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A Must Investment For Your Caique Parrot- A Quality Cage Matters!

Caique Cage Size

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures when we look into the animal kingdom; these colorful, full of living species have wings for a reason. They love being free souls and when we plan on owning one and keeping a parrot as a pet it becomes our immense responsibility to keep them as snug and comfy as we can. One big thing that matters is their cage.

We shall not get the tiny cage often confusing ourselves by their sizes. It’s best to spend on the largest possible cage that you can afford so that your bird doesn’t feel trapped as such and gets enough room to fly within. 

There is no size that can fit all, and your pet bird will have its own set of demands. When we look into pampering and owning a caique they are highly energetic bright small birds that will feel devoted to you once they are taken care of. Caiques require cages that are much larger than their size not just because they are energetic but it is one of their physical need to play around in order to not lose feathers in boredom.

Caiques are playful but loud at the same time, and you don’t want that voice reminding you of discomfort each time you hear them. Investing for their comfort will make them speak out in joy in their own language as they are great impressionist and might catch onto any word they are intrigued with. Thus when planning to get the caique at home one shall forget having a quiet house. Its no harm until what you hear is the sound of a happy parrot.

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Once we plan on getting the cage we shall wisely analyze the place we want to keep in, according to which we shall get the biggest possible cage. Caiques require cage much bigger than their size, minimum recommendation is 24″x24″ till 36″ wider.

And the ideal bar spacing for the caique cage is ¾” however maximum spacing of 1″ won’t do any harm. Caiques are hyper in nature and get bored quite easily, they utilize every space of their cage thus to keep them entertained its best to keep enough toys for them in the cage.

Bird cages come in all shape and sizes and with the wide variety of cages it is our duty to look keenly into our best options, a few factors that many often neglect and forget when getting the quality cage for their caiques are discussed below.

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Important Features To Look For In A Cage:

There are no set rules by a book for factors to look for when buying the cage for your caiques. Yet there are elements that make the cage ideal and comfortable for your bird to live within.

In owning a caique one important step is to look for a perfect cage, as you want to ensure the best for your bird. These few features might help you decide better when shopping a birdcage:

  • Size And Shape:

    One shall never confuse themselves with the size of their parrot; it is always best to look for the largest possible cage that you can afford. However, the bar spacing also needs to be kept in mind when buying the cage for your caiques. Getting the ancient antique cages may be pleasing to eyes but at the same time, they are a bit harmful as they are coated with the toxic paints.

  • Access Doors:

    The cage that is out there in the market come out with many different kinds of access doors, some that swing out some that drop down and others that clinch lock. It varies from a person to person according to their personal preference of what cage do they want for the bird that may work best for them as well. You shall also look into the feeder doors and water pouring doors that shall have easy access.

  • Maintenance:

    The clean environment gives you a happy bird and that is important for your bird’s hygiene. Thus a cage that comes with an easily removable bottom tray is a plus as you can easily take it out and clean whenever without putting extra efforts. Being able to clean your cage with ease is a great help.

  • Play Place:

    Even your pet bird can get bored easily. Parrots specially caiques are playful creatures and need enough space to stay entertained. Many cage manufacturers keep that in mind and install a play top or play place in the cage which is a plus for your birds happy time. At the end of the day, these cage play place shall be tested for the safety of your bird so that the bird doesn’t chirp and choke on them.

  • Material:

     Among the large variety of bird cages sold out in the market, they are made from different materials but the best indeed is the one made out of stainless steel. As it doesn’t rust or wear off. The material should be such that lasts a lifetime and is durable and sturdy enough. Often the paint coating is done on the cage to give it a fine finish but that becomes your responsibility to check if it is non-toxic to your bird if it chirps it.

  • Cost:

    No matter how great the cage is but at the end of the day the cost matters as well. Looking into the thing that feels worthy in the price tag that it owns that’s when you feel satisfied with your buy.

1- Black Flight Finch Cage Aviary House For Caiques:

When we want to look into durability with the looks and affordability this cage fits in the picture just perfect. It is quite safe to your caiques with its non-toxic finishing and snaps lock mechanism. The strong bar wiring cant bent by the big birds even.

Knowing the birds need some entertainment it comprises of wooden perches and ladders. It has a big play area of approx. 22″ height and the bar spacing of 2cm nearly. It is easy to clean up and maintain due to the removable bottom tray. The mesh hurdle is a plus that keeps your bird safe within and refrains it from escaping.

