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Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus parrots are one of the loveliest and most charming breed of parrots. The scientific name for these birds is Eclectus Roratus. These birds are popular for a number of things. For instance, Eclectus birds are most popular and admired for their brightly colored body.

Secondly, these birds are famous for having an extremely charming and lovable personality. Another reason why these birds are believed to be so unique in their individual form is because most of the Eclectus parrots are believed to be sexually dimorphic.

Characteristics of Eclectus Parrots:

  • Size: 15 to 17 inches (40 to 45 centimeters)
  • Weight: Average 425 grams
  • Wing Span:             2 to 2.5 feet
  • Lifespan:             30 years
  • Physique: Medium sized bird, short body with long tail. Orange or black beak with vibrant colored feathers 
  • Best Suited for:    Mostly noisy and natural habitats
  • Temperament:             Friendly, intelligent, noisy, talkative, compassionate
  • Comparable Breeds: None

History of Eclectus Parrots:

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus is the intelligent and sharp breed of parrots. These birds have a much laid back personality that is greatly adored. These birds are most commonly found in places like the Solomon Islands, Maluki islands, southern Indonesia and northern parts of Australia.

Eclectus Parrots Appearance:

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus parrots are not very large and not very small in size. In fact, it is more right to say that these birds are a little bigger than the average size. The average size for these birds is varying 15 to 17 inches with a wing span of around 2.5 feet. The typical appearance of these birds includes a short body with a very long tail that has some very contrasting bright colors in it.

These are the only parrots that have a different physical appearance for males and females. Though all birds have a few notable differences but the differences amongst these parrots are very striking and vivid.

The male birds come in a combination of green and blue color with a hint of red around the feathers of the tail. The females on the other hand are mostly orange or bright red in color with hints of blue here and there. The beak of females is orange while males mostly have dark colored beaks.

Baby Eclectus Parrots:

Eclectus Parrot

It will not be wrong to say that the baby Eclectus parrots are somewhat much similar to human babies. They go through various phases of development and behavioral changes. Hence, it is not possible to think of every baby Eclectus as being the same.

Just like no two human babies are the same! However since these birds are very responsive, calm and intelligent, therefore it is not wrong to have high expectations of them from an early age.

The baby Eclectus will be shy and insecure. It will not make a lot of noise and will definitely stay in its own little comfort zone; rarely coming out of it! However, you can win their trust as a baby and then expect it to learn and follow your orders in one go.

These parrots are intelligent and quick learners. As babies, they will be naughty and sociable. But they are not the trouble makers! Hence, you do not need to worry about them driving your insane as a little one!

About Eclectus Parrots Health:

Eclectus Parrot

On a general scale, the Eclectus parrots do have a very strong tendency to catch different illnesses. The reason is the weak genetics and even weaker immune system of these birds. There are many common health problems that are common for both the genders of these birds.

These health problems include Psittacosis, bacterial infections, beak malfunctions, toxicity, kidney problems and lipomas in elderly birds.Out of all the different breeds of parrots, these little birds have the most tendencies to overeat and gain weight.

In fact their overweight body can reach an alarming rate that is close to being overly obese. Hence, it is very crucial that these birds stay away from foods that will pack on the calories. Obesity can lead to several digestive, physical movements, reproductive and cardiovascular health problems for these birds.

Some common symptoms that these birds will most likely exhibit when they fall sick are ruffled feathers, lack of energy, no appetite, drooling eyelids, excessive saliva and dropping wings. The wings of all parrots are a great reflection of what the bird is internally feeling like.

Eclectus Parrots Lifespan:

Eclectus Parrot

The one thing that is the determinant of the lifespan of Eclectus parrots is the diet and nutritional nourishment that they receive. Eclectus parrots generally have a lifespan of around 30 years. In some rare cases, these birds can also live up to 35 or 40 years.

However the chances for the lifespan of Eclectus to extend 30 years are very low. Parrots is general a species of birds that is believed to have a good lifespan. In comparison to other breeds of parrots, Eclectus birds are considered to have a lesser lifespan.

Feeding for Eclectus Parrots:

Eclectus Parrot

These birds live in natural habitats and feed on anything that is easily available to them. However, for a good health it is advised that these birds should be fed high protein nuts and green leafy veggies. These birds are also a huge lover of fruits. They love practically every fruit that exists but particularly enjoy sweet little berries the most!

Eclectus Parrots with Children:

Eclectus Parrot

The thing about Eclectus parrots is that these birds are very intelligent and lovable. Their modest and considerate personality makes them a favorite for most of the human adults. However, these birds are also greatly loved by human children and get along very well with them as well.

