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Nanday Conure

Nanday Conure

Nanday Conure Parrots are known for their unique traits. These are noisy in the morning and afternoon. These parrots are startled any time of the day. It can be reduced by interacting with them. They are out going and adaptable.

They get easily familiar with their keepers and owners quickly.They become destructive if they are unhappy to anything. Due inadequate stimulation and socialization they become harsh. They use to sleep on their backs. An untrained Nanday parrot is very difficult to control.

They love to play in water therefore they are fond of bathing. In home take care of those areas in which water is stored like fish tanks and toilet. They love to play in these areas that can be harmful for them. These are clownish and charming birds.

Characteristics of Nanday Conures

  • Size: 12 inches or 30cm
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Wing Span: 11 inches
  • Lifespan: 25 years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Lorries, Cockatoo

History of Nanday Conures:

The natural Habitat of these parrots is Western Hemisphere. These are analogous in way of life to the old world’s rose-ringed parrots and in size. They dwell in South and Central America. These parrots are found in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Mato Grosso, Argentina, Senta Fe, Chaco and Formosa. Their history is full of diversity.

They are the birds of diverse changes and variety of features that are different in all species.They are found in the tropical areas. These are their ideal habitats. They like coastal forests and savanna woodlands. They like the areas where water is in huge amount. They love to play in rain.

Appearance of The Nanday Conures:

Appearance of The Nanday Conures:

These birds are full of beauty and color mutations. They have black throat, cheeks and head. The color of their body is green and they contain blue breast. The lower part of the body is yellowish green. Due to black head they are called black hooded parrots.

Their size is about 12 inches or 30 cm. They are monomorphic sexually.The other mutations can be organized with the matching of the existed colors. This diversity of colors improves their beauty and makes them attractive in the wild and at the home.

Baby Nanday Conure Parrots:

Baby Nanday Conure Parrots:

In the large aviary, these birds are the best suited to colony breeding. They start reproduction from May to August. These are their best breeding months because the days are long. The size of their clutch is three to six eggs. Female incubates the whole clutch for 23 to 24 days.

They need healthy diet during mating and reproduction season. Endoscopy and the DNA test is the source to get information about their sexual maturity. Do not allow them reproduction without these tests. They are playful birds. It needs to be careful while they are in mating and reproduction process.

About Nanday Conures Parrots Health:

These are called hardy birds. The common issue of the bird’s life is feather picking. They start screeching when they are afraid. It is due to the boredom and poor diet. They may suffer bleeding syndrome. It is a kind of internal bleeding of the parrot that is dangerous for the bird’s life.

The lack of calcium and vitamin K can cause diseases in parrots. They need special care. It will keep them safe and secure from all health problems. They can live a healthy life with healthy and tidy surrounding and regular checkups.

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Nanday Conures Parrots LifeSpan:

These birds need good care and healthy diet. Due to these factors, if provided good they become healthy and get good immunity. It helps them to live more and good lifespan. Otherwise they become sick and die early. Their natural lifespan is 25 years.

It makes them a good feathered friend of yours. In the wild, they cannot get good diet and good care. It makes them sick and weak. These birds become the prey of the wild animals easily. It reduces their lifespan.

Feeding for Nanday Conures Parrots:

Feeding for Nanday Conures Parrots

Diet of the parrots depends on the conditions of their molting, rearing youth, egg-laying, breeding, growth, physiological and activity level. Other than seed mixes and pellet mixes they need fresh and healthy diet. They require kale, parsley, collards, mustard and chard in greens.

Provide cooked beans, potato, broccoli, snow peas, yam, beet, cabbage, and pepper in vegetables. In fruits, give them fig, papaya, melons, mango, plum, banana, berries and grape. There are some foods that must be avoided because these are harmful for them. Avoid giving those sugared products, alcohol, salty food, oily foods, fatty food, cured meats, chocolate, caffeine and avocado.

Nanday Conures Parrots with Children:

They are loving and playful birds. These are affectionate and get familiar to their owners and keepers. These are very loud and noisy. They need attention. They like to play with others and need toys to play inside the cage. You can keep them with your children at home. Sometimes they become nippy. These are cuddlier birds most of the time.

Feeding for Nanday Conures Parrots:

Nanday Conures Parrots with Animals:

They love to play with other birds of their size in the wild. These are friendly birds. You can keep them with your other pets. They are affectionate and offer good company. With their acrobat nature they are highly entertaining. For having energy and potential these are extremely playful. Other birds and animals enjoy their company.

How Talented Nanday Conures Parrots are:

Feeding for Nanday Conures Parrots

These are talented birds. They love to learn and use their learnt words and sounds. They can learn easily tricks and techniques. These are brilliant and intelligent. These are called wonderful birds for offering good company.

They like to interact with others.They like playing with toys. They are highly good pets. Your pets will love you for your good care, whenever they face dangers then they try to fly, they have the flight tendency even you are having it as a pet.

Nanday Conures Parrots Training:

Offering them reward and prize is the vital key to win their trust and love. They are very easy to tame. These are highly wonderful pets. For these parrots you need to be more energetic as compared to the other birds.

They are extremely dynamic in many ways. Allow them to learn human vocabulary. They use to intimate sounds and whistle. Training will never be succeeded without the consistency. The Nanday Conures Parrots are good learner in an older age.

Nanday Conures Parrots Talking Skills:

They are not fond of talking but they use to intimate various sounds. They like to play all the time. They learn human vocabulary and like to use these words commonly. They are loving birds who like to interact with others. They give loud calls in the form of whistle.

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Nanday Conures Parrots Biting and Aggression:

Nanday Conures Parrots Biting and Aggression:

These are the birds that get aggressive due to the lack of attention. If they are not appreciated they may bite. They can be destructive due to the ignorance. They like appreciation all the time. Their beaks are heavy and wide. Due to this reason they can injure others.

Best Cages for Nanday Conures Parrots

1. Opening Dome Cage:

For making your cage attractive, choose the items that are unique in designs. Pick reliable, professional and efficient items for your phone.The material is strong and sturdy. It is durable and made of sturdy material. It must be easy to wash.

It is very easy to care and offer good output.Due to high technology it is highly efficient and multi-functional. It is full of style and fashion. It contains the modern designs that are rich in offering allure and shimmer.

2. Small Bird Parrot Top Cage:

You will love to use this cage for your conure bird with the accessories. These are most suitable for all the time to make you feel glorious. The choice of colors and design will make it different to others.

It offers an exclusive entertainment full of amusement. For raising the class and style always use the item that enhances the allure of your personality. It needs to select a reliable and exclusive quality for long-term use.

3. Parrot Cage with Stand:

These are designed for the modern users to deliver an impressive look. The stylish cages are designed in a modern style to offer shimmer. The alluring designs make it a must have option for your pets. It is crafted with variety of styles to offer an ultra-mod beauty. The modest style delivers a super modish look.

4. A and E Cage:

An exclusive quality is always vital. Do not ignore this factor. Prefer the brand that always provides a highly luxurious quality product and affordable price.It must be highly demanded by the wide range of clients.

Prefer the item that is suitable according to the environment and season. This cage is wide and spacious. It is good for your conure parrots. These are play full and they can continue their activities in this cage. It is strong and sturdy.

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