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5 Signs Of Parrot Mating Behavior And Body Language

How Do Parrots Mate

For you, understanding the body language of parrots and mating behavior can be difficult, one day you will notice your parrot is tame, happy, and sweet, while the other day he or she is behaving ferociously. Yes, I know it sounds scary, but I can assure you that this is very normal as your parrot is going through a hormonal imbalance period which is due to the mating season. Here are some of the most common signs of the mating behavior of parrots and how you can prevent them.

Identifying Hormonal Signs in Parrots:

How Do Parrots Mate


Biting – Ouch It Hurts:

One of the most common hormonal behaviors is biting; it is also referred to as “Bluffing”. This is one of the main reasons why many bird owners leave their parrots in shelter homes or rescue centers. Though it can be very scary, being a parrot owner, you need to understand that it is an absolutely normal behavior of parrots, particularly during the mating season.

Since you cannot spay or neuter parrot-like cats and dogs, it is a normal sign for parrots to bite as they are trying to cope with the sexual frustration. The best way you can deal with this behavior is by avoiding and ignoring the biting, as you don’t want to spoil your relationship with your pet.

Territoriality – This Area Is Mine:

If your parrot is behaving territorially these days, then trust me this is a very strong sign of Parrot Mating behavior and of hormones, it indicates that the mating season has begun and your parrot has started feeling intimate. A hormonal parrot will become very possessive about its cage, favorite human, food, or person until the mating season finishes.

Once you have noticed this territorial behavior of your parrot, it is best that you respect your bird’s mindset and let it be that way until the mating season ends. If the problem continues, then you will need to seek advice from a Certified Parrot Consultant.

Mating Behavior – Time To Play:

During mating season, you may notice that your hormonal imbalanced parrot mating may behave awkwardly in certain ways. For example, you will notice a change in their walk, or odd physical display when they interact with another bird of the opposite sex. Your parrot will do certain physical displays like spitting up, eye pinning, tail fanning, or wing flipping.

I once had an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, and he performed a cute “bowing down” display in front of me. At first, I thought it was his new trick, but later I found out that Indian Ringnecks do this display in the mating season to woo a potential mate.

For my parrot I was the potential mate, I didn’t feel bad or disgusted in fact, it was quite honoring because I realized that my pet is more comfortable with me. And then again we must realize that it’s due to the mating season that their behavior has changed.

Screaming – Too Much Noise:

For Bird Mating Season, you should have this best-selling Breeding Box inside the cage so it feels comfortable.

Screaming is another sign of parrots’ mating behavior in the mating season. Normally parrots are noisy but in the mating season the screaming and general vocalization increase. This is very normal and is an expected Parrot Mating behavior habit.

Many parrot owners don’t like their birds screaming and hence they scold the bird when it gets loud. You should not scold or punish your bird when it’s going through the hormonal phase. The best advice I can give you for avoiding the noise is by investing in a nice pair of earplugs.

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Feather Plucking – Feather Every Where:

Some parrot owners have also noticed their bird feathers plucking during the mating season. This is a very common parrot mating behavior and is an indication of nesting behavior. So now you know that this is a very normal habit,

however, feather plucking can also be an indication of sickness so if you know that it is not Parrot Mating season and your bird is feather plucking then you must take him to an avian vet. Here is an interesting article on common signs that your parrot is sick, give it a read.

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  1. gwynneth thompson


    our parrot not sure if male or female,is acting strange he was fine yesterday,today he is quit and has a fine saliva comeing from his beak..we not sure what this is,he had it last year and got over it in a few we now wonder has it anything to do with the breeding season..he is 10yrs.any help please …

    • Umer


      Something strange …
      You must need to consult the veterinarian.. and discuss with him.
      Also you should read about this article. It might help you:

    • Ashley


      It sounds like your parrotbis regurgitating for you! He loves you. Be sure not to let him under his wings or on his belly. Those are sexual spots and will confuse them.

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