Features Of Black Flight Finch Cage Aviary House For Caiques:

Caique Cage Size

Black Flight Finch Cage Aviary House For Caiques


  • Non-toxic powder coating
  • One wooden perch
  • Removable lower grate
  • Flip locking mechanism
  • The strong metal wire structure
  • 4 durable swivel casters for mobility
  • Mesh hurdles
  • Tall stand for a wider view
  • Large front door
  • 2cm bar spacing
  • 3 feeding doors
  • 5 interior feeding bowls


2- Signature Series X-Large Bird Cage By Pewter:

Caique Cage Size

This particular cage by pewter can easily and comfortably accommodate medium to small sized birds. It comes in a variety of colors to give an open-ended choice. It has an ideal play top for your bird with the ladder for it to go and play. This particular cage comes with the push button safety locks.

The feeder doors have easy access. It is highly durable due to its wrought iron construction that doesn’t even corrode. It is great for a corner fit and this makes it ideal for the setup anywhere in any room. It is a great option in the decent price range.

Features Of Signature Series X-Large Bird Cage By Pewter:

  • Bar spacing of 0.75”
  • Playpen
  • 4 stainless steel feeder cups
  • Seed guard
  • 2 wooden perches
  • Easy cleanup bottom and top trays
  • Nontoxic powder coating
  • Wrought iron construction
  • Affordable


3- Bird Parrot Cage With Stand For Cockatiel Amazon African Grey Caique Conure, 20 X 20 X 57 1/2″ h:

A birdcage is a great investment for a happy bird. Caiques being playful hyper parrots need a big space thus the play area of this cage is decent enough for it to be comfortable. The removable metal grates ensure easy cleanup and maintenance. The birds usually chirp on the cage and thus the non-toxic coating is a great safety aspect.

It can be easily moved around due to the swivel casters. The bar spacing is decent enough for your caiques. The feature of separating the cage from the stand gives freedom of carrying it and placing anywhere we want.

Features Of Bird Parrot Cage With Stand For Cockatiel Amazon African Grey Caique Conure:

  • Non-toxic powder coating
  • Metal structure
  • Durable and reliable
  • Large swing out the front door
  • Dimensions 20” x 20” x 57”
  • Swivel casters
  • Two wooden perches
  • Stainless steel cups
  • Swing out feeder doors
  • Separable stand from the cage

4- Bird Parrot Cage With Stand Cockatiel Amazon African Grey Caique:

Caique Cage Size

This particular cage has a dome top that provides more place space than a play top. This particular cage comes with the freestanding gym and plays stand that allows the edge of placing it anywhere in the house.

It has a large swing out door that gives easy access in and out of the cage. It is safely secure with the locks. The varying thickness of the wooden perch ensures healthy activity for the birds. The cage can be detached from the stand to put anywhere and carry easily.

The nontoxic coating ensures the bird’s safety. The maintenance and cleaning get very easy due to the easily removable bottom metal grate. It is a great option if you want your caiques to be happy and healthy.

Features of Bird Parrot Cage with Stand Cockatiel Amazon African Grey Caique:

Caique Cage Size
  • Bar spacing 5/8”
  • Four swivel casters
  • Non-toxic coating
  • Large swing outdoor
  • 4 feeding doors
  • Detachable from the stand
  • Easy cleanup
  • Removable bottom tray
  • Natural wooden perches



Birdcages come in all shapes and sizes but the best amongst them is when you get your hand on the largest possible according to your budget. The playful parrots such as caiques the large play area matter too. When you are shopping for your birdcage few important factors as mentioned above are the highlights to consider, apart from that it is due that the parrot still needs love and attention.

Your time matters for them to stay happy and active. On the other side, caiques do have a short temper and it is just as high strung as their playfulness. If they feel danger or are threatened by anything, they will be highly active to attack. At that time the only way to calm them down is to give them time and affection. As birds feel your gestures too.

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It is definitely tough to take care of a living hyper-ness in the shape of caique but it is not impossible. It gets easy when we shortlist the important items they need. Amongst which the first and foremost come to the quality cage and so the above-mentioned features along with some options may be of some help to you for deciding which one may be ideal for your caique parrot. 

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