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Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch Lifespan

The interesting personality of stunning Zebra Finch!! Grey-brown colored eyes and a body covered with black and white stripes, the teardrop patterned Zebra Finch is surely one of its own kind. The body of the Zebra Finch is very striking and it looks like a work of art. The active and enthusiastic personality of the Zebra Finch also makes it a hot favorite pet for people! In this article, we throw light on the very interesting personality and unique looks of the Zebra Finch.

Characteristics of  Zebra Finch:

  • Size: 4 inches (approximately 10 centimeters)
  • Weight: 15 to 30 grams
  • Wing Span: unknown
  • Lifespan: 4 to 9 years
  • Physique: small body, grey in color, teardrop black imprint over eye, stripes black and white resembling zebra, bright orange beaks small in size
  • Best Suited for: dry areas, grasslands, natural habitats, dry regions, depths of woodlands
  • Temperament: Enthusiastic, vocal, loud, playful, active, happy
  • Comparable Breeds: Other finches

History of  Zebra Finch:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

The Zebra Finches are scientifically referred to as ‘TaeniopygiaGuttata’. These birds are most commonly found in the grassland habitats of Western Australia. It is also found in areas of Cape York Peninsula and also belong to some coastal areas. Mainly found in drier lands of Australia, these birds live in very large flocks with other fellow birds.

Zebra Finch Appearance:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

The one thing that the Zebra Finch is most popular for is its looks. Amongst all other breeds of finches, the Zebra Finch is the most good looking and definitely most unique looking as well. The Zebra Finch is though small in size but is truly a wonder of God.

Zebra Finch has a body that is covered with grey feathers. Unlike other parrots, it is not an epitome of bright colors. It has a black colored teardrop over its face. The entire body is covered with black and white stripes which makes it resemble a zebra. It has a small orange color beak which looks striking on its otherwise colorless body.

Baby Zebra Finch:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

As a baby the Zebra Finches are very interactive and happy. They are social and extroverts that prefer to stay in very large flocks with other fellow birds. These birds are very happy natured and stay active mainly all the time throughout the day. As a baby these birds are very playful as well.

About Zebra Finch Health:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

Zebra Finches are very active little birds. Thus, they heavily rely on good nutrition to function in a good manner every day. Lack of nutrition can lead to many health problems in these parrots.

Zebra Finches prefer to live in dry temperate areas. They need to stay hydrated. Lack of water can lead to severe dehydration for these birds that can be life threatening and in worst case, prove to be fatal.

Zebra Finch Lifespan:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

On an extremely healthy and fulfilling diet, the Zebra Finch can live up to 9 or 10 years on maximum stretch. However, the average lifespan for these birds is 4 to 8 years.

Feeding  For Zebra Finch:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

As active little birds, the Zebra finches have a very rich diet. They not only enjoy the food they eat but are definitely in need of the nutrition so that they can function on daily basis. The Zebra finches like to feed on seeds the most. It is rare for these birds to indulge in any type of fruits or vegetables. Most commonly, all Zebra finches share a love for fallen or ripening seeds. Occasionally, these birds might also feed on a few kinds of insects.

Zebra Finch With Children:

Zebra Finches are the most popular type of finch pet bird because it is most commonly available. These birds are very vocal and active. Hence, they are most likely to bring immense fun and joy for the family.

Zebra Finches love human interaction. They love to be around children and the playful nature of Zebra finches makes them a favorite for kids too! However, the aggression of these little fellows is a notorious. Thus, it is never advised to leave children alone around a Zebra Finch. Parental supervision is always advised. 

Zebra Finch Living with Other Birds:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

The Zebra Finches are naturally programmed to live in large flocks with other companions. From a young age they live with other fellow birds in flocks as large as having 100 birds in one group.

They are active, happy and good natured birds who are good companions. Other birds can rely on these birds as the Zebra Finches are very headstrong and dominant. They can take care of their mates and form a strong bond with their fellows as well. 

Zebra Finch Training:

Since Zebra Finches are one of the most commonly kept pet finches, they need to be trained to adapt to the homely environment as well. The Zebra Finch is an active yet aggressive parrot. Thus, it definitely needs to be trained well in order to be a good long term pet and human companion.

Zebra Finches are great talkers. In fact, they are known for being very loud birds. Thus, training them to learn new words and increasing their vocabulary for better human communication is important.

These birds can be very aggressive as well. It is badly required to train these birds not to harm others when angry. When angry, the Zebra Finch can be life threatening to other fellow birds. It bites and can seriously harm humans as well. Therefore, it is crucial to train them to stay inside their cage and never unnecessarily bite others.

Zebra Finch Talking  Skills:

Zebra Finches are very vocal birds. The love to talk and has a great natural ability to speak as well. In general, a happy Zebra Finch is considered to be one of the most talkative birds in the world. It can talk throughout the day when in a good mood.

Zebra Finches also have a great love for singing. These birds are natural singers and sing along to melodious tunes. They can learn singing just by observing other people and listening to songs playing on radio or television.

Zebra Finch Biting and Aggression:

The Zebra finches are though a very popular breed of finches that proves to be amazing little pets, but they can be very aggressive. In fact, aggression is a very dominant personality trait of the Zebra Finches. If compared, the male zebra finches will prove to be a lot more aggressive than the females. The male birds express most anger and become frustrated during the mating and breeding season. Lack of response from their partner can easily make the zebra finches very angry.

As a result of a lot of aggression as part of their personality, the Zebra Finches do bite a lot. In fact as a pet they will need to be specifically trained not to bite or harm their owners or people who interact with them. In best cases, it is most ideal to leave these birds alone and avoid getting closer to their cages. Direct interaction with an angry Zebra finch should be avoided.

Best Cages for Zebra Finch:

Since the Zebra Finches are the most popular type of Finches and most readily available to be kept as pets, there are specific cages that they also like to live in. The Zebra finches prefer to live in natural and open dry habitats. As pets, they ask for cages that provide space and are natural. The following are the best array of cages that are top ranking for the Zebra Finches on Amazon in the recent times.

1. Prevue Hendryx SPF063 Divided Cage:

The Prevue Hendryx SPF063 Divided Cage is a hot favorite of all Zebra Finch owners. There are multiple reasons that make it such a top rated finch cage. The first highlight feature of the Prevue Hendryx is its design.

This cage is designed to accommodate to the active and energetic nature of the finches. It also comes with additional partitions to fix inside the cage as per need. The cage also has space to accommodate to additional feeding and drinking cups and containers.

Zebra Finch Lifespan

2. Cage Mart Breeding Cage For Zebra Finches:

Zebra Finch Lifespan

3/8 inches cage wiring and modest cage dimensions of 24 by 16 inches, the Cage Mart breeding cage is the best choice for the Zebra finches. The cage is coated with non-toxic epoxy finish coating which is protective for the birds and ensures a good health for them. The cage also includes two wooden perches and additional two food trays. The cage also has a reasonable sized door for the easy commute of the Zebra Finch.

3. Vision Model M02 Bird Cage:

The Vision Model M02 bird cage is a modest sized bird cage that is designed for small sized birds like the Zebra finches. The Zebra finches are very active and energetic little birds that can make a lot of mess inside their cage. This cage comes with a detachable tray which makes cleaning easy for the owners!

Zebra Finch Lifespan