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Yellow Finch

Characteristics and behavior of Yellow Finch are several sub-breeds of Finch parrots that have caught our eyes and screamed for attention from us. However, the Yellow finch (also popularly known as the American Golden finch) is like no other bird. This little fellow is the perfect combination of looks and personality. In this article, we talk about the amazing yellow finch – its personality traits, characteristics, behavior and highlight features.

Characteristics of Yellow Finch

  • Size: 3 to 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 to 20 grams
  • Wing Span: 5 to 8.7 inches (19 to 22 centimeters)
  • Lifespan: 7 to 10 years
  • Physique: short body with conical bill, long wings and short notched tail
  • Best Suited for: any type of environment, have varying preferences and easily adapt to different environmental settings
  • Temperament: Active, energetic, playful, acrobatic
  • Comparable Breeds: Tufted titmouse

History of  Yellow Finch

Also popularly known as Spinus Tristis and Dominiquito Triste, the Yellow finch is a rather famous bird. It originates from the northern America. Most commonly found in deep woodlands and open regions, it has no environmental preferences and adapts well to the atmosphere it lives in.

Yellow Finch Appearance

Yellow finches are known for having very unique appearance. They have short body along with a conical bill and short notched tail. The wings are long and cover almost the entire body.

It is brightly yellow colored bird and has black trimmings all over. There are vertical black highlights over the bird’s eyes and on the edges of its wings.

Baby Yellow Finch

As a baby bird, the yellow finch is a happy little fellow with striking looks. Since a young age, this bird prefers to be on its own. Most commonly baby yellow finches can be seen trying to open their wings, fly and play with little twigs.

About Yellow Finch Health

About Yellow Finch Health

Health is a serious matter for the Yellow finches. They always make sure to eat well because lack of nutrition and hydration can make them fall sick very easily.

Petite in size, it is important that these birds eat well so that their little bodies stay warm. In extreme cold conditions, they are prone to catching a cold very easily.

Yellow Finch Lifespan

Given the condition of a hearty, rich and wholesome diet is provided to these birds, the average life span for them will be around 7 to 10 years.

Feeding For Yellow Finch

Feeding For Yellow Finch

You might never have heard before but birds are vegetarian as well. At least the Yellow Finch is because it has a preference for eating fresh vegetables over everything else. In circumstances where there is nothing else available, it might reluctantly feed on insects too.

Yellow Finch With Children

Yellow finches are not very commonly kept as pets. The reason is that these birds enjoy living in the wild and in the open more. However, the few yellow finches that are kept as birds are playful and active fellows.

With children, these birds get along well. They are not harmful and do not get angry. The playful nature of these birds also makes them get along with children well.

Yellow Finch Living with Other Birds

Yellow Finch Living with Other Birds

Unlike other finches, the yellow finch is not accustomed to live with other birds. It is though a good natured, active and energetic bird but it is more adapted to live in isolation as compared to in large flocks.

Hence, it is not adapted to living with other birds. In situations where it has to live in flock with fellow birds, its behavior cannot be predicted. It might be overly affectionate or outwardly aggressive; whatever way it feels comfortable in at the given point of time.

Yellow Finch Training

Training yellow finches can be a very interesting matter. However, training these birds for physical tasks is much a better choice since they are energetic, playful and acrobatic. Teaching the birds to learn how to speak can be challenging since these birds are not much of talkers.

Yellow Finch Talking Skills

It has the ability to speak but does not like talking much. More than a talker, Yellow finch is an acrobat. However, it does not interact a lot. t prefers to demonstrate its skills through jumping up high, flying in different positions and similar playful actions. Even as a pet, this bird will be very quiet and not make much noise.

Yellow Finch Biting and Aggression

You will rarely find a Yellow finch aggressive or angry enough to harm its owners. It is an introvert bird that likes to keep to itself. Lack of anger results in mild and easygoing behavior for this bird! It does not bite and does not use any other mean to express anger or discomfort.

Best Cages for Yellow Finch

The thing about Yellow finches is that it is a nature’s bird. It likes to stay in places that are close to nature. Therefore, getting the traditional wired or iron wrought bird cage for the yellow little fellow is not the right choice to make. Instead, it is much better to choose a hem for them that deviate from the traditional cage styles. We bring you hand chosen three bird homes that are best suited to the temperament of the Yellow Finch.

Cage # 1 – SunGrow Coco Bird Hut

Most innovative, creative and unique looking is the SunGrow Coco shell bird house. This bird home is made of original bird shell that has been peeled and carved to form a wonderful bird house. This is ideal for living, keeping an eye on your birds and can be additionally attached with useful tools such as feeding cups and perches as well.

Cage # 2 – Prevue Hendryx Bird Round Cage

The Prevue Hendryx bird cage is a very traditional looking bird cage that you must have seen in classic cartoon and movies. With a round base this cage is equipped with two feeding cups, a wooden perch and a wonderful wooden swing to keep your little pet birdie amused.

Cage # 3 – Nature’s Garden Bird House

Nature’s Garden offers the most unique and captivating bird house for the yellow finch that perfectly matches up to the finch personality. Shaped like a bird and glazed with non-toxic porcelain, this bird house is playful, secure and comfortable!