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Hawk Headed Parrots

Hawk Headed Parrot

Parrots are undoubtedly a very popular species of birds all around the world. However, there are certain breeds of parrots that are noticeably more popular than the others. The hawk headed parrots are one of them! The biggest reason why these birds are so popular is mainly because they possess a unique characteristic like no other bird.

These beauties can actually raise their neck and head feathers and make these feathers stand on top of the head. This makes them look like they are wearing a crown. It also makes them look very scary which is why they are known as ‘hawks’. In this article, we will be exploring the nature and nurture of the spectacular hawk headed parrots.

Characteristics of Hawk Headed Parrots:

  • Size:                          13 or 14 inches (approximately 35 centimeters)
  • Weight:                    190 to 300 grams
  • Wing Span:            unknown
  • Lifespan:                40 to 50 years
  • Physique: Red and blue barred breast, black patch around eyes, brown face,  stark green wings, beautiful feather head crown
  • Best Suited for: Most best suited for tropical regions
  • Temperament:             Social but have a moody and nasty temperament, loyal, affectionate, outgoing and playful
  • Comparable Breeds: None

History of Hawk Headed Parrots:

Hawk headed parrots is a very popular breed of parrots. It originates from the South American region from countries like Guyana, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. There are two sub-categories of the Hawk headed parrots and both come from the native rainforests of the Southern parts of America.


Although these birds prefer to live in open and warm climates, they also prove to be good pets if they are given good training. There are very popular and distinctive traits of the hawk headed parrots that are further discussed in this article below.

Hawk Headed Parrot

Hawk Headed Parrots Appearance:

Hawk Headed Parrot

The Hawk headed parrots are also popularly known as the red fan parrots. As far as the appearance of these birds is concerned, the hawk headed birds are the most unusual and unique looking bird there is. These birds have the ability to raise their feathers so high up around their heads and shoulders that it begins to look like a high cape.

Like all other birds, the hawk headed parrots are also green in color. But the body of these parrots is bright green in color with a mix of seaweed green color around the edges of the shoulders. However, these birds have a brilliant combination of red and blue color on other parts of the body. Physically, these birds are very strong and have a powerful built.

Baby Hawk Headed Parrots:

As a baby the hawk headed parrots are very intelligent and smart from a young age. They are quick learners and also have the ability to talk a lot from a young age. These birds have a good diet from a young age. These birds are very insecure, aggressive and moody even as babies. In fact, these birds tend to be more moody as a baby than they are as an adult.

Hawk Headed Parrot

About Hawk Headed Parrots Health:

Hawk Headed Parrot

The biggest health problem that these hawk headed parrots face is the well-being of their body feathers. The feathers of these birds need to be taken care of. These birds themselves prefer to regularly wash and keep clean physically. The health of the hawk headed parrots can deteriorate very rapidly if they do not have a good diet.

Hawk Headed Parrots Lifespan:

These birds are very large in size. Hence, they certainly will need a good diet to stay in good health. On a healthy diet, hawk headed parrots can live up to the age of 50 years which is considerably a lot for parrots.

Hawk Headed Parrot

Feeding For Hawk Headed Parrots:

Hawk Headed Parrot

Hawk headed parrots enjoy a very healthy and wholesome diet. These birds are very large in size and therefore, have a big appetite as well. Feeding the hawk headed parrots is about choosing the most wholesome and energy giving food items. You can feed these parrots seeds and nuts. However, these birds also enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are the number one choice of hawk headed parrots.

Hawk Headed Parrots with Children:

Hawk headed parrots are great pets and this is why these birds get along very well with little children as well. These birds are active and social and enjoying playing with their companions as well. The outgoing nature of these birds makes them a very good pet for humans.

These birds are however known for being a little moody. Secondly, these birds are very large in size. Both these factors make it very important that the presence of these birds around children is guarded.

Hawk Headed Parrots Living with other Birds:

The outgoing and social natural of hawk headed parrots makes it very important for these birds to live with other birds. They enjoy the company of other birds and prefer staying with them in large flocks. Hawk headed parrots however like to be the boss in the group. Hence, they do live in big groups with other birds but can get aggressive every once in a while.

Hawk Headed Parrots Training:

It is though a little hard to imagine these birds as pets. However, it is not impossible for the hawk headed parrots to be good pets. The only thing they require to have is a good owner. A person who has experience in dealing with birds will be able to provide good training to these birds.

However, since the hawk headed parrot is a very intelligent bird it is definitely going to learn well from you. The only one thing that needs to be made sure about the hawk headed parrot while training it is to be consistent. You need to teach it constantly without bringing in any gaps.

You cannot expect your bird to remember the little things you want it to learn if you only teach once a week. Despite the fact that this is a very intelligent and smart bird, you need to make sure that it is taught well and in consistency. As far as the training is concerned, it is absolutely possible and not difficult at all to train the hawk headed parrots.

There are few basic teaching tactics that should be followed as far as teaching this bird is concerned. Teaching the hawk headed parrot can be categorized into two categories; teaching them to adapt a behavior and teaching them to let go of a behavior.

You can teach these birds to adapt a few desirable behaviors such as speaking some words or being kind to strangers. Other behaviors that are not encouraged can be discouraged by giving these parrots little punishments.

Hawk Headed Parrots Talking  Skills:

Hawk Headed Parrot

These birds have amazing talking skills. It is mostly expected from the look of these birds that they will be good talkers; since they are so huge in size. With excellent talking skills, they do match up to the expectations of people. These birds are great talkers. In fact, they have a natural instinct of learning to speak very clearly.

They do not even have to be taught how to speak a lot since they have a natural ability of learning from the environment they live in. However, with a little bit of training, these birds can start talking very clearly and learn a lot of vocabulary as well.

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Hawk Headed Parrots Biting and Aggression:

Hawk Headed Parrot

On a whole these birds are very friendly, social and outgoing. However, these birds have a tendency of having frequent mood swings. This also can make them aggressive every once in a while. Aggression can lead these birds to engage in biting behavior. However, the biting of these birds can be stopped if you punish them as soon they bite on the first hand.

Best Cages For Hawk Headed Parrots:

Owing to the huge size of these birds, Hawk headed parrots deserve to have cages that are large and spacious. These birds need enough space to move around. Small cages make living difficult for these birds as they will find it difficult to even carry out normal everyday tasks in small cages.

The following is the review of the best and top-rated cages that are available for hawk headed parrots in the market these days. As these birds can be trained to be good pets, it is also important for the owners to make choice of cage rightfully for these birds.

1. Pet Cage Mart Bird Parrot Cage:

This cage is very large and well-spaced, owing to its modest dimensions of 20 inches by 20 inches by 60 inches. The cage comes with a detachable rooftop as well. This gives you a chance to remove the roof at times easily. The door of the cage is made with a non-toxic powder coated finished loo

Hawk Headed Parrot

2. Giantex Bird Cage Metal Wheel House:

Hawk Headed Parrot

Made up of wrought iron, the Giantex bird cage is a good cage option for Hawk headed parrots for two reasons. The first reason is the height of this cage. This cage goes up to being 60 inches in height which is seriously more than enough for these birds. Secondly, the cage comes with wheels attached which make it easier to move the cage in and out.

3. McCage Wrought Iron Bird Cage:

Hawk Headed Parrot

With wide dimensions and solid built, the McCage wrought iron bird cage is a great option for the hawk headed parrots for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is the fact that this cage has two inbuilt perches. This offers these birds a chance to commute freely.

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