These birds love activity and are not much attention seeking. Hence, these birds will enjoy play time and games with their children companions without being overly fussy.The thing about these parrots is that they are very sociable and entertaining. Hence, you will get to see most of these birds getting along very well with children since both bonds very well.

These birds also have a tendency of forming long lasting friendships with their human friends and therefore are loyal partners of children throughout their childhood. These birds are very calm and non-aggressive; especially the male Eclectus parrots. Hence, it is also considered very safe to allow these birds to stay with children alone because of their non-harmful and non-violent behaviors.

Eclectus Parrots Living With other Birds:

Eclectus Parrot

Mostly these birds live in small flock of birds. However, living in smaller flocks does not mean they are not kind or do not get along with other birds. In fact, this breed of parrots is believed to be the most loving and humble one. They live in smaller flocks because of their shy and reserved behavior.

They live quite happily with other birds and are rarely the cause of any trouble in the pack. These birds are not very attention seeking as well. Thus they get along very well with other birds because they allow them to be the focus of all attention without any problem.

Eclectus Parrots Training:

Eclectus parrots are not very open, bold or confident at first. In fact as soon as you bring a brand new Eclectus birdie into your home, you will notice that these birds are very reserved and shy. It takes a lot of time for these birds to adjust to new settings and adapt environmental changes.

Before you bring this bird into your home, you need to be sure that you have prior knowledge about it. This will actually help you a lot to deal with it in the long run.The first thing you will need to do with you bird is provide it enough space and time to settle into the new surroundings.

Even if we talk about the minimum time, an Eclectus bird will take around 6 to 8 days to open up and become comfortable in new surroundings. Only this is when you can actually start training the bird and conditions its behavior.

Begin by training the parrot to develop an affiliation with the sound of your voice and the scent of your body. This is very important to ensure that your bird recognizes and accepts you as its owner.

This also will help to develop a sense of affection between you and your bird. This also helps the parrot to trust you and develop a stronger bond with you. Recognizing you will help your bird trust what you teach it next.

The next training, of course, should be about its talking and eating skills. The eating habits of this bird can easily be spoilt since it is a big foodie and loves to indulge in high calorie foods. Hence, you will need to train it to eat only when hungry and eat only in its cage, out of its own food plate. This behavior will prevent it from over eating.

As far as the talking skills of these birds are concerned, they possess a natural instinct about these. Hence, you don’t need to train them a lot for this. However, remember that training any breed of parrot including Eclectus can be a very patience testing and frustrating task.

However, make sure that you give your bird the time it deserves to tame down. This will help with the bond you share with your pet bird in the long run.

Eclectus Parrots Talking Skills:

As far as the talking skills of Ecelctus parrots are concerned, these birds are very active and loud talkers. This of course is a little contrasting to their personality which is generally very calm and non-attention seeking. However, these birds are very lively and happy going. Therefore they do not resist conversations and talking with anyone who is around them.

These birds have very polished talking skills. In fact the words that they learn and speak are quite audible and clear in sound. In addition to being very interactive these birds are known for mimicking the sounds that they hear around them. Mostly parrots are known for imitating the words that are spoken by others.

However, the Eclectus birds are known for mimicking the sounds that are produced around them as well. For instance as a pet parrot, your bird may mimic the sound of the doorbell or the over bell. It can even start loudly start to copy various mobile ringtones!

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Eclectus Parrots Biting and Aggression:

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus are the gentle, kind and lovable birds. They love to share a happy bond with everyone around them. Hence they do not show aggressive behavior at all.

The males are believed to be tamer and kinder than the female Eclectus. Hence, it can expected that the Eclectus parrots females do demonstrate a little biting behavior if frustrated or very angry. However, this is rarely the case. Generally these birds are very kind and loving.

Best Cages for Eclectus Parrots:

The Eclectus birds are very reserved and shy in nature. Hence they enjoy being in their own space mostly. It is therefore much important for these birds to have a good home to live in. This is why there are a variety of different cages that are available these days for these beautiful little birds to build their home in.

As pretty and picture perfect as these birds are, they can also be cranky at times. As big foodies they also gain weight at a very fast speed. Hence, these birds strongly need cages that are large and spacious in order for these birds to move around and exercise a little.

1. Lincoln Parrot Cage:

This cage is mostly used as a home for birds like Eclectus parrots. With wrought iron rods of the cage, the base of this cage is made of plastic. It is suitable for mostly large sized birds like the Eclectus.

Eclectus Parrot

2. Kings Cages European Style 406 Cage:

Eclectus Parrot

This cage is suitable for practically all breeds of parrots including the Eclectus because of its modern design and comfortable large space. The cage has a large door for the easy crossing of the birds.

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