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Poicephalus Parrots

Poicephalus Parrots

Poicephalus is a special breed of parrots that is known in the world due to their red belly. They are famous for their friendly and loving nature. These are highly wonderful birds due to their extraordinary playful nature. These are called nippy birds and are good for children.

They enjoy chewing, well at uttering sounds, fair talkers, affectionate, cuddly, socialized, one person birds, entertaining, have good sense of humor, curious and intelligent. Their behavior and appearance depends on their species. These are very easy to tackle and handle. These are known for imitating the sounds. These parrots are extremely wonderful for offering good pet experience.

Characteristics of Poicephalus Parrots

  • Size: 9 to 13 inches
  • Weight: 100-135 g
  • Wing Span: wide
  • Lifespan: 30 to 40 years
  • Physique: small and sleek body with beautiful tail
  • Best suited for: suitable for apartments and can be accommodated with children, perfect pet due to pleasant and friendly temperament
  • Temperament: chirping birds, quiet chattering, cheerful dispositions, talkative birds, comical, , suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Comparable Breeds: Caiques and Lorries

History of Poicephalus Parrots:

History of Poicephalus Parrots:

These parrots have variety of types such as red belly parrots, Senegal, uncap parrot, brown head parrot, jardine’s and Mayer’s. These are medium sized birds. They are native of Sub Saharan Africa. They are found in the various regions of the Aftrotropicecozone.

Ethopia in the east, Soth Africa and desert sub Saharan are the sites you can find them easily. They were first described in 1845 in Ruppell. They like to live in the brush and their food is acacia fruit. The red belly parrots go inside the in a bell fashion to get the hanging fruit. They love to get this fruit and enjoy eating it.

They need to get it by putting their upside down. They love to do this activity.These birds like dry and warm climate. They can survive in the desert and the warm areas of the Africa. This is the reason they are tough for the warm climate. They can tolerate heat but for the cold the animal cannot resist too much.

They are the birds of warm area. For living and surviving they need to stay in the bushes and weeds. In the home you can provide them wide cage to enjoy easy living. They like to spend much of their time in putting their upside down.

Appearance of Poicephalus Parrots:

Appearance of Poicephalus Parrots

These are called stocky birds. They have short and broad tails. Their beaks and heads are large as per their size. These are found in the ancient Greek. They are dimorphic birds. In this breed of parrots the sdult female and male can easily be identified due to the variations of color, feather and other signs.

They are fed on leafy matter, nuts, fruits and seeds. These are the birds of beautiful colors which makes them highly appealing. In the desert, it looks very beautiful when they have flight.They have slender bodies. These are very beautiful birds. The adult female parrots are found with a deep forest green belly in gray color.

The male parrots have gray back with olive wings. They have orange forehead, red belly and neck. Their legs and wings are olive or lime green. They have red iris and the width of the eye’s iris is changed as per their will. It depends on the interest of the bird. These are the birds that are available in variety of color mutations. They are found in brown, white, orange, red, yellow and lush green color.

Baby Poicephalus Parrots:

Baby Poicephalus Parrots

These parrots can start reproduction in the age of the two years. In some circumstances they start breeding in four years. They are dimorphic and can be recognized female and male very easily. They reproduce whole year three to four clutches. Each clutch contains three to four eggs.

Female incubates the eggs completely and the male parrot protects it. It feeds female during the hatching period. Female hatches the eggs for 26 days. The chicks open their eyes in the age of ten days. Female incubates the eggs until these are hatched. She does not allow male to come in the nest during this period.

These parrots need more privacy as compared to the other breeds of the parrots for mating. They need their nest box in the dark for mating. They make their nest box in the dark and at the height of the tree from the ground.

In the cage they require their nest box at the height and in the dark.  Light should not come in the nest box for easy mating. They need special food and diet during this time. They require food that is based on carbohydrates and proteins during mating and reproduction.

About Poicephalus Parrots Health:

About Poicephalus Parrots Health:

They need special care for living a healthy life. These are very delicate birds and need good care. Some visible signs of their illness are given below.

  • Drooping wings
  • Listlessness
  • Ruffled plumage
  • Watery or Partially closed eyes
  • Bulges in feathering
  • No appetite
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Sagging body
  • Changes in the faces
  • Dirty vent
  • Excessive saliva
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Rasping

Some common health issues are given below.

  • Lipoma in an older parrot
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Toxicity
  • Gout or Kidney diseases
  • Papillomas
  • Beak malformations in baby
  • Chewing tail and flight feathers
  • Allergies
  • Fungal, viral and bacterial infections
  • Psittacosis (parrot fever, chlamydiosis)

They are commonly healthy, energetic, active and smart. Due to their strong and stout body they look healthy. Provide them warmth if you find them having fever. These are the birds of warm climate. They need good care for survival.

