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Sun Conure

Sun Conure Lifespan

This specie of Conures is a bit of prima donna. They are good companions not only pets. They require safe environment due to their curious nature. They like to interact with others. If you are spending a busy life and have no time for interaction then do not think to keep these birds as pets. They develops bond with their owner and do not like to move from home to home. These are very energetic birds. They are not suitable for apartments. These are very tricky birds. If you cannot handle their greetings, expressions and joy then do not take them as pet. These are lovely birds and are admired due to their entertaining nature. These are playful and active parrots.

Characteristics of Sun Conures:

  • Size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 110 grams or 4 onz
  • Wing Span: 12 inches
  • Lifespan: 25 to 30 years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: Not suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds but monitoring is must because they bite
  • Temperament: loyal andPlayful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train, these are expressive, vocal and lively parrots
  • Comparable Breeds: Lorries, Cockatoo

History of Sun Conures:

Sun Conure Lifespan

The natural habitat of these birds is a tropical area. They are found in Northeastern South America, southern French Guiania, extreme southern Suriname, Southern Guyana, Roraima and North Brazilian area. This breed of parrots is found in coastal French Guiana as vagrant.

Their population is found at the bank of the Amazon River in Brazil that is known as sulphur-breasted parakeet. They are found in the areas where palm groves and fruiting trees exist. These birds are nature lover. They like tropical climate and need to live with great care in cages. In the wild they dwell in fruiting trees and grooves. They like to reside in seasonally flooded forests, forested valleys and coastal areas.

Appearance of Sun Conures:

Sun Conure Lifespan

The sun conures are monomorphic sexually. They contain yellow crown mentle , nape, lesser underwing-coverts, wing coverts chest and wing coverts. They have orange belly and face with red ears. They have dark blue primary coverts, tips of the primaries, while the secondaries, bases of primaries, tertials, greater wing-coverts are green. They have olive green tail with a blue tip. They have heavy and broad beaks. The males have broad ring on their eyes that is wider than females.

Baby Sun Conures Parrots:

Sun Conure Lifespan

They start breeding in four to five months at monogamous pairs. During mating they show signs for attraction. They start grooming and feeding one another for this purpose. Their mating periods is on three minutes. The pair becomes affectionate to each other.

The female abdomen swells during laying eggs. Females lay eggs after the interval of three days to complete the clutch. Female incubates eggs for 23 to 27 days. Males guard the nest aggressively. They destroy their eggs, if they have deficiency of calcium. They need healthy diet in this period in captivity.

About Sun Conures Parrots Health:

Sun Conure Lifespan

They need safe and healthy environment for good health. They need clean and tidy surroundings. For winning their love it is good to provide them fresh water in short intervals. They need regular checkups for good health care. They may suffer from feather picking, inhaled toxins, nutritional defeciencies, pneumonia, bacterial infections, aspergillosis, weightloss and severe weakness.

Take your parrot to the doctor if you see breathing difficulty, diarrhea signs, frequent urination, weakness and others. Provide them antibiotics, calcium, vitamin D3 and K for healthy life. They can live a healthy life with healthy and tidy surrounding and regular checkups.

Sun Conures Parrots Life Span:

Sun Conure Lifespan

For enjoying a good life span these are good companion. These are affectionate birds. They can live healthy and active life in captivity due to interaction and good care. The healthy diet is the prime source of their health.

It keeps them energetic and prevents them from diseases. In the wild they are preyed by the wild animals. These birds offer lifetime commitment. These are the birds that need good care and regular checkups for prevention of disease. Their natural lifespan is 30 years. In captivity they can live a better lifestyle.

Feeding For Sun Conure Parrots:

Sun Conure Lifespan

They like to eat fruits, insects, nuts, seeds, blossoms, berries, flowers and fruits in the wild. They like to eat ripe and unripe fruits and seeds in the wild. They like legume pods, Malpighia berries and cactus fruit. They eat considered pests and agricultural crops.

In captivity they can be given formula diet. It is a good way to keep them healthy. Sprinkle vitamins and supplements on their food and water. They need more protein in the breeding season. During growth they need carbohydrates. During the egg production they require calcium.

Sun Conures Parrots with Children:

Sun Conure Lifespan

These are good entertainer. They like to interact with other. It keeps them energetic and lively. For this reason they are very good pets. These pets are highly lovely. In aggression and boredom they can bite. During feeding they can bite on their finger. With children, it needs to take care of them and monitor their activities.

Conures Parrots with Animals:

They like to play with other birds. They are less friendly with cats and dogs. They do not like to play with them. They can be aggressive and time. They can injure other. Do not put other birds with them in the same cage.

How Talented Sun Conure Parrots are:

These are talented parrots and want to learn many things. They can easily increase their vocabulary and learn words, phrases and small sentences. Their learning power is very good. They give loud calls to others for interaction. These are highly wonderful learning and showing tricks.

Sun Conure Lifespan

Sun Conure Parrots Training:

They are very easy to tame. These are very intelligent birds. By showing your love and attention to these birds you can win their love very easily. They are very affectionate birds. For these parrots you need to be more energetic as compared to the other birds. They are extremely dynamic in many ways.

Sun Conure Parrots Talking Skills:

These parrots are not popular for their talking skills. They love to interact with others but they do not speak much. These are very loud birds and used to give a loud call to others. They are highly vocal or better to say they become more bunt.

Sun Conure Parrots Biting and Aggression:

Sun Conure Lifespan

Due to lack of attention they become aggressive and start screaming and biting. They become aggressive during hatching season. Males defend the nests and females do not allow anyone to come into the nest. These are aggressive due to ignorance.

They bite your figure during feeding. If they are not happy they can bite you with their heavy beak. They are unfriendly if they are getting bored. Do not leave your kids and other animals with them because they can harm them with their beaks.

Best Cages For Conures Parrots:

1. Parrot Playtop Cage:

Sun Conure Lifespan

These cages are extremely unassuming to build up, simple to interface, versatile and equipped. These are expected to arrange effectively. The timely and placated administrations have earned continually mollified customers for a considerable length of time.

They want to help the clients and supply them the expansive assortment of items. They have been rendering easy administrations and cages in the wide market of the world. Every one of these cages are changing in making your renown more expert because of the forefront innovation. It is durable and contains sturdy material in formation.

2. Bird Parrot Cage With Stand:

Sun Conure Lifespan

Choose the cage that suits the home size. The efficiency of the cage is unmatchable. The Compelling features, high quality, modification, unique configuration, innovative technology and the ultimate weight loss solution are the general reasons of the trend of the adjustable plates. These are certified and can be used at any place in the home.

Providing the solid performance this cage is the fundamental configuration.  Implementing the modern system for your pet can change the worth of it very quickly. An effective association is the best methodology for creating the proficiency with the help of the easy and simple configuration.

3. Bird Parrot Cage:

Sun Conure Lifespan

Never lose the item that contains the modern technology. It is important for multi-functioning cage. Embedding with fully-featured configuration is the real attraction of these cages. The unique internal structure of the cage is highly efficient in giving exclusive functionalities in many ways such as offering an unmatchable technology. Delivering the unrivaled features for maximum users is an exclusive offer for the users. It is integrated to facilitate the users by offering an easy adjustment.

4.  Bird Parrot Cage with Stand:

Sun Conure Lifespan