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Finch Birds

Finch Personality

Finch birds are sub-categorized into several breeds like the Gouldian, Zebra, Society and American Golden finches etc. There are many characteristics and features of the finch birds that are common while many others are diverse. In this article, we explore the finch birds and bring a comprehensive review for the readers to enjoy!

Characteristics of Finch:

  • Size: 6 to 10 inches
  • Weight: 12 to 30 grams
  • Wing Span: varying
  • Lifespan: 9 to 12 years
  • Physique: Small body structure, mostly with elongated tails, long wings covering body
  • Best Suited for: varying environments
  • Temperament: Interactive, playful, active, talkative, social, outgoing and many other traits 
  • Comparable Breeds: None

History of Finch:

Finch Personality

Finches are small little birds that belong to the family ‘Fringillidae’. These birds are sub-categorized into different breeds while the most popular breeds of finches are Gouldian, Society and Zebra. These birds originate from different regions of the world; North America, Africa and rain forests of Arizona. These birds have the most enticing and attractive colorful bodies.

Finch Appearance:

Finch Personality

Finches are popularly known for being tiny sized birds. These birds are extremely small in size and usually have elongated tails and lengthy wings covering their entire body. However, another popular feature of finches that they are known for is their colorful body feathers.

All finches are different and distinct because they have bright and attractive body feathers. Mostly the body is a mild or bright green in color but in some cases it can be a different color as well such as the Yellow finch which is bright yellow and mustard in color. These birds have beaks that are designed to cut and feed on seeds easily.

Baby Finch:

Finch Personality

Finches are good natured and happy birds right from the day they are born. Some finches develop a strong dependency on their caretakers, parents, siblings or fellow birds in the flocks. They need someone else to provide them with nutrition and care.

If you bring a baby finch into your home, you are signing up for a very hectic task. You will need to cater to the birds needs constantly throughout the day and night. As a baby, the bird will be unable to fly, eat or even bathe on its own. You will be responsible for everything and must be prepared to clean the cages multiple times in a day. These birds are very active and create a lot of mess in their space.

About Finch Health:

Finch Personality

Health is a serious concern for al finches. They always need to stay on a good, wholesome and rich diet that fulfills the need of their body for nourishment and nutrients. Adequate diet leads to many heath problems for the finches.

Another thing that is common observed in finches is dehydration. These birds are very active and always on the move. This makes them very thirty and lack of drinking water can make them dehydrated.

Finch Lifespan:

Finch Personality

Finches do not have very long lifespan unlike other parrots. Amongst all birds, parrots are known for having a very long life and can live up to being 70 or even 80 years of age. This is not the case for finches however, since these birds have a lifespan of maximum 12 or 13 years. This is the maximum they can live even on a very healthy and wholesome diet.

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Feeding For Finch:

Finch Personality

Finches are birds that have very specified diet preferences. These birds enjoy feedings on seeds the most as they get maximum nutrition from seeds. There are is a large variety of seeds that these birds can feed on – sunflower, dandelion and canola are to name a few!

A few finches also enjoy feeding on bones like cuttle bones and fresh green vegetables and fruits. However, there are some finches that strictly stay away from protein and are purely vegetarian like the American Golden finch.

Finch With Children:

Finches are great pets only if they are properly trained. Certain types of finches are better pets in comparison to others. Most of them form loyal, strong and friendly bonds with fellow human mates. 

Finches get along well with children because of their playful nature. However, it is never advised to leave these birds alone in company of young children because of their aggressive nature. They can attack little children and bite them very badly, leaving them severely injured.

Finch Living With Other Birds:

Finch Personality

Finches are usually great when they live in large flocks. In fact most of the finches are adapted to live in large flocks with fellow birds since a young age. Dominant personality traits for these birds are their extrovert and outgoing nature.

These birds are social and enjoy the attention they get from their fellow birds. Finches have a tendency of forming long-lasting and loyal relationships. They bond with certain birds very well and end up being very protective about their loved ones.

Finch Training:

Training finch parrots is a very interesting task. there are unlimited things that one can train these birds. Since these birds make great pets, they are one of the most commonly trained birds.

The first thing that finches can be trained for is speech. Some birds are more than willing to talk and communicate with their owners. They can learn new words by hearing them repeatedly being spoken.

These birds also need to be trained to not bite. As aggression is a dominant trait of the finches, it is much important that these birds learn not to bite and control their anger.

Finch Talking  Skills:

Almost all finches have the ability to talk and communicate with fellow human beings. However, these are not the types of birds you should believe to be overly loud or interactive. Although these birds are very social and outgoing, mostly extrovert as well, but that does not guarantee that these birds will talk as well.

These birds are not much of talkers. Despite possessing the skill of talking and even singing, you will not find these birds making a lot of noise in your homes. If you wish to have a bird that is loud, interactive and makes a lot of noise inside the home; you should prefer getting a parakeet instead of a Finch.

Finch Biting and Aggression:

Finch Personality

Aggression is a varying personality trait of the finches. There are a few finches that are outwardly aggressive while other finches are very cool-minded. It is highly dependent on the situation and environment that these birds live in that determines how aggressive they can be or not

Biting is the most common way of expressing dislike, discomfort and anger for finches Almost every sub-breed of finches develop a habit of biting naturally However, with proper training these birds can learn to control their aggressive behavior and anger impulses They can also be trained not to bite

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Best Cages For Finch:

Finches are one of the most active, energetic and playful parrots in the world. They are very small in size which makes people wonder that they can fit well into a small sized cage easily. This is not true since these birds always need large and spacious cages to live in happily

This is why we have shortlisted the best cages that perfectly suit to the behavior, needs and temperament of finches. All the cages are reviewed briefly below.

Cage # 1 – Homey Pet 65 Inches Bird Cage:

Large and spacious, the Homey Pet cage measures around 65 inches in height. This provides enough room for the birds to move around and easily stay active all day without the need of going in and out of their cage. Secondly, the cage rods are epoxy coated and dusted to be anti-rotting. The base metal trays are detachable. This is handy for easy cleaning.

Finch Personality

Cage # 2 – Pawhut 54 Inches Bird Hut Flight Cage:

Finch Personality

The highlight of this cage is the installed easy roller coasters inside the cage. The 54 inches bird cage is designed to provide maximum space to the birds. The bar spacing is at a modest 1.5 inches which is great for regulation of air in and out of the cage. This cage is suitable for all breeds of finches. The cage also comes with multiple feeding cups and a water tray as well.

Cage # 3 – Midwest Homes Ferret Nation Ferret Cage:

The Midwest’s homes ferret cage is multidimensional and has multiple ranks. This cage is not only suitable for the finches but practically every type of bird can live happily in it. The cage also has auto-locking 4 wheel metal casters.

Finch Personality

Cage # 4 – Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage:

Finch Personality

Made of durable and long-lasting wrought iron with epoxy coated bars, the Yahee tech Pet bird cage is one great choice for the finches. It is large, spacious and provides enough comfort for the birds to enjoy in. The bottom tray is not only removable but comes with a bottom drawer as well to provide additional space for the diet, toys and other tools of the birds.

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