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Quality Parrotlet Cages Of 2022 – Your Parrots Ideal Home

Parrotlet Cage

After buying your new feathery friend the next first and foremost task that is very important is to get the home for your feathery friend. The birdcage is your pets new home thus we really want to invest in something that they like. It shall be spacious enough and comfortable for your bird to live within. Amongst many playful species of parrots, there are parrotlets that are small pint size joyful birds that are extremely active and are often referred to as mini amazons due to their temperamental behavior.

Getting a quality birdcage is a must investment, when you are getting the home for your parrotlet it is ideal if you consider getting the largest possible. Parrotlets are small birds thus there are a few things to keep in mind for their safety even if you got the largest possible cage. One such safety precaution is the bar spacing which shouldn’t exceed 5/8” so that the bird doesn’t strangle in it. Another aspect of safety is that the doors shall be able to close securely.

Amongst many features of safety are some other feathers that one may consider when buying their parrot a home? Before you start looking for the best parrotlet cage there are a few characteristics and features that you may want to look into, following is the buying guide to the ideal parrotlet cage:

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Comprehensive Guide To The Ideal Parrotlet Cage:

When you go out in search of that ideal parrotlet cage you often end up in confusion and question your parrot’s demand. Following are just a few aspects of buying the ideal cage for your parrotlet.

Size And Shape:

we don’t want our bird to feel trapped at all times inside a small cage thus its best to get the largest possible so your bird can fly inside without hindering or stressing by the set limits of bars. Short flights and jumps are their freedom inside a cage and we don’t want to kill that too. These free movements around the cage keep the parrotlets healthy and eliminate their boredom.


At times s few basic accessories are installed already when you buy the cage. But adding that extra value to your bird’s playtime and comfort is your duty to get your hands on the useful accessories like swings, toys or just a pet mirror for your parrotlet. One way of reducing the stress and anxiety in your bird is to keep it entertained and these accessories are just another quality investment.

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keeping the maintenance faster is one help to you and your parrotlet thus a cage with the easy cleanup option is ideal to invest in. removable bottom trays let you clean the cage from time to time.

Seed Guards:

Another aspect of cleanliness is covered by this feature that you may want to look into when getting a cage as this prevents the unconsumed food from being flung outside of the cage.


These small parrotlets are relying on you when you bring them home and their safety is at your hands. Thus a cage that has non-toxic coating shall be the first choice of buying. The birds chew the cage in boredom or just out of fun thus you want to make sure that the birdcage is safe enough.


You don’t want to strangle your little feathery pal, thus the right side of bar spacing allows your bird to feel free and less suffocated with you having a peace of mind that it won’t stick its head inside.

 Aesthetic Beauty:

 Aesthetic Beauty

Even your bird wants a home (cage) that is decorated and well maintained, the one that looks good. Birds have a sight for beauty too thus a good looking yet functional cage can be a good buy.

Your baby parrotlet may feel drifty and anxious when the environment changes but their home i.e. the cage matters a lot. Getting a good quality cage can be a long-term commitment to your pet.

Due to their small size and feisty nature, it doesn’t mean that a small sized cage will work just fine for them, in fact, the bigger the cage the better it is. Parrotlets enjoy indulging in playful activities thus a spacious enough cage can easily accommodate their toys to eradicate their boredom.

5 Top-Rated Parrotlet Cages Of 2022:

In order to get the hands on the decent cage for your parrotlet above mentioned features were just a summary following are the detailed best option that you may consider when planning to get your parrotlet the new home. Roomy and decent cage is vital for your bird’s safety and comfort. Jotting down a few best was done just to help you decide your decent option.

1. Prevue Park Plaza Parrotlet Cage:

Parrotlet Cage

Prevue Park Plaza Parrotlet Cage is a quality product in an affordable price. It is designed mainly for medium to small size birds. It is one of the most popular options my Prevue Park.

It is large and spacious with beautiful design. It comprises of all the basics that make your and your bird’s life easier.

It is made of wrought iron and it has a rolling stand with casters that enable us to move it around the house.

It becomes less of a challenge to clean it up with the aid of pull out grille and debris tray. Even your pet demands entertainment thus the wooden perch lets your bird have a bit of swing time.

