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Want Your Love Birds To Love Their Cage?

Love Birds Cage

When small-sized buddle of joy is thought about, those fly in the sky spreading their colours of ecstasy, clearly, love birds cage models are a clear delineation of it. love birds cage models are playful energetic small parrots that are easy for a pet due to their affectionate personality and small size. It’s not wrong to call them the clowns of the parrot world. 

Dissimilar to their names they are not cuddly birds but still they happen to love their owner just as much as they are cared for. It’s just a myth that they can only survive in pairs; lovebirds gladly accept the companionship of other species of its kind and affections humans as flock mates bonding easily with them.

These pint-sized bundles of joy have an inquisitive nature that has them exploring every corner of its world. Once these species are kept as a pet they would want to explore and enjoy every corner of their cage too, thus its really important one has taken care of it before bringing lovebirds home.

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A key to keep your lovebirds happy is socialization; they happen to enjoy the time spent with every member of the family outside of their cage. It’s not quite absurd that they can very well play and be entertained on their own however this fact may contribute to behavioural problems that lead to unnecessary biting on things. It’s the duty of the owner to keep a balanced attention to their lovebird that doesn’t demand it.

For The Love Of Your Lovebirds:

Indeed we want our pet to be happy with us, and these loving a happy species of parrots i.e. the lovebirds are easy to pet. When said easily it doesn’t mean simple you yet have to go beyond simplicity and get your hand on the best for your bird. One of the most important thing when thinking of keeping lovebirds as a pet is to get a good cage that they will love. It’s often that the pet that’s not taken care of ends up in depression which cutbacks their lifespan, and we don’t want that!

Thus following are just a few factors that can make your lovebirds love their cage and yet be safe within.

  • Space:

   knowing that your lovebirds are playful creature they require enough space in their cage to wander around and explore every corner of it. One has to make sure that the cage they are buying is big enough to accommodate your playful birds as well as their toys and more to keep them entertained.

  • Hygiene:

    No one like being in a dirty place, like so the lovebirds like their cage all clean and tidy thus one shall consider looking into the cage that gives easy cleaning option to maintain good hygiene.

  • Portability:

    Why that? No one likes sitting in one corner for long and these little hyper birds just want to explore and thus its best to get the cage that you can easily move around the house and be sure that your lovebirds are enjoying their trips within.

  • Locking Mechanism:

    As much as you want your birds to feel free in their cage you still don’t want to let them go. Thus it’s best to get the cage with quality and clever locking mechanism than your birds as often times we tend to make a mistake while doubting their intelligence.

  • Play Bars:

    It’s often times seen that a child runs crazy when they see swings. These little babies of yours, yes the lovebirds, also enjoy the swings more like perch and playful activities in their cage.

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Best Cages That Your Lovebirds Might Love:

We being human cannot fully understand our pet birds yet we want to make sure that we know them enough to provide the best for their comfort. Following are just a few best options when looking for a new home for your lovebirds. We all want them to love it!

1- Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage:

Love Birds Cage

If you are a new pet owner then the lovebirds is a great option as they are easy to get along with and take care of but we surely need to make sure they are kept safe.

This particular cage is an ideal choice for the lovebird’s cage. It has just the adequate size for your little feathery guy with a detachable base to remove waste and keep a check on hygiene easily. It has just the perfect placement and size of food trays to make sure you feed in your bird properly. It’s quite a deal at a very good price for your little pal to love.

Features Of Vision Bird Cage Model M01:

  • Small wire cage
  • Safe coated material
  • Easily detachable bottom waste tray
  • Comes on one height
  • Base measurements 24” x 15” x20”
  • Bar spacing ½”
  • Green perches
  • Green food trays
  • Provides enough room for the bird to move around
  • Debris guard
  • An easy open top mechanism
  • White colour

2- Hagen Vision 2 Medium Bird Cage:

Love Birds Cage

Lovebirds tend to do well in a medium sized cage and it is one of the best options considering the decent requirement. Hagen vision birdcage is a fantastic home for a reasonable price. It comprises a detachable base, which makes the maintenance quite easy.

Lovebirds are known to be a little mess creators thus its best to have an easy cleanup option. It is well equipped with perches; food and water trays and also the waste bottom tray all one has to buy are some toys to keep the lovebirds loving the new environment in a cage.

