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How Can I Stop My Parrot From Flying Away? – Review

Birds Flying Away

Our parrot’s most incredible ability is the gift of flight, but this can also be their major downfall as pets. If a valuable parrot happens to fly away, it’s terrible for everyone — the domestic bird, which cannot take care of itself in the wild and as the owners are often emotionally distressed.

Although flying away is a nightmare for every bird owner especially if they take care since he is too young, the harsh truth is that it does exist. The best method to stop your parrot from flying away is to be careful in your wing trimming practices, but in case your pet gets lost there are some guidelines that may help out the ordeal ends in a secure recovery.

Act Swiftly:

Timing is vital when you are dealing with a fly-away. You must take action the moment you notice that your bird is lost to have feasible chances of recovery.

Attempt To Visually Trace Your Parrot:

Birds Flying Away


Examine any trees and additional obvious perches on your home and surrounding properties. If you can witness your parrot, and get him to see you, a parrot may fly back to you. In some rare cases, a bird may be a surprise or too afraid to progress very much.

In these instances, make sure to maintain a close eye on the bird as you make an effort to work out an arrangement for its retrieval. Maintaining visual contact is very important for the chance of retrieving your Bird(s) back.

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Position Your Bird’s Cage Near The Spot Of Fly-Away:

If your bird flies out of your front door, for example, try positioning the cageon your doorstep or porch. Many times a bird will come back to his cage if he can notice it, as the cage will be a symbol of security and comfort as compared to the disorienting wild outdoors.

Make A Peace Present:

Try putting samples of your pet’s preferred delicious treats in or around his cage. This can aid attract pet birds back down to the environment where they belong.

Attempt Calling Your Parrot:

If you are incapable to attract your bird back home with his cage or treats, you may attempt “calling” your pet by merely remaining in the vicinity that he is in and repeating recognizable sounds, phrases, and words. In some cases, it may attract your parrot to fly down to you.

Seeking Help:

If you can manage and get some family members and friends to assist you to retrieve your parrot — they may have better ideas that will help you out.

At times even the best retrieval efforts fall short of their objective, so if you lose visual contact with your parrot and are unable to find him, try not to get disheartened. Post promotional material with pictures and a description of your bird, take out an announcement in the classifieds, and use each resource that you can to broaden the word that your parrot is lost.

Think about offering a prize for your Bird’s safe return. This can give the public an additional incentive to locate your feathered buddy.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, particularly when it comes to fly-away birds. To make sure your bird doesn’t get misplaced, make sure you keep its wings properly trimmed and your windows and doors are secured when it is not in its cage.

Keep an eye on his flight feathers often to ensure that they don’t need to be re-clipped, and you’ll never need to be troubled about losing your parrot to fly away.

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