Features Of Prevue Park Plaza Parrotlet Cage:

  • Durable non-toxic powder coated
  • Ideal for small to medium size birds
  • Two stainless steel cups
  • One wooden perch
  • Wrought iron construction
  • Easy rolling stand with casters
  • Seed guard
  • Large front door wind bell well secure
  • Heavy-duty locks

2. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Parrotlet Cage:

Parrotlet Cage

This particular cage is a great choice if you are looking for those extra features with the high-end quality built. It’s not just room but durable and safe too. It is coated with non-toxic material for a great finish that makes it look good with being safe at the same time.

It is designed to make your and your parrotlets life less troublesome. It has sufficient space to play around and even accommodates for than one parrotlet.

It can be moved around due to the rolling casters enabling us to change the view for your parrotlet to avoid boredom. The lower shelf gives you storage space. It is durable to do its wrought iron construction. This economical parrotlet cage is one of the hyped up options in the market.

Features Of Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Parrotlet Cage:

  • Wrought iron construction
  • Durable and stable
  • Four plastic feeding cups
  • Two large front doors
  • 3 wooden perches
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious to accommodate more than one bird
  • Bottom grille and drawers
  • ½ inches bar spacing

3. Everila PCFT32 Parrotlet Cage:

Parrotlet Cage

It is the top rated quality cage that has a robust construction and is quite durable. It is one of the excellent options if you have a small to medium sized bird such as parrotlet. It is a great value at a great price.

Apart from the basics, a few extra features make it worth buying such as the carbon steel wire construction makes it resistant to corrosion and makes it rough and tough. Keeping in mind your bird’s vision drifts it is incorporated with the rolling casters that help you move around the birdcage. It is a great option considering the price of the product.

Features Of Everila PCFT32 Parrotlet Cage:

  • Four feeding cups
  • Nontoxic elegant finish
  • Seven feeding doors
  • Carbon steel wire construction
  • Sturdy enough for small birds
  • Heavy-duty locks
  • Massive front door
  • Two wooden perches
  • Spacious enough
  • Rolling casters to move it around
  • Extra storage bottom shelf
  • Removable bottom tray for easy cleanup
  • Swing outdoor
  • Safety locks

4. Everila Parrotlet Bird Cage YFT32:

Parrotlet Cage

Low price yet the product so satisfactory is what makes it a complete package worth buying. It is a reasonably good birdcage that you may consider for your parrotlet. It is suitable for small to medium size birds and may accommodate more than one parrotlets.

The front door is big enough to give easy access in and out of the cage but the security of your bird is highly ensured by the safety locks installed in this cage.

Cleanliness and maintenance are easy with this cage due to the easy slide out tray. As the safety of your bird is of immense importance thus the cage is coated with the non-toxic paint providing elegant finish at the same time. Without any much efforts, you can easily move it around the house to change your bird’s view due to the rolling casters integrated with the cage.

Features Of Everila Parrotlet Bird Cage YFT32:

  • Safe and durable
  • Non-toxic paint coating
  • Rolling casters
  • ½ inches bar spacing
  • Roomy
  • Slide out tray for easy cleanup
  • Secure locks
  • Large front swing outdoor
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Two perches
  • 4 feeder cups
  • 7 feeding doors

5. Prevue HendryxParrotlet Cage Model No. SP42614-4:

Parrotlet Cage

When we look for the affordable yet perfect option for our parrotlet this particular cage doesn’t disappoint much. It is ideal for small to medium-sized birds and is safe and secure with the integrated locks.

Although it is not mounted on the rolling casters it may be moved around and kept anywhere, as it is pretty lightweight.

Cleaning this cage becomes less hassle due to the removable washable trays. The two large front doors give easy access in and out of the cage.

This cage is spacious enough to give your parrotlet enough space to fly inside and the 4 wooden perches keep them entertained. The half-inch bar spacing is safe enough for your bird. It’s not a bad choice when it comes to easy on pocket options.

Features Of Prevue HendryxParrotlet Cage:

  • Affordable
  • Two large front doors
  • Small integrated locks
  • Two plastic feeding cups
  • 4 wooden perches
  • Detachable feeding tray
  • Perfect for small to medium birds
  • ½ inches bar spacing

Final Verdict:

Birds are one creation in the animal kingdom that demands care and pampering when kept as a pet and the least we can do when we bring our parrotlet home is to make it feel like home by getting it a quality cage. Parrotlets are in general finicky and their nature gets them bored easily thus this becomes challenging but the right investment in cage and toys makes it less stressing.

These playful birds can keep up your mood when they feel loved. It’s just the care and love that’s a universal language, which the birds can easily feel too. Thus give love to your parrotlet and they will surely feel devoted to you in return

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