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How To Socialize Your Parrot With Other Birds?

How to Socialize a Parakeet

It is a fact that for most of the animals, socializing is natural. It can be because they have been receiving enough of care and love since they were babies. Same is the case with parrots, and need is that socialization is well fostered and maintained.No doubt, no one can resist playing with a cute kitten or a puppy. But it has been seen that most of the people are afraid of birds and to be specific, birds like parrots.

Saying this, it will be very right to say that being a social animal is an activity that does not come naturally with all the birds. They are naturally weary of the danger and hence new people and things make them scare.

Socialization is crucial in order to enjoy a healthy connection with your parrots. In other words it can be very right to say that it is something significant that needs to be taught to parrots. It is no doubt a common practice where parrots show a strong bond with their caretakers and with the people they are familiar to.

However, they show the nervous side of them to everyone else. This will remain to be the case until and unless you will work at the socializing of your parrots.

For the birds, their caretaker is secured and safe while the strangers are everything but predictable. The birds that are under socialized, they look at the guests or strangers in a home to be a threat. They will have a feeling of as if their territory has been invaded, or if their mate has been stolen and will feel them helpless.

You can reassure your feathered friend that not all people are dangerous with the help of a few simple steps. Teaching socialization to your bird is a way to give her an experience of flock lifestyle.

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Ways To Socialize Your Parrot:

Underlined Are Simple Ways Of Teaching Socialization To Your Parrots:


Take your parrot for outings. This will be a great experience for you as well as your bird. There are places meant to let your pet bird socialize with other birds. Take your bird to the bird harness or allow them to ride on your bike’s handlebars.

Start With A Small And Confined Place:

In case your bird is shy then you can start taking her out to the quiet places like to friends and family member’s places. Particularly take them to the places where there are birds for socialization. Keep in your mind that you are teaching your bird to socialize therefore tell the people that it may freak out and scratch or bite out of fear.

Private Outings With Close Friends:

Private outings with close friends can be a fun-filled activity for parrot’s socialization as well. Take your birds to your acquaintances who appreciate birds as pets.

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Clicker Training:

Clicker training is yet another great way of making your bird socialized. It is one of the great ways of rewarding your bird to be a social butterfly.

Start Going Public:

Once your birds are comfortable with having people around, you may start taking them to public places, like an outdoor mall, beach, bird club meetings, etc.

Take Your Parrot To Pet Stores:

Pet stores are indeed a warm place to take the parrot for fun activities. Your parrot will feel good having other birds around.

Bird Clubs:

Bird clubs again are a great place to take your bird to. Bird owners feel secured while watching their pet bird learn to fly and play around other birds.

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