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Goffin Cockatoo

Goffin Cockatoo


Goffin cockatoos are parrots species that are much favored and adored by the people! Their species are famous for frequently being kept as pet birds. This is why they are also popularly known as being family birds! They are the smaller fellows amongst other cockatoo species but this also makes them unique because of their intimating personality characteristics.

They are very intelligent, loving, and active birds. Goffin cockatoos are dream birds as their beauty appeals greatly to your eyes. This article will be very beneficial and informative for all those who interested to find out more about this little bird.

Characteristics of Goffin Cockatoo:

• Size: 9 to 12 inches
• Weight: 200 to 400 grams
• Wing Span: Unknown
• Lifespan: 35 to 40 years
• Physique: Large bird with a long tail and crown-like crest on top of the head; white in color with highlights of pink color
• Best Suited for Tropical and temperate forests
• Temperament: Highly social, outgoing, active, playful
• Comparable Breeds: Cockatoo

History of Goffin Cockatoo:

Goffin Cockatoo


Goffin cockatoo is known as the smallest species of cockatoos. It originates from the Tanimbar Islands and surrounding areas. They are most commonly found in the tropical forests of South-Eastern Moluccan islands or on the extremity of these forests. As is obvious by the history of this little bird, it has a special preference and liking for temperate and tropical regions. This is mostly where this sub-breed of Cockatoos will belong to and prefer to live when living in natural habitats.

Goffin Cockatoo Appearance:

Goffin Cockatoo


As far as we are concerned about the general appearance of Goffin cockatoo, they are known to have very small and unique features. It is normally found in white and has beautiful eyes with salmon-pink streaks in front of the eyes and around the breast.

On the lower side, the color of the feather and tail are light yellow. Just like all other species of cockatoos, this breed of parrots also has a very chubby and short crest that forms on top of their head. As far as more details about the crest on the head are concerned, this is a highlight feature because it appears to be a crown on top of the head.

This gives a look of rather royalty and luxury to this bird and sets it apart from all other fellow birds. It has the unique quality that their dumpy crest will stand up when they are in a frightened or excited phase during playtime or any other similar circumstances.

Baby Goffin Cockatoo:

Goffin Cockatoo


Baby Goffin cockatoos are high in demand as they look very pretty as infants. But at the same time, a baby cockatoo is very vulnerable and demands extra care. This does make it a little difficult to handle as a baby bird and therefore, it is not advisable to get a baby Goffin cockatoo as a pet before they fully enter adulthood.

However, on the upside, these little baby birds are very intelligent and active. They have a very curious and enthusiastic nature and this makes them get along well with fellow birds from a young age. These are the birds who love to dance, play and cuddle with humans from a young age. However, their human companions might be a little reluctant to keep them as a pet at this tender age because of their excessive attention-seeking attitude.

About Goffin Cockatoo Health:

Goffin Cockatoo


Health is always a matter of serious concern for all living things. To enjoy a good life, birds also need to enjoy good health throughout their lifetime as well. This is why their health is a matter of serious interest for everyone who admires them and wants to bring them home as a pet.

There are several health issues that the Goffin cockatoos will have to deal with from a young age. It is mostly in regard to their internal health issues as they have a very weak immune system. They can also get obese very fast if the daily diet they intake only comprises oily and fatty food ingredients.

Health matters are very sensitive to a Goffin cockatoo as they have been vulnerable ever since they are an infant. They are more demanding when suffering from any health issue as compared to the other cockatoos. These birds are also prone to developing feather and liver diseases in the long run, subject to a lack of proper care and nutrition.

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Goffin Cockatoo Lifespan:

Goffin Cockatoo


These birds are very small in size but one should not be fooled by their small size. They need a healthy diet for a longer life span. They have an average life span of up to 40 years, given that they are provided with proper diet and nutrition.

Feeding for Goffin Cockatoo:

Goffin Cockatoo


As far as feeding is concerned, Goffin cockatoos need a wholesome diet comprising of vegetables, small portions of fruits, berries, legumes, and nuts. Hence, fruits and veggies fulfill their vitamins and fibers deficiency. However, this is not necessary to cook or treat the fruits as they love to eat fresh but veggies should be cooked as they have a very sensitive digestive system.  Find out the best Foods that Goffin Cockatoo Love to eat

Goffin Cockatoo with Children:

Goffin Cockatoo


As these are known as the family bird, it is the best option for children and families to keep a pet. Goffin cockatoos take no time to make a friendly relationship with children as they like to play. They love to embrace the company of their human companions, particularly children.

However, it is always strongly recommended that a child should never be allowed to stay in the company of a pet; no matter how tame or wild the pet is. Therefore, always monitor the time your child spends in the company of these fellows.

Goffin Cockatoo Living with Other Birds:

Goffin Cockatoo


The curious and playful nature makes them very happy with other birds. They love to dance and engage in different activities with their fellow birds. These birds are usually found in small flocks and prefer to live in their flocks for several years. You will mostly find these fellows living in their flocks with a fellow companion until they fully enter adulthood and feel ready to be on their own alone.

As it is a very affectionate and loving bird, they make a strong bond with their mates and love to cuddle with them. However, building a good relationship with other fellows is a long process and requires a lot of time and effort.

Goffin Cockatoo Training:

Goffin cockatoos are popularly known as energetic parrots. So, training is very important for them. Proper training makes them stronger physically and also grooms their exceptional minds. This is why you will find these birds to be very entertaining because they are masters of the little tricks.

Hence, proper training also helps them in developing a lasting bond with their masters. The bond these birds built with others; fellow birds or fellow humans depend on the time they are spending with others. As training sessions make them spend a lot of time in the company of their master, this makes them establish a long-lasting bond with them too!

They require certain handling in order to flourish when confined. Training is generally based on toys like tree branches, softwood toys, braided or knotted toys. Rope toys are good for chewing and stabilize their digestive system.

Goffin Cockatoo Talking Skills:

Parrots are famous for talking and enjoying verbal communication. Goffin is one of the better talkers amongst all the cockatoos. They love music and sing songs in their own tone.

They are very close to nature this is why they can easily copy the natural sounds when we compare them with the artificial ones. You will find this bird humming most of the time because it loves to sing and is blessed with a naturally melodious voice as well.

Goffin Cockatoo Biting and Aggression:

Goffin Cockatoo

Alas! Goffin’s cockatoo does have aggression issues. The things they are aggressive about are surprising. You will find these birds being aggressive about the environment they live in. Freedom and proximity to nature is a very important thing for these birds.

Lack of freedom or a sense of their freedom being lost can aggravate them and make these birds angry. They need big cages to adjust to a new environment. Biting themselves is very common when they are in a bad mood. They often pluck their feathers while biting in a frightened or insecure environment.

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2 Best Goffin Cockatoo Lifespan Cages – Buying Guide:

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These birds need large cages and maximum space to live in because they are adapted to live in open spaces. Hence, all cages that should be chosen for these birds should be done by keeping this in mind.

Cage # 1 – GUTINNEEN Outdoor Bird Aviary Wooden Large Bird Cage for Cockatoos:

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The cage is large in size and comes with dimensions of 36 by 25 by 65 inches. The wrought iron bars are dusted with a non-toxic coating for longer durability and protection. The cage comes with in-built feeding cups, drinking cups as well as an in-built swing.

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Cage # 2 – VIVOHOME 30 Inch Height Wrought Iron Bird Cage:

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This cage is made with a combination of long-lasting and reliable high-quality iron and PP wires. It has a unique feature of the 6 PP fixations that makes the movement of this cage from one place to another easier.

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