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How To Fix Parrot Broken Wing?

6 Best Steps to fix parrot broken wings

Parrot bones are exceptionally delicate, causing broken wings typical damage. A broken wing keeps the parrot from flying. On the off chance that you see a fully-developed parrot faltering along the ground holding one of its wings lower than the alternative, odds are great that the wing is broken.

Littler parrots, for example, lovebirds, are anything but difficult to catch and treat all alone. Flight plumes on the wingtips of a parrot’s broken wing frequently break or are harmed when your parrot flies into things while free in the house, or he’s startled while in his enclosure.

Blood plumes on wings are adolescent quills that drain when broken and can bring about an alarm to a proprietor. Most blood quills are quite draining inside minutes. Notwithstanding, you ought to stop the bloodstream, settle the wing and take your parrot to your veterinarian for treatment.

Step 1: Place Your Parrot in Cage


Place your parrot in his cage. Utilize a net to catch the parrot, in case it tries to flee. Take the winged creature to an encased and calm region. Make sure to check the broken wing for any conspicuous indications of damage.

Wash any injuries you find with water and hostile to bacterial cleanser. Spot some cornstarch or heating pop on the injury to control the dying. On the off chance that the injury seems contaminated, take the fowl to an aviary veterinarian.

Step 2: Hold Your Parrot Gently


Now it’s time to hold your parrot in one hand and pour some hydrogen peroxide on a draining blood quill to sanitize it. Remember, talk to your parrot in a peaceful and inactive voice to keep him quiet.

Step 3: Time To Clean The Wound


Dip the styptic pencil tip into the water and touch it delicately to a draining plume. This will help the blood to clump in the event that it has been draining for over a moment, giving you time to transport your sidekick to your veterinarian.

Step 4: Dressing Time, Act Like A Doctor


The veterinarian doctor is making a check-up of a parrot. Veterinary Concept.

Stand your fledgling on a level surface while holding the harmed wing in a typical position against his body. Place the remaining details of a move of sterile dressing underneath the front of the wing.

Wrap the dressing over the highest point of the wing and back underneath it while assembling the greater part of the flight quills on the wingtip. Pull the cloth up over the front of the wing, over it, and to the back. Rehash this methodology to wrap his whole wing with slight weight in the bandage.

Cut the abundance bandage with scissors and tape the end into a spot with wrap tape. Immobilization of a wing keeps it from draining or turning out to be more harmed from fluttering. Wrap the tape tenderly around the flying creature’s body to hold the wing set up. Make the tape sufficiently tight that it holds the wing set up. Wrap the tape under the unbroken wing and before the feet.

Step 5: Give Your Parrot Sometime

Place the parrot on the ground and watch him for five to 10 minutes. The flying creature ought to have the capacity to walk and move his unbroken wing. It ought to likewise have the capacity to inhale effectively. Change the swathe, is essential.

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Step 6: Time To Offer Him Some Rest


Place the parrot in a little birdcage or bearer. Give it crisp water and seeds every day. Check the gauze’s fit day by day and change it in the event that it gets messy. Put your winged companion into a little travel enclosure and spread it with a towel.

Call your veterinarian and prompt him that you are en route to the workplace. Keep your pet smooth, calm and warm, while venturing out to the vet to keep any further harm to his wing.

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  1. Katherine Wimpee


    How can I tell if my parrots wing is broken

    • Umer


      Hi Katherine,
      Can you send me your parrot pic or video so I can see it.

  2. jade


    Hi, hopefully you can help me! i found a parakeet outside the other day. He seems to have a broken wing and is unable to fly. i took him in but he is sooo scared of people and i am unable to to him to the vet, what should i do? i tried taping is wing but he freaks out when you come closer to him and im afriad hes going to hurt it more. he is eating Alot but just sits on the stick and blinks/sleeps. please help

    • Umer


      Hi, Lets give him sometime to adjust. Obviously, Parakeet is injured, also your place is bit annoying to him. I can understand Vet is expensive that’s why I suggest you to order (Bird Aid Kid) Its very cheap and can help you to proper taping. Check the link I mentioned.
      Hopefully it will help 🙂
      – Umer

  3. Gayatri soni


    What should I do If my parrot’s wing is injured?

  4. Kajal


    My parrot was flying and at that point he strict to fan and his both wings get injured from his underarm s …….it happens on 19th Sept and I have applied lorexane on it …his one wing is not moving so much so what should I do… To cure it and plz tell me as soon as possible

    • Umer


      You should give your bird a pause if its not major injury. Parrots having very good heeling power naturally as compare to humans… But if its hurting alot, you can tape him for few days, but make sure taping will not last for more then a day, bcz in summer wound can be bad with taping.
      Thanks, Let me know the present condition…

  5. Intan Putri rahmawati


    Hai Umer, can you help me. Around 4 days ago, my parrot wings on the righs side going down. And he dosn’t want tp fly again. Is it broken? And how to fix it or put in the wing again in normal position. And can he fly again. And is it to late because it happened few days?
    Thank you for your answer Umer

  6. Lisa



  7. Rinkal


    Hi My Parrot left Wing Is pulled out, unfortunately doc was not available at that moment and we got to see the doctor next day morning almost after 15 hrs.
    When we saw the doctor he said wing cant be fixed now as the wing has no life left.
    Is there anything we can do now to get the wingh and make parrot normal as before?

  8. Skeptic


    Hi thanks for all the useful information. I am a bird owner, so I am somewhat familiar with birds. I have found an injured, of what it appears to be a baby Quaker parrot. He let me pick him up, clean him up and he even climbed on my shoulder the first day(which made me think it is someone’s pet). I put him in a cage, quarantined away from my bird fearing any diseases or infections (i would appreciate it if you can weigh in on that a little). The first couple of days the Quaker parrot was on the bottom of the cage slouched over and sleeping mostly. Three days later he/she seems for active, started making noises even interacting with whistles with my bird. But he seems to hold his right wing lower (hanging) than the left one. The first day when I examined the wing, it didn’t seem damaged and the bird let me do it, didn’t seem to hurt him. Any recommendations please?

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