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Meyers Parrot

Meyers Parrot are not as much active as compared to the other breeds of parrots. These are popular due to their moderate personalities. They like challenges and are playful like the other traits of their breeds. They like to interact daily and need special attention. They are comical and comedian.

Their playful personality is animated of lager breeds. They are better than bigger parrots due to quiet and calm nature. They are independent and do not attack others. They will love to interact with other members of the family. They attract others without making loud calls. They are highly wonderful pets as compared to the other large parrots.

Characteristics of Meyers Parrot

  • Size: 8 inches
  • Weight: 100-130 grams
  • Wing Span: Narrow
  • Lifespan: 40years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds. Do not need monitoring, they do not bite and do not attack others, social, not noisy and messy, playful. Energetic, talkative and interactive birds.
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train, loving and needs attention, not aggressive
  • Comparable Breeds: Caiques, lorries

History of Meyers Parrot:

History of Meyers Parrot

It is a kind of the Poicephalus parrots. These parrots come in medium size parrots. They are stocky African parrots that are found in the warm climate. They are recognized for their calm behavior. These are named on a German ornithologist Benhard Meyar.

These are found in the warm climate of Africa. They make their nests on the bushes and plants in the wild. These are the birds that make their nest boxes on the height of the ground for mating. All these species have unique characteristics. They are kept as pet very easily and variety of features makes them good pets.

Appearance of Meyers Parrot:

Appearance of Meyers Parrot

They are very sweet parrots. These parrots have several color mutations. They are found in the length of about 21 cm. their average weight is 90 to 130 grams. The gain weight very easily. They have bright yellow marks on their carpal joints of the wings.

On the wings they have blue rump as well. They are recognized due to the blue-green or green abdomen, dull brown tail, back and head. In some species parrots have yellow top. They are found in brown, white, orange, red, yellow and lush green color. They are extremely attractive.

Baby Meyers Parrots:

Baby Meyers Parrots

The breeding time is different according to their natural habitat. They reproduce from March to August in Zimbabwe, March to June in Mpumalanga, May to September in Malawi and Zambia and December to January in Sudan. They make their nest box in the cavities of the trees above the ground.

In the mating time they need complete darkness and comfortable area. Female incubate eggs the whole clutch. The clutch contains three to four eggs. Female hatches the eggs for 27 days. Male protects the nest during hatching period. The chicks get independent in eight weeks.

About Baby Meyers Parrots Health:

About Baby Meyers Parrots Health

They need proper care for getting security from the bacterial, fungal and viral infection. Their common infection is Aspergillosis. It is a fungal infection that needs good care. They cannot survive in the tesed and boring environment. They may suffer the situations of regurgitation, poorly digestion, weight loss or excessive weight due to the Bornavirus.

They should be provided several opportunities of exercise and playing. Provide them great care. It will keep them safe and secure from all health problems. They can live a healthy life with healthy and tidy surrounding and regular checkups.

Meyers Parrots Life Span:

Meyers Parrots Life Span

With good care, Meyers Parrots survive long time. They need good and pleasant atmosphere to live healthy. It is very important to provide them health care with good diet. In the wild they get preyed easily by eagle, snake and other animals. Their natural lifespan is 40 years. If the get good care they can survive entire natural lifespan.

Feeding For Meyers Parrots:

Feeding For Meyers Parrots

Balanced and healthy diet is the key to provide energy. It keeps the parrot healthy and active. Provide them premium and formula diet. Give them fresh fruit, seeds, vegetables, leafy diet, pellet, grain and cereal. All these things are important to provide them complete health. They can survive very easily by improving their immunity.

Meyers Parrots With Children:

Meyers Parrots With Children

It is a social bird. It does not noisy and aggressive. It can be kept in the company of children. It contains stable temperament with easy going, quiet and affectionate personality. It is not a clownish bird but it is better to keep an eye on it. It is friendly and loving bird that gives entertainment to your children. They are highly wonderful birds for your children.

Meyers Parrots with Animals:

These are social and are recognized due to their calm and peaceful nature. They do not need any extra attention. They are highly wonderful pets. They like others company but they can play independently. They like to play with toys and other birds. They are social and can live very easily with other animals. They do no bite.

How Talented Meyers Parrots are:

These are extremely talented. They are talkative and love interaction. They can learn whistling, talking, learning human vocabulary, tricks and many more. They like to play with toys and chew the wooden toys. Due to playful nature they can be taught very easily the tricks and techniques. They like playing with toys. They are highly good pets.

Meyers Parrots Training:

Meyers Parrots Training

These parrots are very easy to train. They are highly brilliant and intelligent. For training your pets, offer them reward. It is good for winning their trust and love. Training a new parrot takes time but these are extremely quick.

Getting knowledge about their moods is key to success. Provide good attention to your parrot. They are quick learner. They know how to pick the trick that you are going to explain them. Consistency and revision of techniques are helpful for teaching techniques.

Meyers Parrots Talking Skills:

Meyers Parrots Talking Skills

They have good talking skills. They are talkative and able to learn speaking skills. They need to interact daily. For the owner, if have these parrots then it is vital to talk to them daily. They can learn human vocabulary and improve their speaking power.

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Meyers Parrots Biting and Aggression:

They are not aggressive and they do not bite. They do not show loud and messy behavior if they do not get proper attention. They are nippy sometimes but do not stubborn and violent. They are not hostile. They are known for their calm and moderate behavior.

Best Cages for Meyers Parrots 

1. Princeville Palace Bird Cage:

Princeville Palace Bird Cage

It is beautifully designed vintage style bird cage. It’s measurement is 16’’Wx34’’H. It is extremely affordable. It is very easy to assemble. It is intended with two perches made of wood, two food bowls, two water cups, two feeder doors and pull out train. It is portable due to the light material.

For offering easy cleaning this cage is admirable. These are obviously as per current needs of the modern users. The extraordinary shine of the stainless steel barsmakes it an eye-catchy product. All the items in this collection contain mirror polish. It is highly perfect for your use due to the eco-friendly nature. It is completely safe and is great for offering security.

2. Large Parrot With Paly Top:

Large Parrot with Paly Top

It comes with style that offers high quality and responsibility. If you are looking for a stylish cage that can offer security with style then it is a perfect choice. It is the most efficient item for you. It can perform all basic functions of security with the superior quality. It provides complete protection due to the sharp blades.

This wonderful cage is highly durable due to the strong and sturdy material. It can be used in all circumstances. The stainless steel coating saves it from getting rusty. It can be used a perfect tool for self-defense. It can be taken for longer time. It will protect you in all harmful conditions. It is lightweight and very easy to adjust.

3. FlapTop Bird Cage:

FlapTop Bird Cage

The use of wonderful cage is very famous these days for security purpose. It contains heavy bars and light trays that comes with cover. It is very easy to use and offers a wide space. As per a survey it is found out that this cage is one of the most dependable product that provides complete security to its users.

Due to its handy nature it is very feasible to keep inside the home. It is one of the efficient products that can be used in all types of surroundings. For security purpose it is manufactured to keep you safe in any harmful situation. It helps you keep protected in the street crime.

4. Black Bird Cage:

Black Bird Cage

It is designed with stainless steel finish that makes it highly efficient and practical. Its light color makes it easier for preventing over rusting. It is intended with metal iron. It is made of the stainless steel material that is highly durable for the users.

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