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How To Teach Baby Parrot To Talk

Baby Parrot
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Being a parrot owner, you must be aware that all of the birds have the ability to imitate human talk or speech. This is one of the main reasons why parrots attract humans in making them pets as compared to other pet animals. While all the parrots can mimic and talk.

Some are quick learners and speak fluently as compared to the others. Some parrots talk in a mechanical accent, they sound like robots, as they speak quickly and barely clear in voice. Some parrots learn to talk quickly as compared to other parrots.

Here are some techniques to teach a baby parrot to talk along with most frequent questions in your mind. I try to explain them one by one: But if you have an adult parrot rather then young, then you should check out these 5 tips to teach your adult parrot to talk

First Question – Will Your Baby Parrot Learn:

Your parrot will learn to talk quickly if it is among the breeds which are known for being talkative. Parrots will learn to mimic the words and phrases when they are young. If you are the most verbal person in the family, then you should teach your parrot to talk. If your pet bird already mimics sounds and words, then it’s a good sign as you have better chances to teach it.

Here are some interesting facts about which parrot breeds are good talkers:

  • The African Congo Gray Parrots, Timneh African Gray Parrots, Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots, Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots, Eclectus parrots, and the Indian Ring-Necked Parrots are considered to be the best breeds for talking parrots.
  • The Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaw are also eager learners and readily talk.
  • Cockatoos particularly the bare eyed and rose-breasted ones are the most talkative.
  • The male budgies are quite popular for learning phrases and words quickly and can learn around 100 words.

You need to understand that like us humans, parrots are also naughty if they want to learn they will pick words quickly or they can keep giving you a hard time. If you want to teach a baby parrot to talk you need to vocalize with them, the more you interact and talk with it, more words and phrases it will learn from you.

If you are teaching your baby parrot words by simply playing a CD that won’t help. You need to mingle with it speak those words, especially words like food items, a bath, or anything that you say enthusiastically. Read more about it by clicking here

Second Question – Which Words Will Your Baby Parrot Learn?

Similar to human’s, baby parrots can also learn to talk from a young age. All you need to do is be interacting and socializing with them, you have to be patient as well. You can start teaching a baby parrot by food names tell them the difference between banana and apple.

For example, when you offer them a banana, say it slowly like Baa Naaaa Naaa loud and clear twice and thrice, do the same when you offer them an apple. If your bird responds or try to say something similar to that word reward it with its favorite treat.

You can also teach it greetings like when you wake up in the morning say “Good morning” to your baby pet bird or when you come back from work greet it with “Hello” with time you will notice your parrot will learn these words and will respond back to you.

Third Question – How Do You Know If Your Parrot Is Really Saying Something?

When your baby parrot is in the learning process, it’s quite natural that your bird will not say the words clearly. When you see your parrot saying something responds back to it equally with an enthusiastic reply. Initially, your parrot will just mutter or whistle with an accent of speech, initially don’t expect him to say any word clearly they will just mutter.

For example a woman entered its pet Parakeet Puck in the “Guinness Book of World Records” in the year 1995. The bird was famous for being the most talkative pet birds, she recorded the chatter of her pet Parakeet and the slowed it to hear the words it said.

Parakeets are very fast and high pitch birds. So what you consider a parrots chatter can be words. So whenever you feel your parrot is chattering listen to it carefully and record it, then you can hear it again by slowing down the speech.

Fourth Question – Can One Parrot Teach Another Parrot A Word?

It’s a fact that parrots learn from each other. When the birds are in the wild, they learn the language from their flock mates. When in a family the flock mates are other members of the house, other pet birds or other pet animals. If you already have a talking parrot then consider your work is very easy for you as the parrots can tell each other to be quiet or to greet when you enter the house or say your name.

I once had three Indian Ringed Neck Parrots who use to say “Samy is really cute” they learned this from Samy as he taught the other two parrots this since they were young. J Funny bird!

Fifth Question – Where Should You Teach Your Parrot In the Cage Or On A Play-gym?

If you are going to teach your parrot to talk, then I suggest you should select a quiet place with minimum distractions. Place your bird on a T-stand and practice the word you want it to learn. Make sure there are no toys or any other sounds that will distract the parrot. Repeat the word which you want your parrot to learn like “Good morning” repeat it several times and then reward it with a treat if the parrot makes any vocalization and eventually says the correct word.

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Sixth Question – At What Time Of The Day You Should Teach Your Parrot?

There is no fixed time of the day at which you should train your baby parrot to talk. You can teach your parrot to talk at any time of the day, but it’s best that you do all the teaching in the day time because as the evening approaches it is relaxing and sleep time for the birds.

Talk to your parrot in a casual manner as if it’s a young child and you are talking to it about your day’s activities. This way your baby parrot will learn to talk quickly. Here is a nice step by step program which you can implement on your parrot to train him how to talk or to fix his behavior: Click here to find out more

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