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Lories & Lorikeets Parrots

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

Lories and Lorikeets is famous parrot breed that is ideal parrots to keep in home as a pet. These medium size parrots are extremely friendly in nature and very easy to train. The tips and techniques will enable you how to treat them well and to win their affection successfully. Learn more about the moods of these parrots.

Taking care of these parrots is not a big deal for the pet lovers but it needs to pay more than a little attention towards them. Providing them food according to their wish and desire is very important. They need very special diet. These parrots are aggressive to other birds, loving, love to hang upside down, clownish, active, outgoing, friendly, contain brush tongues, love to bathe, playful, curious, acrobatic and active.

Characteristics of Lories and Lorikeets:

  • Size: 10 to 12 inches
  • Weight: 100 to 157 grams
  • Wing Span: Narrow
  • Lifespan: 20years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Parakeets, Cockatoo

History of Lories and Lorikeets:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

The origin of the parrots is the New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia. They belong to Lorini and they are found tiny to average commonly. They reside in trees. They are strange due to their tongue that is tipped like a brush. This is for sucking the nectar of the plants.

Lorries and Lorikeets are two different birds but hey have similar features in appearance and nature. Both exist in varieties of about 55. The strange factor is that all parrots of this family are not pet. Twelve species are hardly found as pet. They have varieties such as Rainbow, dusky, chattering, Blue streak and Black cap.

These parrots love freedom and they do not like interruption. In the wild they fly for nectar freely. Freedom is the basic tool of living a satisfied life. Never interrupt in the freedom or activities of these parrots as well as do not give an extraordinary freedom to your parrot in the beginning.

Truth to be told animals are always required your concentration and a little care can mold your parrots towards you. These parrots have their own moods and temperament so it is very important to take care of their will and desire. Acting upon their desire and showing love are the best ways to satisfy them.

Appearance of the Lories and Lorikeets:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

On the basis of appearance and color mutation these parrots are divided into varieties. These are found in variety of colors such as multi-colored feathers, black, blue, greed, red and many more. The rainbow parrot is admired by the majority due to the beautiful attraction.

These parrots are found in all colors like yellow, green, blue red and brown are very common. They have weight of more than 110 grams with the height of 26 cm. These are less noisy and quiet in nature.Lorikeets have fifty five varieties and these are admired due to different appearance.

The ornate Lorikeets are found in red colored cheeks with blue or purple colored crown. Their upper part of body is green.  Glodie’s Lorikeets have red crown and greenish yellow body. They have 50g weight. The Fairy Lorikeets have orange bill and bright green back.

Cardinal Lorees are extremely beautiful parrots of completely red color. Their bill, plumage and the top is appealing red and the bottom is black. Their weight is 175 to 215 g. Black Lories, Red Lories and black capped Lories are extremely dynamic due to appearance.

Baby Lories and Lorikeets Parrots:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

They are very delicate birds and reproduce whole year. The sexual interaction is not easy for them but they can easily breed. Their breeding months are March to September. Their mating is very interesting and exciting. Their courtship nature is similar to others.

They hug each other during mating, move their heads around the other partner, move bodies to and fro, wiggle, dance, flutter their wings and show many actions of excitement. They give whistling and twittering calls by narrowing their pupils to the other partner.

They reproduce 3 clutches. They complete their clutch with two eggs. They hatched eggs all but one of the egg is infertile and died after eight days. Female incubates the eggs for 26 to 27 days. The Baby Lories and Lorikeets Parrots are white in color.

After some days it changes into gray tint. In third week their feathers appear. They gradually open their eyes. These need special care for food these days. Parrots have different temperament and they always act according to their desire these days. It does not necessary that all the parrots are same and like the similar food.

About Lories and Lorikeets Parrots Health:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

A good care is important for the health of these parrots. Feather picking is very common in these parrots. It is harmful for parrots. They often do this act due to the boredom, metal stimulation and other health issues. The deficiency of some nutrients can cause some health problems in them. It makes them weaker. They need special care and healthy environment to stay well.

They should be provided several opportunities of exercise and playing. Provide them great care. It will keep them safe and secure from all health problems. They can live a healthy life with healthy and tidy surrounding and regular checkups. Tidy and clean environment is very important for their health otherwise they may have these issues.

  1. Aspergillosis, beak malocclusion
  2. Psittacosis
  3. feather diseases
  4. Psittacine beak
  5. Proventricular Dilatation disease
  6. Diarrhea

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Lories and Lorikeets Parrots LifeSpan:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

These are lifetime friends. If they are provided good care then they can survive for the long time. They need solid immunity to fight against diseases and infections. Their lifespan is 20 years but they do not die their physical death. In the wild they are very easy prey of snakes, eagles and other birds.

They become seriously sick due to the infections of feather plucking. The weak immunity is the cause of catching infections in these birds. These are the birds that need good care and regular checkups for prevention of disease. Always pay great attention towards their health for their survival.

