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How To Train A Parrot To Sit On Your Shoulder Guide – Review

How to Make Parrot Sit on Shoulder

Many parrot owners have time to train their parrot to do a variety of tricks. These tricks generally include getting them to come when you call them, training them to stand on their finger, and even talk like a human. One of the most trendy tricks, however, is training a parrot to sit on the shoulder of its owner. It’s a trick that has been enthused by the typical image of a pirate captain with his parrot on his shoulder, and this can also help strengthen the confidence you have with your parrot. This is the reason that, as an owner, you have to learn how to shoulder training your parrot.

How To Do It?

These are the basic steps of the process of getting your parrot shoulder trained.

  • [ad name=”Adsense 300 x 250 – Right”]Go through the procedure of training your parrot to be fearless of your hand, to the point where it naturally sits on your finger.
  • After it is at ease with being on your finger, shift your parrot carefully to your shoulder.
  • Allow it to get used to sitting on your shoulder first before you try to move your parrot. It is favorable to have numerous sessions with just letting your parrot stay on your shoulder, to the point where it feels comfortable.
  • With the parrot on your shoulder, carefully start to move around the room. It will require some time before your parrot is absolutely at ease in riding on your shoulder.

You Or Someone Else?

Like all parrot tricks and training, the best trainer is, of course, you, the owner. Managing your pet bird involve trust between you and the bird. It is a lot more difficult for the bird to learn from someone it does not know and has no trust for. In addition, it may even lead to the bird becoming more emotionally involved to the other person.


Useful Tips In Shoulder Training Your Budgie:

Even though you may already feel secure in your awareness of parrot shoulder training, it is not a bad idea to know a bit more than necessary. You can get suggestions from fellow parrot owners or even professional parrot handlers. A few of the most common advice that you will be given consist of:

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Never run or move around quickly when your parrot is on your shoulder, particularly if it is still adjusting to the new perch.

  • Ensure your parrot is trusting and relaxed before you try to make it do what you want.
  • Use persuasion to win over parrot heart and never force.
  • Just because your parrot will be exactly next to your head, it is especially suggested for you to refrain from making loud noises.
  • Patience with a lot of practice will assist you to get the outcome you desire.

Where To Get Help:

You can get the various resource of help in parrot shoulder training through books published by skilled parrot caretakers. You can acquire these training at a neighboring bookstore or at a local pet shop, which would help to recommend various titles to you. I would recommend you to check this book: Parrot Secrets as it helped me in behavior training my parrot in 15 days.

You can also get help from videos by obtaining them from a video store or through an online store. A number of websites even host free videos for you to collect information from. Be cautious in viewing the free videos as some of them are made by complete amateurs. Ensure that the video you are watching was made by a professional parrot handler. If you ask me for any free video course, 

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