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Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

The Green Cheek Conure is the popular specie of Conure breed. It is extremely intelligent and social birds. They are called big personality birds. They are affectionate and talkative. They are acrobat abd able to perform tricks. These are tremendous pets because of their cuddly nature.

They enjoy long periods of snuggling. These are mischievous birds that perform many tricks with others. They are naughty and lively. It has tiny voice and cannot whistle exactly. It is a noisy bird that needs attention and care.

With good care and love you can win the love of the parrot. These are not loud and do not give loud calls to other birds. They will not disturb your neighbors. They will follow your instructions. They are sweet and calm in nature. It makes them marvelous pet.

Characteristics of Green Cheek Conure:

  • Size: 12 inches, 30 cm
  • Weight: 60 to 80 grams
  • Wing Span: 6 to 7 inches
  • Lifespan: 25 years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Cockatiel

History of Green Cheek Conure:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

The green cheek Conure parrots are considered small parrots. Their genus is Pyrrhura. It is a group of long-tailed birds. Their subfamily is Arinae. Their natural habitat is South America. They are found with their flock where there is good amount of food.

They dwell in Western Paraguay, Argentina, eastern Bolivia, Northern Bolivia, Brazil, Southern and west-central MatoGrosso. They exist naturally in woodland and forests. At treetop level, individually form the flocks of ten to twenty parrots. It is famous as a wonderful pet for families.

Appearance of Green Cheek Conure:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

These parrots are very common in aviculture. They have black beaks that start from the head. They have wide white eye ring, dark brown eyes with blackish or dark grey head. Their cheeks are green and ear coverts are greyish.  They have greenish blue shades above the eyes.

They have cobalt blue color in flight feathers and blue color can be seen under their tail. Their entirely maroon belly makes them highly adorable. They have dark nails with pinkish feet. The Bolivia length is ten inches. These are attractive due to their colorful appearance.

Baby Green Cheek Conure:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

They become mature sexually before the age of a year. Do not let them breed younger than a year. The size of their clutch is 4 to 6 eggs. Female incubates the eggs for 25 days. These are monomorphic birds and cannot be recognized female and male with appearance.

In the summer season, when the day is longer they have desire to mate with their partner. It is the perfect time for laying eggs for female. In the spring season they have desire of reproduction. They show signs for mating. They need good and healthy diet during mating season.

About Green Cheek Conure Health:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

The Green Cheek Conureis the parrot that may have some health issues. It is very important to get rid of these problems with good care and healthy activities. A healthy bird is always alert to its surrounding. It shows concern to the environment.

These birds have issues of beak, viral, fungal and bacterial infections. They may suffer from the respiratory disorders. They do not like to talk during sickness. Some other disorders that these birds may suffer are given below.

  1. Intestinal ailment
  2. Respiratory diseases
  3. Parrot fever
  4. Psittacosis
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Feather plucking
  8. Weight loss
  9. Anorexia
  10. Cough and wheezing
  11. Beak Swelling
  12. Lethargy
  13. Red or swollen eyes
  14. Favoring one foot
  15. Nasal or eye Discharge.

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Lifespan of Green Cheek Conure:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

With the natural life span of 25 years these are good mates for long time. They die earlier due to unhealthy circumstances. They need clean and tidy surroundings with good care. They get bore and sick with the lack of attention.

Healthy diet keeps them strong and healthy. It enhances their energy and immunity of the body. In the wild they become prey of other wild animals like snake and eagles.

Feeding for Green Cheek Conure:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

They need good diet that depends on fresh vegetable, fruit, seeds, nuts and other food items. Allow them to eat cereal, grain, pellet and other formula diet in your captivity. It makes them healthy and active. These parrots need your care and it is good to take their diet from the reputed brand.

These foods are designed in the way that is safe and secure for your pet. It makes them healthy and secure from diseases and infections. Provide them fresh water after the intervals of three hours. Provide them good diet during reproduction.

Green Cheek Conure with Children:

These are sweet and calm in nature. These birds are very easy to handle. They do not bite and aggressive. With your children they will enjoy much. Let your kids spend time with these birds because they like attention.

With great care and love you can win their affection. These are playful and love to play tricks. They love to lie on their back and show tricks. They can engage your child in different tricks. Keeping this bird in your captivity is a good choice.

Green Cheek Conure with Animals:

These are social and affectionate birds. They like to attract other birds. These are moderate in nature. These are not as noisier. Due to this nature they can be accommodated with other birds. Do not keep them in a same cage. It will disturb them. They can harm other if they get irritated, the ignorance makes them aggressive. They attract other birds and animals with their tricks and playful nature. They spend much of their time laying on their back.

How Talented Green Cheek Conure is:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

It is highly a talented bird that is intelligent and active. It is very easy to tame and very simple to train. Your pets will love you for your good care, whenever they face dangers then they try to fly, they have the flight tendency even you are having it as a pet. They play tricks for you.

They know how to please their owner. They show their love with you by playing tricks. These are energetic birds and can live in a good care. Rewards and good diet please them and they learn everything very easily. They have good potential and energy.

Green Cheek Conure Training:

They love to learn. These are very easy to train. The only rule to train these parrots is the care and love. They cannot improve their human vocabulary. They are not much talkative. They cannot whistle properly and do not give loud calls to other animals.

These are dynamic in many ways. These are energetic birds and love to perform tricks for you. The do not intimate sounds and do not talk too much. These are not noisy birds. They are not loud. They will follow your instruction in a good way. Like an obedient pet they learn tricks and abide by you.

Green Cheek Conure Talking Skills:

They have very less talking skills. They cannot improve their human vocabulary and do not copy the sounds. These are not vocalist. They are not popular for their talking skills. They are good learner. These are comical and good entertainer.

Green Cheek Conure Biting and Aggression:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

These birds are full of energy. Due to their playful nature they attract others very easily. They become unfriend very quickly. They do not like ignorance and it makes them aggressive. They can attack in some cases. Most of the time, they are pleasant and friendly. It is important to monitor them.

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Best Cages For Green Cheek Conure Parrots:

1. A & E Cage:

It offers an exclusive entertainment full of amusement. For raising the class and style always use the item that enhances the comfort. It is wide and spacious and fulfills the need of the bird’s movement. It needs to select a reliable and exclusive quality for long-term use.

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

2. Parrot Cage, Chrome Cage:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

It is highly supportive for many reasons. The use of this cage is highly useful for offering support and style. This material is highly safe. The brand produces addictive habit of convenience and comfort. These are highly safe and secure in use because of the easy set up.

3. Large and Double Cage:

It is the prime factor of taking this cage is to avail comfort. It is highly supportive for the users and the pets. It offers convenience during sitting and supports the sitting posture to your birds. It will help you to be stress free.

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

4. Large Steel Cage:

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

It secures your birds by connecting them with you. It offers enough space to move them easily. These things will never let you feel tiring. It is highly durable and a comfortable residence for your parrots.

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