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If you think that you are quite capable of writing on parrots, share your own parrot story or you want to share helpful funny parrot videos whether your own or any other then we urge you to take part  at always looking for exciting writers, who want to share your knowledge with others. It is our pleasure to add your stories / articles at our blog with other readers. Consider this website as your own.

So just contact us at our Email and tell us which topic you want to cover. You can also write for longer period of time as well in a series as well. Tell us what you think in your Email. We will contact you as soon as we receive your message and get you connected to a section of your interest.

Here are some points that needs to understand before you further go:

Things to Take Care About:

  • Article must be unique and assure that it will never re-publish on anyother site.
  • Must be in good English with logical sentences.
  • If you are writing your parrot story, try to add your parrot pictures or videos to make it more interesting.
  • Also you are free to add 3-4 lines of brief bio including your full name, country, profession, Website URL (if any). We’ll add that as well with your article.
  • Include content-related pictures that would help in the best display of work.

What to Do Next:

  • Decide on a subject for the article you want to write.
  • Email us with simple details about yourself and the topic you want to cover.
  • Wait until we send you a confirmation Email then start writing your article.
  • Send us all the files and images you have at

Our mission is to provide you high quality platform where you discuss your knowledge to tell audience about your passion and also about yourself.

Umer Hayat

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