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5 Most Loveable Parrot Breeds

Small Parrot Breeds

There is no doubt in this that people who are interested in buying a pet parrot would also like to know which type of parrot breed will suit them as a companion. People look for a friendly, well-mannered and gentle parrot to keep as a pet.

Finding a parrot with these characteristics is more important for those who don’t know much about parrots and are novice owners. It’s easy to bond with a parrot that has a gentle nature rather than bonding with a bird which is aggressive.

Every parrot owner has to suffer a bite or two, but the possibility to minimize the risk is by choosing the right breed for you. Here is a list of the parrot breeds which are known for their gentle and social behavior.

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Small Parrot Breeds

Budgies are the most adorable bird species in the world and are also one of the most popular parrot breeds. When you train and properly care for Budgies they are the most affectionate pet birds. 

Being small and easy to maintain, Budgies are also good learners and can easily learn fun tricks. Another amazing and cute thing about Budgies is that they can learn to talk and amaze you with their comical voices.

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Small Parrot Breeds

The cockatiel is also another good choice for those people who are finding a friendly pet bird. These Australian parrots make amazing pets when they are raised in an affectionate environment and hand feed like babies.

Though they are not good learners at talking, these parrots are pretty smart and can mimic noises like doorbells, microwaves, and phone bell. These birds are not too big and can easily be taken care of as compared to other hookbill parrots.


Small Parrot Breeds

If you like large birds, but you want a parrot with a friendly nature, then many parrot owners will suggest you to buy a Cockatoo. These birds are known for their friendly nature and the strong bonding which they share with their owners.

If you consider owning a pet Cockatoo then you must make sure that you have plenty of time to socialize with your bird. As Cockatoos can get depressed if they are not given proper attention and can start plucking or show other kinds of destructive behavior.


Small Parrot Breeds

Over the past few years, Parrotlets have become quite famous for being adorable pets. Cute, interesting, small and easy to take care of these small birds have persona far bigger than their small bodies.

Parrotlets make amazing pets, but one thing is for sure if you are choosing to keep Parrotlets then you must have plenty of time in order to socialize with your birds so that they remain well-mannered just like Cockatoo.

Hyacinth Macaws:

Small Parrot Breeds

Hyacinth Macaws are the largest parrots on the planet and surprisingly, they are also known as “Gentle Giants”.  These parrots are known for their social personalities and friendly nature. Hyacinth Macaws love to play and cuddle, but due to their huge size, many owners find it difficult to adjust them. If you have enough space in your house, or you build an aviary then you can easily keep a Macaw as a pet.

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