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Pionus Parrots

Pionus Parrot

Pionus Parrots are similar to amazon and have some traits common. These parrots are eager to please, prospective, courageous, loyal, self-assured, observant and intelligent. You will find it a good companion in your home. It needs to shape up the character and the temperament of your parrot.

You must have to learn the proper techniques for training your pionus parrots. It is not as much easier to train the parrot for obedience because it needs to judge the mood of the pet first of all. It needs only a special time for making bonding.

They have very soft and appealing voice. They are very easy to tame but it needs experience to tame them. These are good pets for home with children, bit nervous and can be high strung. These parrots can utter growling sound if they are threatened.

Characteristics of Pionus Parrots:

  • Size: 9-13 inches
  • Weight: 200- 280 grams
  • Wing Span: Narrow
  • Lifespan: 30+ years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train
  • Comparable Breeds: Amazon

History of Pionus Parrots:

Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrots have eight species such as white capped pionus, maximillion, dusky, bronze winged, blue head pionus. These are found in the Central America and South America. They dwell in mountainous regions, savannahs and forested areas. Their history is full of diversity. They are the birds of diverse changes and variety of features that are different in all species.

It is the bird that likes to live in the subtropical and tropical areas. These are found in Brazil, Bolivia, Trinidad, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Central America and South America. These are playful birds and easily found in the wild. They have flight in the forest and enjoy their living.

Their natural habitat is semi-open country and forest with cultivated areas. They are found in drier habitats, semi-humid regions, and humid areas and along rivers. They use to live in the cavity of the trees.

It is very important to treat these parrots according to their desire and the situation because there are many advantages of it. Learn more about the benefits of getting knowledge about their behavior. They are kept in the wide and spacious cages.They like tropical climate and need to live with great care in cages.

Appearance of the Pionus Parrots:

Pionus Parrot

These parrots have the length of 10 to 12 inches. They have same shape of amazon with square and short tails. They contain red feathers under the tail at the vent. They are recognized due to the fleshy and bare eye-ring circling the whole eye.

Their physical characteristics are quite obvious that is their recognition. These parrots have variety of color mutation in aviculture. It is often out-numbered, out talked, out-colored and out flashed by several species. It is talkative like amazon.

These are beautiful due to variety of color mutations including red, blue, yellow, green, grey, orange and many more. They have raspy and soft voices. They offer friendly outgoing. These are known as nippy and some are shy. They offer wheezing sound.  These are recognized due to their beautiful color combinations of feathers.

They have good heights and good weight. It makes them the medium size parrots among other species. Its weight is about 200 to 300. The wing span is wide.These are found in the wild in variety of colors in different tropicalareas. It has many feather mutations, pattern and color especially the combination of yellow and blue feathers are very common.

Baby Pionus Parrots:

Pionus Parrot

They reproduce successfully for increasing their breed. It means they reduces the number of wild caught birds and saves the species. It does not contain any breeding regulations in the United Kingdom, Canada and United States. They are not dimorphic. It is very important to know whether they are able to sex or not.

Chromosonal analysis, DNA test, endoscopy and surgical probe are the ways to check their ability to sex. These birds are bred in the flight cages. It requires 25x25x25 cm or 10’’x10’’x20’’ cage for breeding. They need soft bedding for mating. To encourage the breeding they need complete darkness in the matting area.

Female is responsible for egg laying. They lay 5 eggs in a clutch. Female incubates eggs for 26 days. The chicks leave the nest after eight or fourteen to weeks. It depends on the species. Their feathers do not grow until the age of ten weeks.

After the growth of their feathers they become independent and leave their parents. Males guard the nest and feed female during incubation. They need special diet during mating and incubation. They need high protein diet in this duration.

About Pionus Parrots Health:

Pionus Parrot

Are you fond of pets and you having parrots at your home? It means you have to take care of your parrots for your convenience. Taking care of these parrots according to your feasibility is not an easy task because all these parrots have their own temperament and moods.

On the hand that these birds need to learn some things that are helpful in many ways. They need special care and health checkups regularly. It needs to provide them proper clean and tidy environment. Provide them healthy diet for increasing their health vitality. It increases immunity in parrots. They may have these health issues if they are not cared properly.

  1. Aspergillosis, beak malocclusion
  2. Psittacosis
  3. feather diseases
  4. Psittacine beak
  5. Proventricular Dilatation disease
  6. Diarrhea

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Pionus Parrots LifeSpan:

Pionus Parrot

The pinus is a medium size genus. Their natural native is South America, Central America and Mexico. They contain chunky bodies, short square tail and bare eye ring. If they are fed on healthy diet and given good care then they can survive more. In the wild they are easy victim of the snake, eagles and other animals.

