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Jenday Conure

Jenday Conure

Jenday Conure parrots are admired in the world due to their social and loving behavior. They are playful and commonly lay on their back. These are found from small to medium sizes. These parrots are extremely intelligent and able to learn phrases and small sentences.

They are not popular due to talking skills or ability. These are cuddling birds and have very gentle traits. They are laid back, and easy going birds. For having friendly nature they are lovely birds. They love to show tricks and attract others.

They like attention and attraction. Ignorance spoils their mood. These are nippy birds and needs an experienced person to handle them. They are clownish, fun and active birds. These are moderate birds but sometimes highly loud. These are very technical to be tackled them.

Characteristics of Jenday Conures

  • Size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Wing Span: Medium
  • Lifespan: 30 years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train, they can learn phrases and some words easily.
  • Comparable Breeds: Budgerigars

 History of Jenday Conure:

History of Jenday Conure

These are called Jendayaconures as well. Conure parrots belong to the loosely and diversely defined group. These are small to medium-sized parrots. They are linked with various genera within long-tailed parrots. They belong to the New World ParrotsubfamilyArinae.

They have come from wooded habitats of Northeastern Brazil. They are seen in the edges of the rain forest, coconut palms and forest clearings. They are found in the wild and the wooded areas. They are the birds of diverse changes and variety of features that are different in all species.

Appearance of Jenday Conure:

Appearance of Jenday Conure

These are very close to the sun conures. They have similar appearance but the only difference between the two species has very dark green back feathers with blue tipped wings. The tail feathers are dark green. These are beautiful birds with green wings, orange front and yellow head.

In the young parrots it is very difficult to differentiate between sun conure and jendayconure due to the similar color mutation. Their primary coverts of these parrots, tips of primaries and secondaries are dark blue. They have green base of primaries, tertials and wing-coverts. They have blue tip tail that is olive green in color. 

Baby Jenday Conure Parrots:

Baby Jenday Conure Parrots

They start reproduction in the age of the four to five months. They seem to grooming and feeding one another before breeding. Their mating period is only three minutes. It makes the pair very affectionate to each other. The female abdomen swells before laying eggs.

It is quite prominent in this duration. Their fertility is very high and their clutch size is three to four eggs each. They may eat and destroy their eggs if they have deficiency of calcium. Take care of their diet in this duration; otherwise they may have nutrient deficiency. Female incubates the eggs 23 to 27 days.

About Jenday Conures Parrots Health:

About Jenday Conures Parrots Health

These are sensitive parrots for tidy and clean surroundings. They require good care and attention. For good health they need to change their water in short times. They may suffer chlamydiosis, diarrhea, and polyoma Virus. Loss of appetite, nasal discharge and fluffed feathers are the common signs of chlamydiosis.

It needs to provide them instant medical care. Loose stool is an obvious sign of diarrhea that is caused due to the internal parasites. If your parrot suffers from polyoma, it needs special medical care. It is a deadly virus that can cause sudden death. Take care if your parrot shows the signs of lethargy and sudden weight loss.

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Lifespan Jenday Conures:

About Jenday Conures Parrots Health

The natural lifespan of these parrots is 30 years. They are highly sensitive birds that they need special care and medical checkup regularly. They die with diseases and they need special attention in captivity.

They should be provided several opportunities of exercise and playing. Provide them great care. It will keep them safe and secure from all health problems. They can live a healthy life with healthy and tidy surrounding and regular checkups.

Feeding for Jenday Conures Parrots:

Feeding for Jenday Conures Parrots

In the wild their favorite food is insects, nuts, blossoms, seeds, berries, flowers and fruits. They eat ripe and unripe both types of fruits and seeds. They like to eat red fruit of cactus, legume pods and Malpighia berries. They need proteins and calcium during breeding.

During egg production calcium is the most important food that they need this time. Sprinkle calcium supplements on their water and diet to fulfill this deficiency of calcium. These are good for their health. Do not give them high level of protein in a routine because it is unhealthy for them.

Jenday Conures Parrots with Children:

Jenday Conures Parrots with Children

Due to their social nature these are ideal for families. You can keep these parrots with your children. Kids will enjoy their company. They show tricks and attraction to them. These parrots are playful and interactive birds.

Jenday Conure Parrots with Animals:

They show affection to other birds in captivity. With cats and dogs they are less friendly because they are predators. If you do not bother noise then it will be a good pet for you. They are the suitable for the environment where noise is not botheration.

How Talented Jenday Conure Parrots are:

How Talented Jenday Conure Parrots

They are extremely talented birds. They can easily learn phrases, small sentences and human vocabulary. These birds are popular for lying on their back. They show tricks by using their back. They spend most of their time on lying in the back.

Jendy Conure Parrots Training:

You can spend much of your time in training them. In this way, they gain your attention. They love to show you tricks and they like to play in front of you. These parrots like to interact but they like to play games. Consistency and love are the best tools to train them.

Jendy Conure Parrots Talking Skills:

These are not talkative birds. They are not popular for their speaking or talking skills. They can learn human vocabulary and phrases. They do not talk too much. They are moderate to noisy. They are tricky parrots. They need attention. They use to give loud calls to their companions for getting attention.

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Jendy Conure Parrots Biting and Aggression:

These are parrots that have moderate nature. They like attention and interaction. Ignorance can make them aggressive. They do not bite habitually but they injure in aggression. It is very important to monitor them.

Best Cages for Jendy Conure Parrot

1. Large Steel Bird Cage:

It is one of the best cages that help in accommodating your birds easily. It is a product that gives the high-functionalities of the modern technology. It can perform very well for the users. It is important for offering hundred percent security and easy living.

Parrots can easily enjoy with their toys inside the cage. It is made of strong and sturdy material. It is durable and is designed for long term use. It is one of the best items that is highly wonderful for the users due to easy care.

Large Bird Cage for Parrots

2. Large Double Bird Cage:

The dynamic features of the cage make it an amazing product for the majority of the users. The idea behind designing it is to provide the convenience in easy care to the users. These are ideal cages for the brand due to the innovative technology.

Offering the prompt, cost saving and a flexible output are the fantastic features of this product. This cage is an ideal choice for the users due to the high technology. Providing the numerous benefits including multi-tasking, lifelike consistency, scalability, mobility, professional features of ideal functionality in many ways you will find it an extremely fantastic for security mechanism.

3. Small Birds Cage:

Performing with widely-known systems it is the compelling feature of the device for supporting easy and quick configuration.  The modern technology is getting very popular today due to the easy mobility. Containing the modified technology that makes it a superb device for the effective charging are the essential features of the device .

Allowing the extension to the users and enhancing the scalability as well as flexibility are the dynamic features of the units. There are unlimited benefits of this cage that has the market for the pet lovers.

4. Bird Parrot Cage:

These are important for improving comfort level. It will improve security level. Always choose the material that is highly durable and made of strong and sturdy material.It is durable and effective to save your cash and in addition security administrations for you. These are cognizant about your pet’s wellness.

These will be the overall pioneer, the prime source of specific audio facilities, and the key supplier of chance for master advancement in the deliveries of the human experience and sciences of easy voice recording. It is durable and lightweight item.

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