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Hyacinth Macaw

The attractive Hyacinth Macaw is extremely beautiful. It is found in rich cobalt color. It is highly a wonderful pet because of the calm nature but it is loud bird. They are popular for their even temperament. They are extremely gentle and sweet. These are playful, affectionate and popular due to the quite attached nature.

They are the birds of large family and wonderful for Children Company. With new human they are quite friendly and social. They are eager to interact with others. Each parrot’s species is unique in nature and attitude. Parrots are very sweet and smarts, they are extremely friendly and lovely.

These are quite intelligent and love to play jokes. Jumping on you and in your company is their jokes. It is pretty funny with size of the bird. Its favorite joke is to playing dead. They will sit on the ceiling fan and will stare you. They are entertaining and inquisitive birds.

Characteristics of Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

  • Size: 95 cm or 37 inches
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Wing Span: 42 inch
  • Lifespan: 60- 80 years
  • Physique: Strong and Stout
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds
  • Temperament: Playful, affectionate, loud, quite, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Santa Marta Parakeet

History of the Hyacinth Macaw Parrots:

History of the Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

They are found in North Eastern Paraguay, Eastern Bolivia, South-Western Brazil, Central Brazil and North Eastern Brazil. It dwells in wooded habitats, semiopen, woodlands and palm swamps. They like to live in fragmented populations and smaller areas.

They are found in humid and dense forests. They are found in three main populations in Brazil, Pantanal and Bolivia. Due to the variation in colors and feathers, the Macaws are considered the most beautiful parrots among other species.

Appearance of Hyacinth Macaw Parrots:

Appearance of Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

These parrots are popular for its majestic beauty. It is called the largest parrot. It contains elongated body. It cannot fly and ground dwelling parrot. It is completely blue and some parrots are black under the wings. The large black beak with yellow sides makes it alluring. The yellow circling eyes are pretty.

Females are more slender than males. They need plenty of space due to large size. Their wings take three and a half feet to spread in the air.It becomes lined with black and beautiful small feathers. Some parrots from this breed contain more butterscotch and orangey underside color on the specific area of breast.

Baby Hyacinth Macaw Parrots:

Baby Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

They make nests for mating. They are very loving to their mates. During mating they are found in placing wings around their partner and heavy kissing sessions. They make nests in the hole of the hollow trees. In their clutch there are two eggs.

Female incubates the eggs for twenty six to twenty eight days. Their feathers do not grow until the age of ten weeks. After the growth of their feathers they become independent and leave their parents. The sex is difficult because they need some DNA testing.

About Hyacinth Macaw Parrots Health:

About Hyacinth Macaw Parrots Health

They need good care. With good diet they possess strong immunity that is good for their health. Regular checkup is necessary to keep them healthy and active. Some of their health issues are given below.

  1. Heavy Metal Poisoning or Toxicity
  2. Gout and Kidney Disease
  3. Cockatoos and other allergies
  4. Pancreatitis
  5. Beak Malformation
  6. Constructed toe Syndrome in chicks
  7. Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections
  8. Chlamydiosis or Psittacosis
  9. Cloacal and Oral papillomas
  10. Tail Feathers and Chewing flight
  11. Feather Picking

These birds need fresh water in short period of the day.

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Hyacinth Macaw ParrotsLife Span:

Hyacinth Macaw ParrotsLife Span
The natural life span of these birds is 55 to 80. In the wild they have short life because of diet and health factors. They become victim of the snake and other wild animals very easily. In the captivity with good care they survive more and live eight years.

Feeding for Hyacinth Macaw Parrots:

Feeding for Hyacinth Macaw Parrots
They like fruit, seed and nuts. They like to eat fresh fruit. They collect clay licks to get mineral food. They like to eat salt bearing clay that exists on the banks of the river. Vegetables and fruits are their ideal diet either in their natural habitat or in captivity.

Hyacinth Macaw Parrots with Children:

Hyacinth Macaw Parrots with Children
These parrots are ideal for offering good company to children. These are the pets of large families. They are highly wonderful for offering entertainment. They are sweet and loving birds. It is the pet that is highly playful.

Hyacinth Macaw Parrots with Animals:

Hyacinth Macaw Parrots with Animals

They are the birds that contain friendly nature. Due to this temperament they are admired by everyone. With other animals they are friendly but they are unfriendly with dogs and cats. They like to live in a flock of birds. Give them the company of other birds. It will be more feasible for you.

How Talented Hyacinth Macaws are:

They are intelligent and brilliant. They are very easy to tame. They can whistle and learn human vocabulary very easily. They learn tricks and love to play jokes. Their jokes are their playful tricks. They are always eager to meet new human.

Hyacinth Macaws Training:

Hyacinth Macaws Training

They are easy to tame. They like your attention and it makes them playful for you. It needs patience and most important consistency; you have to work on it every day without any gap. It is very important to let your parrot learn about you and learn to trust you. No need to rush, parrots are extremely intelligent and need your trust.

Macaw’s Talking Skills:

Macaw’s Talking Skills

They have good talking skills but they like to play as compared to talk. These birds are unique in their nature. They keep you busy in their playful tricks. They are quite natured birds. These are not messy and noisy.

Macaw’s Biting and Aggression:

These are not aggressive birds. It can be kept with other pets. It does not bite. It is highly wonderful pet. It is social and playful. It is entertaining and lovely bird. It likes human companionship.

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Best cages for Hyacinth Macaws

 1. Parrot Cage Wrought Iron Cage:

Iron Cage

It is available in all sizes as per your requirements. Even though it is not the strongestchoice, you can make. The solution offers amazing features. It is easy to use and maintain. Low chemical formation is perfect for beginners. These are lightweight and durable items.

2. Large Bird Cage:

Large Bird Cage

The item has gained a great status in the industry. It has a great effect with variable functionality. It owns a secure reaction depth locking adjustment which will cave in pressure by pressing too hard. The cage is light in weight but is extraordinarily efficient.

3. Large Cage Open Top:

Large Cage Open Top

There are diverse types of cages that are used commonly for these parrots. All these c items are available in low budget online with the opportunity of online shopping. These are spacious and lightweight. It makes it portable.

4. Ladder Iron Parrot Cage:

It is available in different sizes as per your requirement. This enhances the usage and function of the item. User can make use of the extra options and use them in a great way.

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