If they get weak then they become sick. It can cause their death. For this purpose, they need to provide healthy diet with regular checkups. Due to this feature of the breed they are good mates of the family. They need friendly and loving atmosphere for their better conduct.

Feeding for Pionus Parrots:

Pionus Parrot

These pionus parrots are fond of vegetables, fruit and seeds. They need healthy diet for good survival. They require formula diet for healthy life, Sprinkle vitamin and other supplements in their water and food. It keeps them healthy and active. These are very sweet birds that are very easy to care.

They need in good amount of protein to eat during egg production. During breeding season, they require more calcium and carbohydrates. These are good for their health. In the normal routine they do not need the food of heavy protein. The cereals and grains are good for their normal diet.

Pionus Parrots with Children:

The Pionus Parrots are good friend of your children. They do not get aggressive. It is very important for your parrot to accept the strangers and other animals without creating mess for you it is called socialization. The one of the best Benefits of these parrots is to make them hospitable and friendly to others. The other most important advantage is to make them cultured and enable them to behave like a mannered pet, this technique is known as teaching Good manners. A mannered pet makes your social life very easy and let the other people convenient to join you.

Pionus Parrots with Animals:

They are very social birds. They are sweet, playful and energetic. Due to their active nature they are highly adaptable. The parrots need to learn the way that helps them to communicate with other and to make them understand. An Easy communication is the strategy or the advantage for you that increase your affection to your parrot.

Entertainment is the main objective for which you have brought the parrot at home. If you have a good trained parrot it means you can have good time with it. It is one of the amazing benefits of these parrots that they are very easy to accommodate with other pets.

How Talented Pionus are:

Pionus Parrot

These parrots are extremely talented because they can easily learn new techniques. They are very easy to tame. They can learn good communication skills. They are less talkative but they can speak very easily. They can whistle and improve their human memory. They are comical birds and can do mimicry easily.

Pionus Parrots Training:

The majority of the people find it very difficult to teach the pet according to their feasibility. It needs to take help in this regard. The majority of the people hire the trainer for this purpose but the drawback of this technique is that it does not help in developing your affection to your parrot.

It is better for you that you try to train your parrot by yourself. There are many websites that give their services in these terms. The websites offer these tips to the users for getting comments for free. In this way the user gets free techniques to use and test them.

In this way he/she will be able to comment for the improvement of the product. These sites will pay you for it and you get the product as well. These websites play a vital role in the fields of life and has brought the revolution all over the world. It shows the highly effective results due to which Online help is progressing by leaps and bounds these days.

Pionus Parrots Talking Skills:

They have good talking skills. They are very easy to train for taking but they talk little. They are active but calm in nature. They do not like loudness and noise. They care comical and due to this nature they are good entertainer.They can easily be trained to talk due to good skills but they cannot copy or mimicking you.

Pionus Parrots Biting and Aggression:                            

Pionus Parrot

They are not aggressive and do not bite. In some cases males are more aggressive as compared to females. They are very good pets and have raspy and soft voices. They can be called nippy. When they are frightened, they utter wheezing sound. When they feel threatened they utter growling sound. They love taking bath daily.

Best Cages for Pionus Parrots:

1. Open Top Parrot Cage:

It contains four swivel casters that offer durability and mobility. It has the mesh hurdle structure that is escape proof. It contains three feeder doors. It is an innovative product that is full comfort and convenience.

It is light-weight therefore it is very easy to place on the table either dining or in your office. You will find this mug very delicate. Using it will be an incredible blessing for all users. It is designed with high quality.

Pionus Parrot

2. Yescom Parrot Bird Cage:

Pionus Parrot

It is a perfect cage for Pionus parrots. These are spacious and wide for these parrots. The stainless steel bars are black in color and offers real style. It is made up of strong and sturdy material. It is durable and lightweight.

3. Yescom Open Top Bird Parrot Cage:

The collection of the hunting knife is available in variety of designs and styles as per modern trends. These are durable and made of strong and sturdy material. The stainless steel bars is exclusive in presentation.

It is intended with non-toxic epoxy and powder coated wire. It contains two side doors and four feeding bowls. It is integrated with one ladder, bench and two interior wooden perches.

Pionus Parrot

4. Large Bird Cage with Playtop:

Pionus Parrot

For delivering a real and original security mechanism this cage is perfect in the offering security. It is designed with exclusive quality. There is no match of the quality. It has unique designs and real style for the users.

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