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5 Most Viral Parrot Talking Videos

African Grey Parrot Ears
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It is a known fact worldwide that parrots are the best pet we can train easily to talk. There are thousands of videos available on the Internet where we see talking parrots and a whole lot more about tips and trips for parrot lovers.

Here below I’m going to add 5 parrot talking videos those are most viral on the Internet. You can see them and add your comment below which one you like the most and on what basis. 🙂

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No. 1 Most Viral Parrot Talking Video:

With over 15 million + views on Youtube alone. This parrot will absolutely amaze you with his skills.

2nd Most Watched Talking Parrot Video:

Frankly, I love this parrot, especially when he says OOOOOOOOO again and again. very loud and clear and 9 million + views.

3rd Most Viral Video: Actually its Parrot Singing:

It’s amazon parrot. His name is MENINO, unfortunately, he is dead now. Looks amazing how parrot can sing and make up a beat from his month. it’s at 3rd position with 5.8+ Million views.

No. 4 Parrot Video: Cockatiel Making an Amazing Beat:

With over 4.4 Million views. In starting I didn’t like to add this in my list but all of the sudden, this Cockatiel really impressed me with his amazing music beat. check yourself.

5th Most Viral Parrot Talking Video:

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At last but not the least meet the Knoxville Zoo ‘s most famous parrot name as Einstein. Come to visit this African gray parrot at Knoxville Zoo’s Bird Show in the USA. Also if you have African grey parrot and would like to teach him Read more by clicking here

I mentioned 5 different amazing parrot videos those are most famous on the Internet. If you already have a parrot and want him to be like them. Obviously, you need effort and dedication towards him but you also need a proper guide which shows you the right way to do it.

I found a great parrot training course which had the free trial available. if you have any suggestions or your parrot video available online which you want to show to the other readers, your comment is appreciated below 🙂

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