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Society Finch Parrots

Domesticated type of Parrots – Society Finch Selectively bred, the Society Finch is one of the most interesting types of finch there is out to study. There are many other common names for the society finch. They are also referred to as the Bengalese Finch or the Meeuwen birds. These little parrots are the most amazing domestic birds and prove to be a great pet. Since these birds have such carefully selected traits, they are the most interesting little fellows to study and explore. In this article, we highlight all interesting facts about the Society Finch.

Characteristics of  Society Finch:

  • Size: 4 to 5 inches (11 to 12 centimeters)
  • Weight: 16 to 17 grams (around 0.6 to 0.7 ounces)
  • Wing Span: unknown
  • Lifespan: 5 to 10 years
  • Physique: Small body, round head, long tail, basic brown and white colored body feathers; may have other color variations as well
  • Best Suited for: indoors, domestic environments; make great pets
  • Temperament: Social, warm, friendly, least aggressive, modest
  • Comparable Breeds: Other breed of finches

History of  Society Finch:

History of  Society Finch

The scientific name for Society Finch is ‘LochuraDomestica’. It is also popularly known as the Bengalese Finch. Seen as the domestic type of parrots, or more particularly finches; the Society Finch is the ultimate domestic parrot that has been bred by selective breeding. Overall the history in-depth of this bird is not much known about.

It is known that the society finch was bred after selective breeding particular traits from all other finches.These birds have no ‘origin’ land as they have been artificially created. Hence, the society finch does not belong to any wild lands. In fact, it is more suited to the domestic, indoor and homely environments. This is one of the reasons why this bird is a great pet – credit goes to its instinctive domestic nature.

Society Finch Appearance:

Society Finch Appearance

Society finches are very petite and small sized birds. Interestingly no two same society finches look alike and all birds have a few appearance distinctions. The difference in the appearance will be in the color of the bird.

Baby Society Finch:

Baby Society Finch

As a baby, the society finches are very happy and joyful. They love to be around people and enjoy the attention they get. But thy never create a fuss and are never the trouble makers. The baby society finch will always be kind and soft-natured. It is an extremely easy going bird that is very easy to handle.

About Society Finch Health:

About Society Finch Health

The society finches are very sensitive little birds that can fall sick very easily if they do not get good diet. These birds also need a lot of fresh water to stay hydrated. Lack of fresh water can make these birds dehydrated to a very serious and alarming point. The society finches also need to bathe regularly to stay healthy.

Society Finch Lifespan:

Society Finch Lifespan

The average lifespan of the society finch is 10 to 15 years. Even on a very high nutrition diet, the lifespan of this bird does not extend 15 years. This is the maximum a society finch with best health will live for.

Feeding for Society Finch:

Feeding for Society Finch

Since the society finches are artificially bred, these birds have varying body needs. As a result, the society finch needs to be fed a combination of different seeds for the fulfillment of their body needs.

These birds also particularly enjoy the green vegetables which are also beneficial for their health. These veggies can include kale, green peppers, broccolis, spinach and bay leaves. Controlled amounts of certain fruits such as apples, apricots and bananas can also be given to the society finches occasionally.

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Society Finch with Children:

The society finches are excellent pets. In fact, they are known for being the best domesticated birds and this is why they love life at home. The society finches will live very happily in their cages and interact with their human companions a lot as well.

The society finches are very friendly and active. The miniature size and playful nature makes them great pets. They get along very well with children and are completely safe to be left alone with little kids.

Society Finch Living With Other Birds:

Society Finch Living With Other Birds

Society finches do not live with other birds a lot in their lifetime as these birds are intended to be domestic. However, in the short interaction that they do have with other birds they are very friendly and get along well with their mates.

The society finches are very loving and easy going birds that do not ask for a lot of attention. These birds are also least aggressive and thus will never get into trouble with their fellow birds for unknown reasons. They will never be the one to initiate a fight as well.

Society Finch Training:

society Finch Training

The society finches are domesticated birds. Thus they have the capacity to learn new things very quickly. These birds can be trained and they adapt to the new home environment very easily as well. The society finches love to bathe. They can be trained to bathe on their own. This is very beneficial for their good health as well.

Society finches can also be trained to live in their cages and fly in and out only when needed. This will help to keep them safe and secure because they will know where they have to come back to at the end of the day.

Society Finch Talking Skills:

The society finch is not much of a talker. It does have a discreet ability to talk but is not the noise-maker and does not make a lot of noise. It does not act to seek attention by making a lot of noise.

These birds however do like singing low and soft tunes. Hence, if you have a society finch in your home you are most likely going to hear it sing in a low melodious voice. This is a natural ability for the society finch and it does not need to learn singing skills.

Society Finch Biting and Aggression:

Society Finch Biting and Aggression

The society finch is least aggressive of all other types of finches. In fact, it wouldn’t even be incorrect to say that the society finch is one of the most cool-headed birds amongst all other breeds of parrots. It does not get angry – at all. There are not even rare occasions where you will find a society finch angry or aggressive towards its other mates or human companions.

The society finches do not bite. As the name of these birds suggest, the society finch is intended to live in the society according to the societal norms. Hence, these birds don’t bite; not even as a natural instinct. Since these birds are selectively bred it is believed that they do not have the natural instinct to bite like other natural birds. This is why this bird does not demonstrate any biting behavior.

Best Cages for Society Finch:

The society finches are very active and energy-packed little birds. These parrots are though very petite in size but their active nature makes them need a relatively larger cage to live in. However, since these birds are so little they can get their heads stuck between the bars of the cages! This can be life threatening for them.

Hence, it is crucial to check every factor about the cage before you get one for your dear little friend. The society finch and all other finches have a habit of jumping high in their cages. It is important that the cage is well-heightened vertically as well as the cage being spacious.

Lastly, a very important thing that needs to be analyzed about the cage is its base tray. A cage that comes with a removable base tray is the best option because it benefits the bird as well as the owners.

The society finches create a lot of mess in the cage and this filth can impact their heath adversely. Hence, it is crucial for their cage to be cleaned on daily basis. Detachable base trays make cleaning the cage easier for the owners and caretakers as well.

1. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage:

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

This cage has been designed to serve multiple purposes. Firstly, this cage is designed to accommodate to the extra space needs of the society finch. Secondly, the cage can be stacked with additional stack cages for flight of the bird. The cage also is open to multiple feedings and drinking cups.

2. Vision Hagen Hagen Bird 2 Cage:

Vision Hagen Hagen Bird 2 Cage

The vision bird 2 cage comes in modest dimensions and is a single height. The cage itself is made of twisted wires and the overall cage is very lightweight. This makes it extremely easy for the owner to move the cage or carry it around. The material of the cage is durable and high quality. It surely is a long term investment.

3. McCage Large Wrought Iron Cage with Detachable Stand:

McCage Large Wrought Iron Cage with Detachable Stand

McCage is a trusted brand name for bird cages. The McCage large wrought iron bird cage is supreme high quality. The wrought iron high quality bars give the cage a solid construction. The cage has an auto-lock technology large swinging door for the safety of the pet bird.

Moreover, the cage comes with a detachable base tray and detachable stand that can be easily attached or removed from the cage as per your preference. The dimensions of this cage are very modest as well which makes this cage very spacious.

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