Features Of Hagen Vision 2 Medium Bird Cage:

  • Two food and water trays
  • Small wireframe
  • Dimensions 24” x 15” x 20” medium sized
  • Bar spacing 1/2”
  • Green colored perches to keep it lively
  • Removable base tray
  • Controlled debris system

3- Vision Large Bird Cage:

Love Birds Cage

It is comparatively a large cage option with triple story setup where more than one species or more lovebirds can be accommodated easily. It doesn’t come with a stand thus one need to make sure you have someplace to keep it.

It is large enough to take space but is not heavy thus can be moved around the house to keep the lovebirds entertained of newer surroundings.

Features Of Vision Large Bird Cage:

  • Lightweight frame
  • Small wire frame suitable for lovebirds
  • Triple story cage
  • Debris guard to protect the floor from a mess
  • An easily detachable base for a quick cleanup
  • Single height option
  • Terracotta perches
  • Food and water trays
  • Dimensions 17” x 31” x 22”

4- Mcage Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Bird Cages:

Love Birds Cage

It is one of the large cage options it is quite durable and made of sturdy material. Lovebirds enjoy more space so they can move around. It comes with a removable stand so that the cage can be easily moved around the house. The stand has a shelf underneath that is ideal for storage and organizing all your bird’s feed and toys.

Features of Mcage Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Bird Cages:

  • Removable stand
  • Perches and feeder cups are installed
  • Removable bottom plastic tray for quick cleanup
  • 2 feeder doors
  • Safety coated finishing
  • One large swing out door
  • Two small lift up doors
  • Dimensions of cage only 18” x 14” x 35”
  • Bar spacing 3/8”

5- Pawhut Bird Cage:

Love Birds Cage

Pawhut Birdcage is quite a spay option that your lovebird is sure to enjoy. It is easy to maintain and clean up due to the bottom slide out tray. It can easily be moved around the house due to the handle on the top and the rolling stand, which is completely detachable. It has a durable construction of steel wire frame that is due to last a lifetime for your lovebirds.

Features Of Pawhut Bird Cage:

  • Solid powder coated metal
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Nontoxic coating
  • 2 oversized doors for easy access
  • 4 wooden perches
  • 4 plastic food containers
  • Detachable bottom waste tray
  • Rolling detachable stand
  • Ideal and spacious for lovebirds
  • Pet-friendly design that assures bird safety
  • Dimensions 18.7” x 14.2” x 38”
  • Wire spacing 0.38”

6- Mcage Tall Pagoda House:

Love Birds Cage

For the royalty of your precious pet, the lovebirds, Mage Tall Pagoda house is a great castle. The beautiful cage comes with a rolling stand that is completely detachable to allow it to be kept anywhere around the house.

It has a removable bottom tray that slides out for quick cleanup. This cage does come with a rolling stand like many of the other cages do and is also completely detachable from the stand so that you can put it wherever you please.

It also comes with a removable bottom metal grate and a pull out plastic tray. As the cage starts to get some build up you can effortlessly remove the bottom grate and tray for a deep clean. It has a storage space at the bottom to store bird feed and toys. It is quite easy to assemble and put around anywhere for your lovebirds to enjoy their new home. 

Features Of Mcage Tall Pagoda House:

  • Safe powder coated finish
  • Feeder cups with easy access feeder doors
  • Large swing out front door with two slid up doors
  • Easy removable bottom plastic tray
  • A removable bottom metal grate
  • Dimensions 18” x 14” x 35”
  • Bar spacing 3/8”

Final Verdict:

Keeping lovebirds can be quite a loving experience overall and knowing that your pet is enjoying just as much as you are it’s beyond satisfaction. Lovebirds by nature are cage territorial and nippy thus they need to have that love dose by their owners and an entertaining environment to be able to keep it together. Keeping a lovebird is not much of a hassle until the basic needs are met well.

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The biggest thing to keep on the checklist is a good cage. Small or medium bird cages are best for lovebirds but it always said, bigger the better, but all one has to keep in mind is the bar spacing as you don’t want your bird to strangle in it while trying to escape.

Ideal bar spacing size is 1/2” to 5/8”. Not many of us are born taught of how to keep a pet and thus this article was to help those that really want their lovebirds to love their time with their owner in their new house, i.e. their cage.

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