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Senegal Parrot

Senegal parrots belong from the breed of poicephalus. These are affectionate and loving birds. They need attention. If they do not get attention then they become bore. These are unique in their traits because they are strong minded bird. It is curious and observes all the activities around them. It is the species in which parrots are intelligent and they show their brilliance in several ways.

They never forget their way. These are playful, comical and smart birds. They animate the sounds and are not messy birds. They never give loud calls. It plays a vital role in maintaining the system of your home that is very important for the protection of the overall public. Learn more about it.

Characteristics of Senegal Parrots

  • Size: 9 inches or 23 cm
  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Wing Span: Narrow
  • Lifespan: 20 to 30years
  • Physique: Medium size bird
  • Best suited for: suitable for apartments, suitable for homes, suitable for families, can be kept with children and other birds, they do not bite therefore no requirement to keep check and balance
  • Temperament: loyal and Playful, affectionate, loud, noisy, intelligent, active easy to train, They are extremely wonderful and enjoy plenty of attention.
  • Comparable Breeds: Lorries

History of Senegal Parrots:

It is resident breed of West Africa. They migrate within the West Africa as per the availability of food. They are famous in the aviculture. They have further three species but they are not have different unique. They contain yellow vest and found in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Chad, Cameroon, Lobos Island, Guinea, Mali and Mauritania.

The African Senegal parrots make their nests in weeds and bushes. They make their nest box above the grounds at the top of the trees. They have different traits as per the variation of the types of species.

Appearance of Senegal Parrots:

These are 9 inches long and six ounces in weight. They have large head and beaks, colored feathers with short broad tail. These are dimorphic birds and can be recognized with naked eye. The adult parrots have yellow rump and under parts, green throat and back, bright yellow iris, grey beak and head.

A v shaped yellow vest can be seen due to the green and yellow color formation. They have almost black or dark grey irises. These are changed into light grey color. They have full and rounded breast, broad back and rump, good ability to walk and stand, and rounded body shape.

Baby Senegal Parrots:

These parrots make nests in the holes of the oil palms tree. They lay three to four eggs in a clutch. The whole clutch is hatched by the female parrot. Female incubates the eggs for twenty seven to twenty eight days. These are not reliable signs or indicators.

The only reliable way is DNA testing. During the season of mating the parrot needs special diet to eat. They like mating in the comfortable and dark nest boxes. In the wild they make their nest boxes at the top of the tree.

About Senegal Parrots Health:

Parrots take bath daily in the wild. They love bathing because it keeps them active and smart. It prevents them many unhealthy conditions. Giving bath to the parrots every day saves them from dander. It is an allergy that is harmful for them. They need to live tidy and clean.

It is very important to secure them from fungal, viral and bacterial infections. These infections can ruin their health. They are very sensitive. Due to this temperament they need clean surroundings. It must be tidy and hygienic.

It is very important to provide them clean and fresh water after short periods of time. There are some other conditions that are the causes of their health issues. Be careful during plucking their feathers. Some other health issues are given below

  1. Lethargy
  2. Anorexia
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Swollen and red eyes
  6. Nasal and eye discharge
  7. Coughing and wheezing
  8. Beak swelling
  9. Feather plucking
  10. Weight loss
  11. Favoring one foot
  12. Immune deficiency
  13. Epileptic seizures
  14. Blindness
  15. Overgrown beak

Life Span of Senegal Parrots:

These are the parrots of Savanna and woodland. It is species that love to live in the flock. They love chattering and whistling by giving squawking calls. Their life span in the wild is 25 to 30 years. In the captivity they can survive more, if they are given good care.

In the wild these parrots are get preyed by the eagles, snake and other animals. In the home these are given good diet and care. In this way they live more. They become sick very soon and it can cause their death.

If they are weak then there are more chances of getting infectious. These infections and harmful health issues can be the prime cause of their death.

Feeding for Senegal Parrots:

They need very good diet for good survival. In the wild they migrate as per the availability of the fruit, seeds, nuts and vegetables. They like to drink fresh water because they love water. In the captivity, they need to provide fresh water three to four times in a day.

They like clean surroundings. It is good to feed them vegetable feed with cereal or grain. The hard boiled or scrambled eggs are good for their health. Avoid giving them heavy proteins and carbohydrates in normal routine.

Senegal Parrots with Children:

These are amusing and active. They require regular interaction and exercise. They love to come out of the cage for living fit and healthy. It is the time your children love their company. They are very easy to tame. These are friendly, acrobat and playful. They can give very good company to your children.

They do not bite. These can be kept in the apartments. They are active and energetic that makes them good friend of children. These are sweet friends and are affectionate. You can leave your children with them. They are good mates for long time.

Senegal Parrots with Animals:

They love to come out of the cage and can easily enjoy the company of other birds and animals. They never attack others. They do not bite. They love to talk and interaction. They like attention and they love to talk others.

They are comical and love to enjoy and show tricks. You can keep it with the company of other animals. They develop deep bonds with other birds. These are called cuddly birds.

How Talented Senegal Parrots are:

These are extremely talented birds. They love to learn new things and tricks. They mimics your words. They give loud calls by whistling. They are good vocalist and this is their prime talent. With eager enthusiasm, they respond to your voice immediately.

Senegal Parrots Training:

It is very important to train your parrot for many things especially for speaking. It needs to take them out from the personal and common area for training. It is very harmful for the human to live in the locality that is full of this disgusting thing.

Train them for tidy and clean environment. It needs to use the proper training program. The significance of it cannot be ignored due to professional reasons. Some natural ways are helpful for training your parrots.

Senegal Parrots Talking Skills:

They have good talking skills. They like to interact with their owner. They copy your words. They utter voices for calling. They know how to whistle. They animate sounds. These are the birds of talking and hospitality.

Senegal Parrots Biting and Aggression:

They are not aggressive birds. They do not bite and attack other animals. These parrots are highly wonderful and friendly. They are not jealous and aggressive due to ignorance and lack of attention. They do not tend to toe bite when they are with other birds.

Best Cages for Senegal Parrots

1. Acrylic Parrot Travel Carrier Cage:

It is unique for offering clear view. It is highly durable because it is made of strong and sturdy material. It is wide and spacious for your bird. Your pet can move easily inside the cage. It is easy to clean and wash.

2. Small Bird Cage with Play Top:

It is highly wonderful for the parrots that are playful. It is made of wrought iron that makes it spacious and wide. These are extremely stylish and modern. The beautiful design is highly appealing. These are the best due to beautiful appearance.

3. Bird Parrot Cage:

These can be kept in the corners of the room as cabinet. These are compact, portable and very easy to clean.The clean and tidy buildings are super classy, that is why it is the item that enhances the allure of your living.

It is good for your parrots due to the safety reasons. In the apartments, security arrangements for residents are dynamic and solid. These are easy to use inside and outside the home for feasibility.

4. Acrylic Parrot Travel Carrier Cage:

Your parrots are completely comfortable in your absence. You will find it a great item for them that your kids and family is comfortable with it. It is lightweight and very easy to accommodate in the apartments even. It is very easy to care and clean. It is portable and durable for the long time.

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