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Poicephalus Parrots Life Span:

Poicephalus Parrots Life Span

These are the birds of warm climate they cannot survive much in the clod areas. It is very important to keep them in warmth. Keep their water fresh and living area clean for good survival. In the wild they are preyed by the desert snake, eagles and other animals very easily. Their normal life span is about forty years.

They are good friends. They need good diet and care for living in a better way.Due to this feature of the breed they are good mates of the family. They need friendly and loving atmosphere for their better conduct. Good care and attention help them to live healthy and long.

Feeding for Poicephalus Parrots:

They like to eat seed, fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is vital to provide them their favorite food. The majority of the parrots like fresh food. Sprinkle supplements and vitamins on their food and water to keep them healthy and active. These are charming birds and they need special formula diet for energy. They are entertainers and they are playful.

It needs to keep them active with their favorite food. The formula diet is based on grain and cereal. Do not provide them heavy proteins in the normal day. They need this special diet with carbohydrate during their breeding period.In the home, as a pet you must provide them vegetables boiled or fresh. They like leafy fruit or vegetables. Take care of these points if you have Poicephalus Parrotsat home.

Poicephalus Parrots with Children:

Yes, they are good friends of your children. They have good life span. They are life time mates. They are playful, energetic, clown, comedian and energetic. They do not bite. It is good to accommodate them with your children.

They like attention so always provide them love and good care. They can be accommodated in the apartments. Enjoy their company by providing them good care and attention. Your kid will have a wonderful playing partner in the form of the Poicephalus Parrot.

Poicephalus Parrots with Animals:

These are friendly, and social in nature. They can easily be accommodated with other birds and animal. They do not bite and show their aggression. They play with other birds and call them by whistling. They do not show ignorance to others. They are not noisy and loud. These are called sweet and loving birds.

How Talented Poicephalus Parrots are:

They are highly talented and they can easily learn what you want to teach them. These are intelligent and brilliant. They can easily copy your words and vocabulary. If they are taught consistently they can easily improve their human vocabulary. It is a good aspect of these birds that this breed is talkative, they intimate various sounds in the same tone.

Poicephalus Parrots Training:

  1. Focus on the moods and nature of the parrot for training
  2. Choose the time when your pet is in fresh mood
  3. First of all, let him be familiar to you and surroundings
  4. It is very important to make it friendly for the strangers
  5. Never give it more than one instruction at a time
  6. Use the technique of reward in doing good action
  7. Do not punish your parrots.

These parrots are eager to please, prospective, courageous, loyal, self-assured, observant and intelligent.

Poicephalus Parrots Talking  Skills:

They are talkative parrots. They are highly wonderful and have good speaking skills. They can speak human words. They are famous for giving whistle calls to other birds. They learn how to whistle and they copy your favorite tune very beautifully.

They love to intimate sounds. They like mimicking others. Due to this nature they are loved by everyone. They can learn talking. They are very easy to tame due to this nature they are good entertainer. They learn tricks easily and get good attention.

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Poicephalus Parrots Biting and Aggression:

They do not bite and are not aggressive. These are called independent birds because they can play alone. They do not need any friend or companion to pass the time. It is very important to interact with them daily. It makes their mood fresh. It keeps them active and energetic. If you do not talk to them daily they may become nippy.

Best Cages for Poicephalus Parrots

1. Yescom Large Parrot Cage:

Have you decided to take a secure and wide cage for Poicephalus Parrots? It is wise decision for the security of your pet no doubt. It will definitely give you mental relief for planning the right item. It is durable and highly solid for the users. It is lightweight and portable.

Selecting the right one for your pet is the major concern because the plenty of manufacturers have made the task difficult for you. It is lightweight. The size always matters because it allows you an easy portability.

It contains double snap lock in the front. It contains an innovative technology. If you are using these items for commercial purposes then these are ideal due to the modern technology.

2. Large Parrot Bird Cage:

It contains powdered coated black iron. It is safe for the parrots due to the epoxy finished. The open play top offers wide space for perching. The strong metal wires are not able to bent by the parrots. Implementing the innovative framework of protection can change the value of it rapidly.

It will improve your confidence for security by supporting it with an essential system. A compelling affiliation is the best technique for making the capability with the assistance of the simple and straightforward arrangement. It is easily adjustable.

3. Large Parrot Bird Cages with House Play Top:

It is a good choice for your parrots because they get wide space due to the house play top. It is accessible at an affordable cost. It is extremely easy to sort out, simple to introduce, adaptable and equipped with modern technology. It is highly durable and compact. There are many items are included in this collection. It is hand crafted by skilled artisans.

4. Bird Parrot Cage with Stand:

It is intended with the 4 durable rolling casters. These are designed with 2 locks. The four feeding bowls and two interior perches that are made of wood are highly wonderful. It is made of stainless steel. These are durable due to permanent shine. The anti-toxic material is safe for your use.

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