rosella Parrot

In the wild these parrots take bath daily. It keeps them fresh and healthy. They love water and it is a good sign of their healthy lifestyle. You will also enjoy watching them taking bath. They play in water very much.

They spent much of their time on the ground for getting food. Due to this reason they may suffer from fungal, bacterial and viral infections. They have intestinal worms as well. They require a complete hygienic environment.

They need complete tidy and clean surroundings. It is vital to be careful while plucking their feathers. It can make them infectious. It can be harmful for their health. Some of the health disorders can ruin their health in many ways.

  1. Red or swollen eyes
  2. Weight loss
  3. Lethargy
  4. Anorexia
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Nasal and eye discharge
  8. Beak Swelling
  9. Feather Plucking
  10. Favoring one foot
  11. Coughing or wheezing

Eastern Rosella LifeSpan:

Rosella Parrot

These are very sensitive birds and like clean surroundings. They become sick if they are not provided tidy atmosphere. It is the main reason of their death. If they are fed healthy and good care than they survive more for the long time. Keep them in a fresh atmosphere.

Allow them to take bath daily. It is the sign of health. In the wild these birds are easy prey of snake and eagles. Their natural life span is 25 to 30 years. It is highly wonderful bird of good nature. It is a life time mate with good care.

Feeding for Eastern Rosella:

Rosella Parrot

If you want to win their love provide them good diet. They like fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. These items are their favorite. They can be learnt eating pelleted foods if they are introduced. You can include berries, nuts, tree buds and Eucalyptus tree buds. Provide them sprouted seeds, canary seeds and parrot mixture.

They like nectarine, cherry, peach, banana, pear and apple. In vegetable, their ideal is corn, capsicum, lettuce, spinach and carrots. They like peanuts, cashews and almonds. Give them soaked bread and egg food during reproduction. It is very important for their healthy lifestyle.

Eastern Rosella with Children:

These are aggressive birds sometimes so it is vital to keep them in your attention all the time. The temperament of the pet bird always depends on your attitude. You can win their love with great care and attention. Be careful when you leave your children with them. They do not bite but these are aggressive due to lack of attention.

Eastern Rosella with Animals:

Do not keep these parrots in the cage of the other birds. Do not allow them to live with other birds especially when they are not in good mood. They can harm other birds. They are playful and energetic.

They show tricks and acrobat in their good mood. They like to interact with others. It is vital to monitor them when these are out of cage. In this case it can produce problem for you.

How Talented Eastern Rosella are:

These are extremely talented. They are brilliant and extraordinary brainy. They can learn talking and speaking very easily. These are the birds that are highly smart and active. Males have melody in their whistle and females have shrieking call whistle. They can use variety of sounds to give call to other birds. They intimate sounds.

Rosella Parrot

Eastern Rosella Training:

These parrots are very easy to tame. They love interacting with you. During training they are happy and love to copy your words. They learn human vocabulary and use it according to the training. These parrots mimic the sounds and whistles. Due to this nature they can learn tricks and techniques in short time

Eastern Rosella Talking Skills:

They have talking and speaking skills. They enjoy whistling and chattering. In the morning they are at the peak of their pleasant moods. They love interaction. They like your attention. They copy words and sounds very easily. These are very wonderful pets.

Eastern Rosella Biting and Aggression:

They become jealous and aggressive due to the ignorance and lack of attention. It makes them bore and dull. Due to it they become sick. They attack others and bite in some cases. They are friendly and pleasant all the time. Their loving temperament depends on your attention.

Best Cages For Eastern Rosella:

1. Best Choice Product:

The use of excellent cage is feasible to get the high quality at affordable rates. These are highly beneficial in many ways and some benefits of right item for your birds. It is more efficient and inexpensive to provide a great flight in the cage. It is spacious and wide.

These are made up of sturdy material and are in great demand. Among the customers, this procedure is ideal for offering security from germs. It is completely comfortable due to the easy to adjust and set up. These are lightweight and very simple to use. The level of comfort will rise, if you use these purification systems. All the items are manufactured at finest level.

2. New Large Bird Cage with Play Top:

These can easily be installed in your home. Discounted deals are several that are introduced with online. It is the solid opportunity for saving money with it. Users can find a huge variety of selections for the clienteles to get the supreme discounts.These are one of the most important cages that contain high quality and functional.

Rosella Parrot

3. Pet Products Clean Life Playtop Bird Cage:

Rosella Parrot

These are efficient in many ways. It is designed to provide you complete hygienic surroundings in healthy environment. These are highly efficient and functional by fulfilling the needs of the modern users.These are made up of innovative technology. It is highly incredible due to the modern and unique configuration.

4. Sheer Guard Bird Cage:

Rosella Parrot

The quality of this cage is very important for the safety reasons. These products are made up of sturdy material that is solid for many reasons. It provides tidy surroundings for regular use.

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