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Signs That Your Bird Needs Parrot Behavior Consultant

Parrot Behavior

Being a pet owner, we all understand the fact that parrots can also have behavior issues. For several unfortunate parrot owners, chronic behavior issues make their bond or relationship with their parrot very difficult. If the avian vet has concluded that your parrot is not suffering from any health problems exhibiting in the form of behavior issues, then it is recommended that you should visit a parrot behavior consultant.

To assist in distinguishing whether or not your parrot needs expert help, look for these signs that your parrot’s behavior is out of control.

Dangerous Violence /Aggression:

If your parrot is showing aggression, which comes in normal behavior, then you can train your parrot on your own, but if your parrot is showing extra aggressiveness, then its best that you let a professional consultant to train it for safety reasons. Every bird bites, and biting is for different reasons. Owners should know when the parrot bite is truly dangerous.

An experienced and trained parrot behavior consultant will know how to handle an extremely aggressive parrot. If you are having problems with your parrot’s aggressive behavior and he is so aggressive that you can’t place your hand in his cage then you seriously need professional help.

Extreme Screaming:

Your parrot is a bird and birds can be loud, they love to scream and be heard, it is completely normal behavior. However, if your parrot is screaming all the time means there is some need that is supposed to be filled. If you have tried everything to make it happy and it still doesn’t become normal its best that you schedule an appointment with an avian vet to check if there are any health issues. 

If the avian vet gives you a clear signal that your bird is completely fine and has no health issues,  then it’s time for you to contact a parrot behavior consultant and get your bird’s situation assessed. Excessive screaming can be a result of boredom, stress or depression that your bird might be experiencing.

Overly Vicious Behavior:

All birds love to be wild in terms of tearing up things – it’s their nature! But sometimes they spoil or damage things that aren’t meant for playing or aren’t their property. This can cause problems to the owner as well as can be hazardous to the parrot.

While a lot of observation, helpful safe toys for the parrot and proper mental simulation reduces destructive behavior in parrots, many birds need to seek professional help. If you feel that your bird can’t stop destroying things, then its best that you book an appointment with the behavior consultant.

Feather Plucking:

The moment you observe your parrot biting itself or plucking its feathers, don’t waste a minute and schedule an appointment with the avian vet. Feather plucking is a sign of your bird not been well, but if the vet gives a green signal that your parrot’s health condition is fine, then you need to schedule an appointment with the parrot behavior consultant because your parrot might be having an environmental or emotional condition issue. The parrot behavior consultant may offer your parrot rehabilitation treatment for few days in order to fix it’s issues.

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