Feeding for Lories and Lorikeets Parrots:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

The most important aspect of keeping these parrots as pet is to take care of their diet. They like very special diet. Commonly chewy and soft food is more stimulating for the these birds. Always keep an eye on the favorite things, foods and games of your pet Lories and Lorikeets Parrots. Showing your affection and encouragement will make them close to you. They like fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Include ground freeze dried blue-berries, xanthan gum, multi-mineral powder, wheat grass powder, Hentonite clay powder, powdered Aloe Vera, barley grass powder,dandelion leaf powder,papaya leaf powder,eucalyptus leaf,barberry powder,milk thistle seed powder, Spirulina,nutritional yeast powder,powdered alfalfa,dried spearmint,powdered carrots,dried bell peppers,coconut,dried rose petals,calcium citrate,dried hibiscus flowers,bee pollen, dried apples,soy protein isolate,brown rice flour,Fructose fruit sugar, sucrose sugar and millet flour in their diet.

Lories and Lorikeets Parrots with Children:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

Always show special love to your pet Lories and Lorikeets Parrots. Do not ignore even if you are not in a good mood. Showing little attention on doing the right thing will raise their affection towards you. Encouraging the parrots is one of the best ways that they will entertain you.

Be generous to your parrot. They bite so it is very important to monitor them when they are with your kids. They can live in apartments. They are playful and acrobats. They offer good entertainment but needs to be careful.

Lories and Lorikeets Parrots with Animals:

With other birds they may be aggressive. They like attention. They attack on other animals. As it is mentioned above that your Lories and Lorikeets Parrots need your attention so you must learn to understand the moods or temperament.

It happens sometimes that your parrot does not feel comfortable while meeting other person or animal so never force it for interacting them. Forcing the parrot for any task can be a bigger problem further in the result. They are social but there is variation in their moods.

How Talented Lories and Lorikeets Parrots are:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

They are extremely talented birds. They are energetic and brilliant. They can easily learn talking and speaking. They can make good human vocabulary. They learn how to whistle. They like to learn tricks and techniques to play.

Lories and Lorikeets Parrots Training:

These parrots are very easy to tame. Consistency and the regular practice are the keys of good learning. If you want your parrot to be trained upon your will then you must be consistent and passionate. Do not show negative behavior to them. Use same word for one type of activity.

Do not change words for the same exercise. It is the road to your success. Practicing the same exercise regularly instead of teaching more than one thing at a time is the best tip to train your puppy effectively and quickly. It helps the parrot to learn and memorize fast.

Lories and Lorikeets Parrots Talking Skills:

These parrots have good speaking skills. They can talk after very little efforts. They can talk very easily and give good response. They increase their human vocabulary gradually. They can whistle and are famous for mimicking. They are extremely dynamic and brilliant.

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Lories and Lorikeets Parrots Biting and Aggression:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

They are not as much aggressive. They are comedian and pleasant birds but die to some reasons they get aggressive and can harm others. It is very important to monitor them. Do not keep other birds in their cage. They do not like ignorance. They bite and harm.

Best Cages for Lories and Lorikeets Parrots:

1. Top Bird Cage with Stand:

It is spacious cage because your Lories and Lorikeets Parrotsneed spacious cages. They need to move from one place to another and to show acrobats. It is intended with black coated sharp paint that is eco-friendly. It contains play top that are manufactured with stainless steel.

The fantasy cutouts are highly stylish with plenty of dynamic features.These are durable and made up of sturdy material.It enhances the real allure of your pets. It is sleek and slim in design.These are durable and very easy to carry.

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

2. Flaptop Bird Cage with Stand:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

A rolling caster and two wooden perches are very easy to assemble. It is a heavy duty cage that is extremely efficient. It is beneficial and useful product that offers complete security mechanism. It is a tested and tried product that ensures high quality. It is extremely handy and stylish with beautiful appearance. The wonderful handle offers solid grip. It is admirable due to the consistently without any hurdle.

3. Top Bird Cage with Stand:

It is a wonderful cage for these parrots during mating season. The elegant oriental top offers real glam. It looks very beautiful. It is wide and spacious to play and offer good wingspan to the small birds. It is the ultimate destination for providing you an exclusive variety in colors and designs.

It is designed for Lories and Lorikeets Parrots. They can play and move in the cage very easily. It provides them enough space to show their tricks. They can enjoy inside very easily.

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

4. House Top Bird Cage with Stand:

Rainbow Lorikeet Lifespan

Keep it in your lounge and do not need to hang it. It contains the stand that is good to place it your required spot. For conveying the diversity in the products, designs, shades and style all these things are evidence of the loyalty and true services for clients. These are the right choices for the low budget shopping. It contains swing that is good for your parrots to play.

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