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The Gouldian Finch

The Gouldian Finch is one of the many types of Finches. It is a strikingly beautiful parrot that has body feathers of three different colors. In this article, we talk about this Australian native Gouldian Finch and talk about everything that is worth knowing about it.

Characteristics of Gouldian Finch

  • Size: 6 inches
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Wing Span: unknown
  • Lifespan: 8 to 10 years
  • Physique: small body, striking features, three colored body feathers, sharp looking beak
  • Best Suited for: open, green landscapes; gardens and spacious lawns
  • Temperament: social, interactive, playful, cool minded
  • Comparable Breeds: None

History of Gouldian Finch 

The Gouldian Finches are also popularly known by many different names such as the Lady Gouldian Finch, Rainbow finch and paint finch. These birds originate from suburbs of Australia. They are one of the many kinds of finches’ parrots.

Gouldian Finch Appearance

The one thing that the Gouldian Finch is most popular for is its amazing and striking looks. The Gouldian Finch is though very small but looks like a miracle of God because of three bright colored feathers covering it from head to toe. The big eyes with very attractive features makes tis bird visually a treat to look at.

Baby Gouldian Finch 

As a baby, the Gouldian finches are just as happy, social and outgoing as they are as adults. They like to stay in company of other fellow birds since a young age. However, the Gouldian finch as a baby is very dependent on adult birds to take care of it. It is very petite and small in size. Baby gouldian fears human interaction the most.

About Gouldian Finch Health

Health is not a very big problem for these birds. They live a relatively short life and do not get many diseases. The occasional flu or fever is normal for these parrots just like any other bird. However, the Gouldian Finch is prone to developing a very serious health condition known as the Air sac infection. In such a case, it is very important to get immediate medical help.

Gouldian Finch Lifespan

Unfortunately, unlike other parrots the Gouldian Finch does not have a very long life. Even on best diet, the maximum these birds get to live is 8 to 10 years.

Feeding For Gouldian Finch 

The best food to ensure a good health for the Gouldian Finch is seeds and an array of different vegetables. Seeds are the best choice of food for these little birds that provides them maximum energy and all essential nutrients to carry out daily activities. The Gouldian Finch also feeds on bones of animals for calcium intake.

Gouldian Finch with Children

Unlike other breeds of parrots, the Gouldian finches are not very fond of human interaction. In fact, they do not react too well to human handling on the first hand.

It does take a lot of time for them to adjust to their human companion. Thus it is fairly difficult for these parrots to share a strong bond with children. However, they certainly are not dangerous for children to be around.

Gouldian Finch Living with other Birds

These birds have a very cool head and love to live with other mates in large flocks of birds. You will rarely find a Gouldina finch bird without a companion as these birds are very social and enjoy the time they spend with their fellows.

Though these birds are very cool headed and do not get angry, but they surely can get a little irritated if they don’t get the attention of their loved fellow. They are also very protective towards their fellow birds and live very happily with them.

Gouldian Finch Training

Training the Gouldian Finch can be a difficult task as this bird is not much of a learner and does not appreciate human interaction a lot. This is why these birds are also not great pets.Teaching them to stay inside the cage or learning a few human friendly behaviors can be very challenging. These birds get annoyed and do not respond to the instructions that are given to them.

They do have talking skills but do not like to talk much. Hence, it also becomes hard to teach them new words for interaction. The only thing they can be trained for easily is to eat and sing. These are two things that these birds really enjoy to do.

Gouldian Finch Talking Skills

Among all finches, the Gouldian finch is not much fond of talking. It undoubtedly does have the ability to talk but is not much of a talker. On the contrary, the Gouldian finch is a big fan of singing and whistling.

They can learn new sounds, mimic whistles and lovely engaging tunes that they hear. These birds can actually sing very well. In fact you will see these birds prefer singing more than they like to talk.

Gouldian Finch Biting and Aggression

Out of all types of Finches, the Gouldian Finch is the most calm and loving. It does not make a lot of noise and prefers to stay mostly to itself.

Aggression is not a visible trait of the Gouldian finches’ personality. It also does not demonstrate biting behavior a lot.

Best Cages For Gouldian Finch 

The Gouldian Finches are though very small sized birds but appreciate maximum space to live in. They like to live close to nature and thus, it is best to keep their cages in garden or outdoors where they will like it the most. The following are some of the best cages for Gouldian Finches that are available in the market.

1. Pawhut Aviary Bird Cage

Made of pine wood, this cage is an ideal option for Gouldian finches. It is large, spacious and can be easily keep in the garden.

2. Pawhut 71 Inches Outdoor Cage

Simple structure and large in space, the Pawhut 71 inches outdoor cage is the best option for birds like the Gouldian Finch that are active and energetic and prefer to stay in spacious places.

3.  Everila PCFT32 New Bird Bar Spacing Cage

The Everila PCFT32 cage is made up of stainless steel wires that prevent it from rusting in the long run. So the cage will stay as good as new for years! The epoxy coated bird cage is secure for the Gouldian finch’s health as well. There are seven doors in the cage which provide maximum movement options for the birds.